Monday, October 19, 2009

It Is Official, A Lawless Regime

In an effort to obain campaign donations from marijuana dealers, the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder have made it official. United States Attorneys (USA) have been instructed not to enforce laws against the importation, distribution, and sale of marijuana. Something I warned about.

Besides the play for campaign donations, the Obama Regime policy on ignoring drug dealing by their supporters and voters, inlcuding illegal alien Mexican cartel members, is also part of their assault on the impartiality of the law. While filled with weasel words about exceptions to this new policy, the direction is clear. USAs have been told to leave the marijuana smugglers alone. The import of this is another set of weasel words in the DOJ announcement.

Here is the money quote: "Rather, this memorandum is intended solely as a guide to the exercise of investigative and prosecutorial discretion." Discretion is a great word, intending to conceal more than it reveals, but for those in the know, it reveals much. It reveals that the Obama Regime does not consider itself bound by the law, but as above the law, bound by nothing other than self-interest. Discretion means nothing but not enforcing those laws that are inconvinient for the Regime or not in its interest. Just think this as the extension of the non-prosecution of the Black Panthers in Philidelphia or the refusal of the DOJ to investigate and prosecute ACORN.

The import of this is that the Obama Regime is announcing that they have adopted the Bolshevik view of the law. The law serves the Regime and the Regime is not subservient to the law. Communist regimes always made use of the law, but it was a pretense and a fraud, and is typified by the practice of show trials and extra legal murder of opponents. The communists always said they acted lawfully, but that some did not deserve the protection of the law; the bourgoisie, landlords, capitalists, kulaks, land owning peasants, property owners, Christians, etc.

And there were those protected by the law and above the law, like Party members, the inevitable political police, and terrorists, and the like who served the Party's interests. And similarly, marijuana dealers are now above the law. These millionaire drug dealers now have immunity while those in legal and respectable business like physicians and those who want to purchase a sports team have the full force of the Regime come down on it. In the Obama Regime, the cocaine dealer Al Sharpton is an acceptable part of the Regime, but Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are now the target of the Regime.

The Obama Regime, truely a Regime, based on a culture of corruption and abuse of the law. The Department of Justice's employees, including political appointees, take an oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of the United States in a fair and impartial manner. Eric Holder just announced that there will be no fairness in prosecutions in the United States. How can it be that in one State you will be prosecuted for violation of a federal law, but in another State you will get a pass.

The worst part is that Holder starts out completely dishonestly establishing a strawman arguement for non-prosection of marijuana offenses claiming that users of marijuana are prosecuted, including those falsely claiming it is for medical use. That is just an outright lie. The federal government does not prosecute mere possession of marijuana, much less other drugs, unless you are found on federal property with the drug in question, such as in a National Park. The DEA and FBI certainly do not go searching the streets for drug users. Any intimation by Holder that that happens is an outright lie. A lie that is symptomatic of this Regime. And part of their dishonest, unethical, and dangerous misuse of the law and the power of the state. They certainly do have plans for state power, but it will not fall on drug dealers, but on someone else, like those who have the temerity to oppose this Regime.

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