Monday, November 30, 2009

Being Christian Does Not Mean Being Stupid

Mike Huckabee makes alot of being Christian, and is well know for his pardons and other clemency for criminals in Arkansas. It appears that he did not sell such clemency like his predessessor Billy Jeff Bentpecker, but it is also clear that Huckabee was overly generous with his pardons and other clemency of dangerous criminals. And that is putting it mildly. It appears now that his emotional style of Christianity and the principle of mercy overwhelmed his reason. Reason is something that God gave man. God also commands mercy, but it is the balance wherein we find the difficulty. But the case of Maurice Clemmons it was clear from the beginning that he was undeserving. It is even more readily apparent now. Four police officers are now dead because of that. Clemmons had a long criminal history before he was released by Huckabee from his 95 year prison sentence, a sentence that would have saved four lives.

Aside from his love of taxes, that Huckabee claims is informed by his Christian conscience, Huckabee says that mercy and forgiveness must be widely practiced by government officials. However, Huckabee appears to have lost the reason that God gave him. And four officers lost their lives. Not a great trade. At least this ends his political career. Christians though need to learn from this lesson, not to be fooled by conversion or claimed repentance.

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