Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Paid To Do Nothing

It is great work if you can get it. The Field Office Director (FOD) for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention and Removal Office (ICE DRO) Neil Clark apparently doesn't do anything for his pay.

An illegal alien was caught at the border, but for some strange reason was taken into custody at the Canadian border, then released to drum up support for a private amnesty bill. Very strange. Why wasn't he sent back to Canada immediately? Aliens attempting to enter at the land borders are supposed to be refused entry and returned from whence they came, in this case Canada.

Even worse, the illegal alien Jorge-Alonso Chehade has family here, parents and siblings at a minimum, probably some aunts, uncles, and cousins as well, but Clark sends a letter to Chehade complaining to him that he is arrogant and openly flouts the fact that he has those relatives living here.

Well, FOD Clark, why don't you do something about it. Go arrest the rest of his family. They don't have a private bill benefiting them before Congress. And apparently there is an outstanding order of removal: "Now Chehade has an order of removal, meaning immigration authorities could arrest him any day." So why doesn't Clark do his job and just go arrest and remove this illegal alien?

But undoubtedly FOD Clark wants to do his job, but is being constrained by higher ups, presumably John Morton, head of ICE, and the Obama Regime front man for the surreptitious amnesty being conducted under our very noses. But FOD Clark is still being paid by the taxpayers for his very cushy GS-1801-15 position, which with Authorized Unlimited Overtime, a 25% bonus on his very high base pay in Seattle, WA, about $170,000.00 a year, for essentially not doing his job. Not arresting and removing aliens, not tracking down illegal aliens whom he knows the names and address there of.

How would you like to be paid $170k for not doing your job?

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