Monday, November 30, 2009

42 Years In America And He Doesn't Speak English

State Senator Abel Maldonado, who has been nominated for the position of Lieutenant Governor of California, has a father who immigrated to the United States 42 years ago. He still doesn't speak English. He doesn't watch English language television. He doesn't know who Jay Leno is. While I don't watch Jay either, I am of the early to bed early to rise crowd, I do see him occasionally on United Airlines inflight entertainment. While Jay is of little cultural import, he is widely known. He is even making jokes about Obama now. But the frightening thing is that a man who has been here 42 years has done nothing to acculturate himself to the United States. And this is supposedly a good immigrant from Mexico. I hate to think what the bad immigrants are like..................oh, I do know, and, quite frankly, I fear for my country. Another reason to vote against RINOs like Maldonado.

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