Friday, October 16, 2009

Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had another six-month investingation resulting in the arrest of 1,700 illegal alien gangbangers and criminals in 89 cities.,0,1637754.story Hundreds of agents were used, but if you divide by 89, then you end up with only an average of 19 arrests per city over six months. Wow, that is .1 arrests a day. Of course that includes weekends, so subtract about 50 days, and it improves to .6 arrests a day. Wow, ICE is working very hard there. Great work if you can get it, make about one arrest a week of a gangbanger and what will you do the rest of the week? Remember, ICE agents get paid at about $100k a year. Now, look at arrests by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the year 2008, 1.2 million people. Now there are less than 20k Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers, but that averages out to 60 arrests each. A big difference. That is 30 each for a 6 month period as comparison to the big operation that ICE ran.

Now ICE is claiming that their new emphasis is on criminal aliens, who come both in the illegal and legal variety. It certainly is, but it is also very ineffective. And as the Hawaiian Gardens episode showed, criminal aliens live in a sea of either legal or illegal aliens. It is very difficult to differentiate. Six month long investigations are very inefficient way of catching criminal aliens and adding to that the time needed for the court process, much is being wasted, especially given that about half of the above criminal aliens are not even going to be prosecuted. That does not include those illegals who will have charges dropped by the lazy Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA) or those who will only get sentenced to time served, which will happen to most of those convicted, as they will mostly plead to lesser charges in a plea bargain that AUSAs are so good at. They will be given parole then, hopefully, deported, but not all will be. Some will get political asylum, like Alex Sanchez, MS-13 gangbanger.

So for the above investment of six months and hundreds of agents, there will be less than 1,700 deportations and less than 900 convictions.

What could these agents done in that six months that was more productive. They could have make an average of 30 arrests during that same six months. They could have gone to the places of business that employ illegal aliens openly as shown by the Social Security records that the federal government has. As a matter of fact just by using Social Security records they could have made an average of 30 arrests a week rather than .6 arrests a week. They could have targeted the huge illegal alien populations of our major cities and the rural areas of Texas, Arizona, and California that harbor illegal aliens and caused more illegals to flee. Instead, ICE is focusing on low impact alien criminals who for the most part will easily return. The new Obama Regime policy is that so long as an illegal alien isn't arrested by a local agency or is a gangbanger, he is safe in the U.S.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Sheriff Joe Arpaio showed us how to solve the illegal alien problem, public and agressive action resulting in large scale arrests and aliens fleeing to avoid arrest. That is how to solve the problem.

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Holger Awakens said...

Let's face it - a 35 year old housewife standing up and speaking her mind at a town hall meeting is higher up on the target list for the Obama administration than an illegal alien.

After all, we certainly can't be deporting potential Democrat voters in the 2012 election, can we?