Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There has been much ado about the case of Rifqa Bery a 17 year old Sri Lankan who converted from Islam to Christianity and fled her abusive home. She has recently been ordered back to Ohio. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2009/10/us-court-capitulates-to-sharia-sending-apostate-rifqa-bary-back-to-father-who-threatened-to-kill-her.html

But it appears that she and her family are illegal aliens. The court has ordered her parents to provide proof of legal residency, but have only submitted what the article describes as partial photocopies of visas. Well, well, well. Other stories have said they are legal permanent residents, but this creates a whole new kettle of fish. Now if the parents were legal permanent residents then they would have just submitted copies of their Form I-551, Alien Registration Cards, green cards to those not familiar with the law. However they have only submitted the aforementioned partial copies of visas. What this means is that they came here on non-immigrant visas, just like the other Muslim terrorists from 9/11, and overstayed. And they have managed to insinuate themselves in America with no problems and are not afraid to engage in public controversies. They have absolutely no fear of arrest and deportation. Something to say given the new Obama policy of not enforcing the law.


Dillinger said...

If this is a fact then forget Ohio, send them back to Dirka Dirkistan. Although I would personally let her stay simply to spite the parents.

Federale said...

Generally I am all in favor of deportation, I would let her stay because she is a Christian, but I like the idea of deporting the rest of the family. Though I doubt that Obama will deport a fellow Muslim.