Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Cost Of Trying Terrorists

What many have not considered concerning Article III court trials for terrorist war criminals is that these trials will result in more crime in the U.S. The cost to the Department of Justice United States Marshal's Service and the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service will be enormous. Hundreds of FPS officers and Deputy United States Marshals will be deployed to New York City. Each one will be working 12 hour shifts, each one will have to have a hotel room, extra vehicles will have to be purchased, leased or rented for their duties, but the greatest cost will be that federally owned property outside of New York City will be wide open for criminals and terrorists as FPS officers will be deployed away from their usual duties of protecting federal property outside of NYC. More importantly, the usual duties of the U. S. Marshal's Service will be interrupted, allowing tens of thousands of fugitives from justice to roam the United States freely and without fear that they will be tracked and arrested by a Deputy U.S. Marshal charged with finding and arresting that criminal. These criminals will be free to continue their life of crime uninterrupted. Even if captured by local police, there will not be enough Deputy Marshal's in the federal court system to seek out, capture, or process federal arrestees. Orders will soon go out to federal law enforcement agencies to reduce and limit their arrests, especially to the Department of Homeland Security to stop criminally prosecuting illegal aliens for the crimes they commit. The word will soon go out that there will be no criminal prosecution, and this will increase the flow of illegal aliens and previous deportees who will not be criminally prosecuted.

This of course is part of the Obama Regime's plan. Already DHS has sent out instructions to its agents to slow and stop arrests, but the decline in arrests will plummet again to even lower levels. All will be wide open to illegal aliens, all in time for the upcoming amnesty in 2010.