Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Leftist

The commies at Counterpunch are up in arms, literally, as Republican Senators go the Honduras to support the democratic government there. "Anthropologist" Brendan Cooney is outraged that there might be a violation of the Logan Act when Repubs go to Honduras. Of course, if they go in a U.S. military plane, then it is not a violation of the Logan Act, as executive branch support for the trip makes the trip official.

Of course, "Anthropologist" Cooney forgot to mention that Ted Kennedy really violated the Logan Act when he conspired with Dictator Yuri Andropov to thwart President Reagan's defense and foreign policy. And where was "Anthropologist" Cooney when the racist Jesse Jackson was overseas interfering with American foreign policy, such as negotiating with dictator Hafaz Al-Assad or any other time Jesse was overseas? Not to mention Demoncrats such as Jim Wright who when to Nicaragua to support communism there during the Reagan Administration.

Leftists are such hypocrites. But worse, they want to use state power to destroy their enemies. If you thought that the left believed in democracy, think again, like Islamists, they believe in only one election, that which elects them. They still think of themselves as revolutionaries, putting anyone who disagrees up against the wall. Just think Waco.


ida said...

good job, you almost spelled hypocrisy right. are you sure you're an american?

ida said...

you're a really good "blogger," i hope you approve my comment.

Federale said...

Ida you coward, why are you hiding your profile? But thanks for the spell check anyway. How are those welfare checks doing? Get you Obama money in Detroit?