Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Green Pink Alliance

No, not Communists and environazis, but Communists, homosexuals (sometimes they are different) and Islamists. Communist and homosexual Gary Leupp, know for his yellow but male fever, has again unwittingly exposed the communist alliance with Islam. It is a shame that someone of his puny intellect is a full professor at a major university, Tufts, and but is on the faculty for both religion and history. A full hard-on communist, he, like Trotsky, always rationalizes the behavior of the Party, this time like a character out of 1984, he repeats mantras, when the Party supports Mullahs, the Mullahs were always good, when the Party opposes the Mullahs, the Mullahs were always bad. Oceania was always at war with Eastasia. Oceania was always at peace with Eurasia.

Such contortions of intellect are unworthy of an academic, but the standards at Tufts appear to be low. But even worse, these mental contortions show the mental illness of the left. A homosexual like Leupp would soon be executed once his Islamist allies take over. But, as his academic obsession with homosexuality shows, he is in thrall of his homosexual fantacies, and one of the principle fantacies of the homosexual is rape by a man of color. That rape fantacy shows his deep hatred of America and our society. His personal death wish, sexual perversion, sociopathological hatred of his own social and political community, and a self-hatred show that the archtypical leftist academic is mentally ill. Leftists are both a danger to our society and nation, as well as to themselves. While it was the Soviet Union that used psychiatry to abuse political dissidents, what it truely revealed was that the communists knew deep down that they were mentally ill, and to protect themselves, they had to accuse those who opposed them of mental illness rather than reveal to the world their own mental illness, their patholigical hatred of self. Like the snake in the Garden, they had to reverse the world, good is evil, evil is good. That is all they are. That is why the Soviets were right in one aspect, some political behavior is motivated by mental illness, but they just had the perpetrators reversed.

42 Years In America And He Doesn't Speak English

State Senator Abel Maldonado, who has been nominated for the position of Lieutenant Governor of California, has a father who immigrated to the United States 42 years ago. He still doesn't speak English. He doesn't watch English language television. He doesn't know who Jay Leno is. While I don't watch Jay either, I am of the early to bed early to rise crowd, I do see him occasionally on United Airlines inflight entertainment. While Jay is of little cultural import, he is widely known. He is even making jokes about Obama now. But the frightening thing is that a man who has been here 42 years has done nothing to acculturate himself to the United States. And this is supposedly a good immigrant from Mexico. I hate to think what the bad immigrants are like..................oh, I do know, and, quite frankly, I fear for my country. Another reason to vote against RINOs like Maldonado.

Being Christian Does Not Mean Being Stupid

Mike Huckabee makes alot of being Christian, and is well know for his pardons and other clemency for criminals in Arkansas. It appears that he did not sell such clemency like his predessessor Billy Jeff Bentpecker, but it is also clear that Huckabee was overly generous with his pardons and other clemency of dangerous criminals. And that is putting it mildly. It appears now that his emotional style of Christianity and the principle of mercy overwhelmed his reason. Reason is something that God gave man. God also commands mercy, but it is the balance wherein we find the difficulty. But the case of Maurice Clemmons it was clear from the beginning that he was undeserving. It is even more readily apparent now. Four police officers are now dead because of that. Clemmons had a long criminal history before he was released by Huckabee from his 95 year prison sentence, a sentence that would have saved four lives.

Aside from his love of taxes, that Huckabee claims is informed by his Christian conscience, Huckabee says that mercy and forgiveness must be widely practiced by government officials. However, Huckabee appears to have lost the reason that God gave him. And four officers lost their lives. Not a great trade. At least this ends his political career. Christians though need to learn from this lesson, not to be fooled by conversion or claimed repentance.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liberals Don't Just Lie About Immigration, They Are Stupid, Or More Likely, Evil

Liberals lie about immigration issues, but they are also stupid about the issue. Case in point a Wahabbi Islamist in San Francisco fraudulently using the asylum system to remain in the U.S.

Lassaad Bokri is an obvious Islamist, short hair, bushy beard, from Tunisia, and claiming that the police in Tunisia will harrass him if he returns. According to him, any one who returns from America is considered a spy. WTF? Thousands of Tunisians come to the U.S. and return. None are considered the evil American spy. What Bokri is actually saying is that Islamists like him cannot return from America to Tunisia because the secret police will arrest and torture him for the information he has about Al Queda in Magreb, an Islamist terrorist organization in North Africa dedicated to imposing Islamist government throughout North Africa.

But one must believe that after even one look at Bokri, leftists believe his fantastic story. They either do not have the intelligence to discern that Bokri is an Islamist or, more likely, they do know, and just don't care, or, more likely, know and care, but care because they are part of the conspiracy to destroy the United States and impose an anti-Christian Islamist dicatorship.

Of course, the important part of an Islamist dictatorship is killing those who leftists hate most, Christians, and white Christians at that. But, of course, as evidenced in Sudan, that they will gladly kill Black Christians or pagans as well.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Liberals Always Lie About Immigration

The New York Slimes and the AILA, the communist run association of immigration lawyers, are at it again. According to them, the 9/11 Americans are not the military, police officers and firefighters who went into the burning Twin Towers and the Pentagon, but the illegal aliens who got paid millions of dollars to be victims of terrorism.

Liberals lie openly and blatantly. They have no problem saying openly that an illegal alien is an American, an American better than a the heroes of 9/11. These, of course, are the same people that claim Muslims are the victims of 9/11, not the perpetrators.

Another Cost Of Trying Terrorists

What many have not considered concerning Article III court trials for terrorist war criminals is that these trials will result in more crime in the U.S. The cost to the Department of Justice United States Marshal's Service and the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service will be enormous. Hundreds of FPS officers and Deputy United States Marshals will be deployed to New York City. Each one will be working 12 hour shifts, each one will have to have a hotel room, extra vehicles will have to be purchased, leased or rented for their duties, but the greatest cost will be that federally owned property outside of New York City will be wide open for criminals and terrorists as FPS officers will be deployed away from their usual duties of protecting federal property outside of NYC. More importantly, the usual duties of the U. S. Marshal's Service will be interrupted, allowing tens of thousands of fugitives from justice to roam the United States freely and without fear that they will be tracked and arrested by a Deputy U.S. Marshal charged with finding and arresting that criminal. These criminals will be free to continue their life of crime uninterrupted. Even if captured by local police, there will not be enough Deputy Marshal's in the federal court system to seek out, capture, or process federal arrestees. Orders will soon go out to federal law enforcement agencies to reduce and limit their arrests, especially to the Department of Homeland Security to stop criminally prosecuting illegal aliens for the crimes they commit. The word will soon go out that there will be no criminal prosecution, and this will increase the flow of illegal aliens and previous deportees who will not be criminally prosecuted.

This of course is part of the Obama Regime's plan. Already DHS has sent out instructions to its agents to slow and stop arrests, but the decline in arrests will plummet again to even lower levels. All will be wide open to illegal aliens, all in time for the upcoming amnesty in 2010.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stalinists At Heart

The leaked emails from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit have driven the stake through the heart of the myth of anthropogenic global warming. (h/t No Pasaran To be sure, the left is an enemy of scientific inquiry, whether it is the worship of Darwin or politicized science like Lysenkoism or global warming, but the real nature of the left was also exposed by the hacker who leaked the myth makers emails.

It was the joy in their hearts at the death of a global warming skeptic that shows what they really are.

The money quote:

"One of the alleged emails has a gentle gloat over the death in 2004 of John L Daly (one of the first climate change sceptics, founder of the Still Waiting For Greenhouse site), commenting:

'In an odd way this is cheering news.'”

Just as Obamites have been exposed as adherents of Mao and many were once open communists, their close associations with radical Islam and their refusal to stop killers like Major Nidal Hasan, their real agenda, the death of their enemies, is more and more apparent.,2933,574393,00.html

Some have said I am an alarmist of a sort, obviously not a climate alarmist like Man-Bear-Pig, but an alarmist just the same. Perhaps so, but when the President of the United States hires open Maoists, one can predict some problems coming down the road for anyone who dares oppose the Obama Regime. Just ask David Koresh.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Campaign

The radical left never rests and they have a new target, the U.S. passport. Radical supporters of illegal immigration are decrying questions on the applications forms for U.S. passports.,1119-krueger.shtm The red attorney Stephen "Freddy" Krueger claims that the application forms violate the Privacy Act by being irrelevant to the process of applying for a passport.

The U.S. passport is the most valuable identity document in the world. Prevention of fraud in the application process is an important policy of the Department of State. But without the fingerprinting of applicants, the application process is not as secure as it can be. Instead of looking for a more secure passport though, the radical left is looking to make the application process less secure and opened to widespread fraud. Questions about parents' citizenship are an important part of fraud prevention. And there are not a handful of American's who claim derivative citizenship, but tens of thousands, with those claims being rife with fraud. Other questions as to identity, such as employment, etc. are other indicators of identity that the Department of State uses, especially for prosecutions for passport fraud. The more detail a fraudulent applicant gives, the more that applicant is exposed to criminal prosection and denial of an application.

But this is just part of the agenda of the left, to devalue citizenship and residency; To aid criminals and illegal aliens in their schemes, to support massive illegal immigration, and to aid the entry of terrorists into the U.S.; and to devalue citizenship itself.

Being Black Means Gangraping

It is now officially wwwrrraaaccccissssttt to describe gangrape as gangrape. (h/t Doubleplusundead How long before Eric Holder starts arresting cops who arrest gangrapists of color?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Bother

It is basically illegal to own a firearms in New York City. Mayor Blumberg and the liberals who run the city say that guns are dangerous and those who use and possess firearms must be jailed. They did it to Plaxico Jeffrey Burress, who got several years in jail for possessing a firearm and making the mistake of not having a good holster for it. However NYC's laws against guns have not been very helpful, including recently.

A gang of black thugs shot a probable rival drug dealer and an innocent bystander. All but one of the thugs has a long arrest record. One even has a previous arrest for, get this, firearm possession. "The police confirmed that of the five young men, all but Mr. Gentles had extensive arrest records. A sampling: Mr. Rohan was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm in 2008; Cleve Smith with resisting arrest in October; Clivie Smith with assault and menacing in July and possession of a firearm in 2007; and Mr. Taylor with robbery and assault in 2003."

So, NYC has laws prohibiting gun possession, but appears to let thugs caught with guns get off scott free, but make an example of a football player. Looks like Plaxico got a version of the Great White Defendant treatment, but just one reserved for law abiding gun owners.

Of course, a reading of the story, one would think that the bullet committed the crime not Carvett Gentles. But then a white person made the bullet and the gun, so a you can't blame a black kid for shooting someone.

Just another example of Samuel Francis' Anarco-Tyranny.

Case Closed

As I predicted, the Obama Regime has basically ended immigration enforcement and the evidence keeps coming in. The Washington Times reports that work-site enforcement arrests have collapse by 50%. (h/t Stein Report

Janet Reno Napolitano claims that aressts of 11,000 criminal make up for the collapse of worksite enforcement, but the message of the collapse of worksite enforcement is that illegals are welcome, so long as they don't get caught killing or raping.

As I said before. The end of immigration enforcement is an impeachable offense. People will say that the Demoncrats control Congress. Well, they do now, but 2010 is coming. The British Special Air Service has an appropriate motto, Who Dares, Wins.

Do we dare do what is necessary to perserve the Union and the Constitution?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yes You Do

Police seem to think that they don't have any weapons against a new tactic by drug smugglers. I beg to differ. Inflateable boats are highly vunerable to gunfire. I think the cops have a few guns. Maybe they just don't want to do anthing. Perhaps some of them are on someone's payroll? Inquiring minds want to know.

Vindicated And Now Let Us Turn To Impeachment

My observations that the Obama non-enforcement strategy is designed to allow illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. until the upcoming amnesty has been observed and vindicated by the main-stream-media.

Now that we can see that hundreds of illegal aliens were known to Immigration and Customs Enforcement but not arrested, the case for impeachment is clear. Obama took an oath to see that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed. But we see that he is insuring the opposite. That the laws of the United States are not enforced, they are a dead letter. This is the exact situation that our Founding Fathers foresaw the use of impeachment. For the high crime and midemeanor of a false and fictitious oath. Unlike the case of Billy Bentpecker, this is directly related to Obama's performance of his official duties and his direct political responsibility.

Californians were able to recall Governor Gray Davis, lets do the same with the Obama Regime; Impeachment!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Perhaps Not Incompetant, Just Evil

It appears that the FBI is also a religious police. Not Famous But Incompetant, but Famous But Evil, FBE. But as a religious police it does not investigate Muslims. (h/t The Strata-Sphere

It appears that the FBI is becoming the police force for the radical left, ignoring Muslim terrorists, but intimidating and investigating Americans for expressing their 1st Amendment rights.

Just what crime was the FBI investigating when it interviewed Reverend Patrick Mahoney? The FBI is not allowed to initiate investigations based on behavior protected by the Constitution and its Amendments. So why was Reverend Mahoney investigated for praying, when the FBI decided to not investigate Nidal Hasan because his activity was protected by the Constitution?

It is clear that the FBI is predisposed to protect Islamist and non-white terrorists and criminals and by its association with a communist front group the Southern Poverty Law Center with whom it conspires and propogandizes, but why is it protecting Islamist terrorists who are actively killing Americans? What perversity guides FBI supervisors and managers that the work closely with those dedicated to killing Christians?

Being Black Means Not Having To Deploy To Battle

Why are single parents allowed in the military at all? They are not deployable, are disiplinary problems, and cause others to pick up their slack. Another failure of the feminized military. And don't black women have any shame about their behavior? Today's Army is just another welfare and affirmative action program.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Being Black Means Not Having To Stand In Line

And it means you get a few free swipes at cops, because if you don't, thats wwwwrrrrrraaaacccciiiiiisssssmmmmmm. Note that she admits, in a suble way, that she did cut in line. But cutting in line is payback for slavery, Jim Crow, tax cuts, and not having to behave like a mature adult.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Federale Goes Mainstream?

Someone has been reading me.

The money quote:

"During a speech in May, Obama vowed not to release Guantanamo prisoners who pose a threat to the U.S., but stopped short of promising that no one presently at Gitmo would ever be free in this country.

“'I am not going to release individuals who endanger the American people,” Obama declared.

"However, the president also made clear that he would not defy the courts. “I cannot ignore these rulings because as President, I, too, am bound by the law. The United States is a nation of laws and so we must abide by these rulings,” he said.

"More recently, the White House has broadened the president’s vow—while implicitly acknowledging that Obama may not have the final say.

'The President will not voluntarily release any detainee into the United States,' a White House official said in September."

Of course the operative word here is "voluntarily." And, as Andrew McCarthy and I have pointed out, the plan is to aquiesce to any order from a Article III judge to release a terrorist.

My predition here:

I hate to be correct, but the view that bringing the terrorists to the U.S. will mean their release in the U.S. is becoming mainstream.

I don't exect Politico to give the the credit I deserve, but perhaps they were reading Andrew McCarthy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

China And Islam

The Chinese are happily destroying what remains of Muslim culture in China and shooting down Muslims in the streets, but nary a word from Shi'ite or Sunni Muslims. As a matter of fact China is growing closer to both Iran and the Sunni Arab world.

Why is this? Simply business as some say. Then why are the Saudis or Indonesians or Malays, or Egyptians or Balochs so concerned about Americans killing Iraqis? Maybe it is just business, or maybe they are concerned about their leaders hold on power, or maybe China cannot export its strengh.§ion=0&article=81363&d=28&m=4&y=2006

But perhaps, the Muslims have the same concerns our domestic enemies have. They know the treat of Christian civilization. For the same reason Muslims are killing Americans is the same reason leftists support the killing of Americans, not only by Muslims, but by Communists, criminals, illegal aliens, abortionists, drug dealers, etc. The list goes on and on of who liberals support who kill Americans. Just as liberals don't care when Muslims kill their own homosexuals, political dissidents, or women, Muslims don't care when Communists kill their fellow Muslims. Why, because they are not afraid of Communists, because communism, like liberalism, represents no threat to Islam, but Christianity does.

So we here we have it, Islam, Communist China and domestic liberalism allied in a real shooting war against Americans.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Real Reason

The Obama Regime has decided to prosecute a number of terrorists in Federal District Court and to seek the death penalty for Khalid Sheik Mohammed. What is not emphasized is that he will be tried in the Southern District of New York rather than the Eastern District of Virginia. The big difference is that there will not be a death penalty finding from the jury in the Southern District of New York. And that is Obama's goal, no death penalty and Mohammed surviving to continue appeals of his conviction and his future incarceration conditions at the United States Penitentary, Administrative Maximum Unit, Florence, CO. Since federal judges are ordering the release of terrorists and the Obama Regime is not appealing those orders, the ultimate goal of the Obama Regime, is, as I predicted and is supported by Andrew McCarthy, is to release those terrorists in the U.S. so they can wage their war here. Andrew McCarthy's recent prediction: and my earlier prediction:

Soon, because liberal federal judges will most likely order the release of terrorists , Obama has no plans to appeal such orders and you can't deport a terrorist, the sight of numberous former inhabitents of Gitmo will soon be in your neighborhood.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doing ICE's Work So They Don't Have To

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has about 4,000 Special Agents and Deportation Officers. About half of the Special Agents are assigned to customs related enforcement work. That leaves about 2,000 ICE employees looking for illegal aliens. In 2008 those agents and officers were only able to arrest about 6,200 illegal aliens. (h/t Stein Report

However, 8 deputies in Harris County, earning about have the pay of ICE agents and officers, were able to arrest 1,000 illegal aliens a month and only since August 2008, when they started screening for illegal aliens in their jail.

This tells you one thing, ICE, even in 2008, when Jorge Bush had authorized ICE to actually start doing their job, they were still not really doing their job to the best of their ability. 6,000 arrests by 2,000 agents and officers is shocking in its miniscule numbers per employee. It shows that ICE management had no real concern with doing their job, which is to arrest illegal aliens. This also shows that the 287(g) program and the Secure Communities program where all arrestees are screened for alienage is a huge success. And it also shows why the Obama Regime and Janet Reno Napolitano are so concerned about curtailing both programs. They want as many illegal aliens in the U.S. as possible.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Famous But Incompetant

The FBI within minutes announced that Nidal Hasan was not a terrorist and recently announced that it did nothing wrong after ignoring Hasan's contact with an Al Queda leader, Anwar Awlaki. It also appears that Army Criminal Investigation Division also ignored Hasan's contact with Awlaki.

As they say, two wrongs don't make a right. But it exposes Army CID and the FBI as either grossly incompetant or that there is treason involved at their management levels. While no one is surprised that this is occuring under Barak Hussein Obama, infact, the problem began earlier and Jorge Bush is primarily responsible.

Take a look at what one of Jorge's Mexican friends rationalized about Hasan:

"Says Juan Carlos Zarate, who was President George W. Bush's Deputy National Security Adviser for combating terrorism: 'Given the cover [Hasan] used, as someone researching the effects on Muslim soldiers of operating in Muslim countries [his approaching al-Awlaki] was not wholly illegitimate. It doesn't raise the specter of dangerous or criminal activity.' In those circumstances, the officials monitoring the communications between the psychiatrist and the imam might reasonably assume that Hasan was doing 'legitimate research, on behalf of the U.S. military,' he adds."

Aside from the fact that Hasan was not conducting any legitimate research, but was overtly seditious and treasonous while at Walter Reed Hospital during his training, he never published any "legitimate research."

Obviously neither Army CID or the FBI made any effort to review his "research" that they claim justified his contact with a declared enemny of the United States. An enemy which we are at war with. It is not the job of investigators to "assume" things. An investigator obtains facts, not just assumes that someone's suspicous action was "legitimate."

Just like after 9/11, the FBI is cleaning up the bodies after the fact. Taken together, it shows that the FBI is grossly incompetant. It allowed the 9/11 hijackers to wander about the country even after several were identified to them, it ignored warnings from its own agents that there was a conspiracy afoot in the U.S. involving hijacked airliners, and it failed to follow basic investigative procedures in the Hasan case. In both cases Americans died for the FBI's incompetance. Thanks for nothing FBI. I hope you are enjoying your fat paychecks as they have been bought in blood by innocent Americans.


Apperently the Army CID investigator did not forward his information about Hasan's contact with Awlaki. Interestingly enough, the CID Special Agent was on an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). The JTTF is a team of FBI Special Agents and other law enforcement agents from other federal, state and local agencies, that are managed, supervised, and directed by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent or Assistand Special Agent in Charge. The import of that is that the FBI directs and manages JTTF investigations and refuses to allow the participating agents from other agencies on the JTTF to provide information they come across as part of the JTTF investigations to their own agencies. The FBI holds all the information that JTTF uncovers as exclusive to the FBI and restricts outflow of information to the agencies that provide agents to the JTTF. Basically the FBI uses and abuses agents from other agencies on the JTTF, then does not share. It also is reported that the FBI is with-holding more information on Hasan's additional contacts with Al Queda. The coverup begins.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Janet Reno Napolitano Doesn't Know Her Job

Janet Reno Napolitano stated that the Department of Homeland Security would lead efforts to prevent a backlash against Muslims who support terrorism after the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

Interestingly enough, DHS has no legal authority to investigate any such backlash or any civil or criminal acts connected with any "backlash." The DHS cannot investigate violations of federal civil rights laws, except when the perpetrator is a DHS employee, and the DHS Office of Inspector General investigates such allegations against DHS employees. Just as Janet Reno Napolitano claims that DHS has authority over terrorist investigations, there is no basis in law for DHS to perform such investigations. The Famous But Incompetant, the FBI, has that authority. While not some time ago Janet Reno Napolitano claimed the terrorist threat to America was from white gun owners and veterans, in fact, the terrorist threat comes from Muslims, as the Fort Hood Massacre shows. Although technically Major Nidal Hasan is technically a gun owner, white and a veteran, Janet Reno Napolitano was not refering to that type of white guy when she warned us against those evil white gun owning veterans. And we know that Hasan was not motivated by the black Muslim in the White House, but by a hatred of white gunowning Americans.

The import of this though is that Janet Reno Napalitano is claiming authority and juridiction over crimes that DHS has no investigative authority. I am certain that Janet Reno Napolitano wants to assign ICE, Secret Service and Border Patrol Agents to guard mosques from retaliation, but she wants to do that because she wants ICE agents and Border Patrol Agents not doing their lawful assignment of arresting illegal aliens. That is her goal, transforming DHS' mission of securing the border to protecting terrorists and the sea in which they swim.


No, not fresh off the boat, but it might as well be. Alan Bersin, Friend of Bill, has been nominated for the position of Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

While he is an accomplished Washington insider, he, despite claims otherwise, has no real accomplishments except as a campaign fund raiser.

More importantly, as Clinton border czar and United States Attorney for the Southern District of California (San Diego), he spearheaded the no-prosecution rule for illegal aliens and previous deportees not only in San Diego, but elsewhere.

Under his watch in the Southern District of California, that office adopted a policy that basically stopped prosecution of illegal aliens for re-entry after deporation, even for aliens with criminal records caught re-entering the U.S. Aliens with 20 plus attempts to enter illegally were declined by his office for prosectution, including those with other felony convictions. This policy was soon adopted throughout the US Attorney's Offices located in California and most along the southern border. Basically, criminal aliens, previous deportees, and illegal aliens in general were not prosecuted, just deported again, only to return again and again until they succeeded in crossing the border without being caught.

The money quote: "Bersin’s focus was on smugglers of both people and contraband rather than 'economic migrants.'” And to Bersin, every illegal alien was an economic migrant, including most drug smugglers as his office had a requirement that for a drug smuggler to be prosecuted the amount of drugs seized must be a large amount. Small time smugglers skated, as well as alien smugglers. It got so bad under Bersin that teenaged Americans were frequently recruited to drive smuggling loads as there was no prosecution of small time alien smugglers.

Add to this, he has no experience in administering a small law enforcement agency, much less the largest law enforcement agency in the country. It is clear that Bersin's job will to be ending enforcement not increasing it. While in the linked article he is given credit for Operation Gatekeeper, he had nothing to do with it. Gatekeeper was an initative straight from the U.S. Border Patrol management. It came as a surprising success to the then Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner, who was forced by its success to expand it from California to the rest of the Mexican border.

One success of Operation Gatekeeper was the triple border fence on a 12 mile strip of the border from the Pacific Ocean inland. The triple fence stopped cold aliens and drugs on those 12 miles. A lesson to the present, where Barak Hussein Obama, Janet Reno Napalitano and Bersin all oppose border fences.

What is also not mentioned in Bersin's profile is that he spearheaded Islamist indoctrination in the San Diego Unified School District as its Superintendent. Only after he left, was the policy of prayer time for Muslims and segregated classes ended.

Soon the border will be wide open to economic migrants and more Palestinian killers. FOB. You heard it here first.

Back From The Dead

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