Thursday, November 19, 2009

Case Closed

As I predicted, the Obama Regime has basically ended immigration enforcement and the evidence keeps coming in. The Washington Times reports that work-site enforcement arrests have collapse by 50%. (h/t Stein Report

Janet Reno Napolitano claims that aressts of 11,000 criminal make up for the collapse of worksite enforcement, but the message of the collapse of worksite enforcement is that illegals are welcome, so long as they don't get caught killing or raping.

As I said before. The end of immigration enforcement is an impeachable offense. People will say that the Demoncrats control Congress. Well, they do now, but 2010 is coming. The British Special Air Service has an appropriate motto, Who Dares, Wins.

Do we dare do what is necessary to perserve the Union and the Constitution?

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