Thursday, October 8, 2009

Criminalizing White People

Eric Holder and Alberto Gonzalez, along with the white communists who populate the Justice Department, hate white people. They will do anything to put white people in jail. (h/t Atlas Shrugs What neither the Washington Times and Pam missed was that the victims of this criminalization of Americans are white and are deliberately targeted as so.

I can testify that dozens of black and Hispanic who violate federal law have their crimes routinely ignored by the United States Attorney's Offices (USAO) and the Department of Justice and specifically because they are black. I recently presented a group of criminals who stole thousands from the United States government to the USAO and the cases were declined and the reason given was that the "priorities" of the US Attorney had changed. It is clear though that the USAOs have plenty of time to prosecute white people for selling orchids and not putting a sticker on a package, but not to prosecute those who steal from the taxpayer. It is also clear that this is part of the deliberate policy to put as many white people in jail for non-crimes as possible. Just look at the failure of the Justice Department to prosecute criminally the blacks who intimidated voters in Philidelphia. That was a clear decision not to prosecute based on race. Eric Holder thought there are just too many blacks in jail and acted to protect his fellow blacks.

Americans should realize that criminal prosecutions by the Department of Justice are highly political and they may be next. You might not have liked David Koresh, but by letting Charlie Schumer and Janet Reno get away with Waco they learned that nothing will stop them. You may be next.

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