Saturday, November 14, 2009

China And Islam

The Chinese are happily destroying what remains of Muslim culture in China and shooting down Muslims in the streets, but nary a word from Shi'ite or Sunni Muslims. As a matter of fact China is growing closer to both Iran and the Sunni Arab world.

Why is this? Simply business as some say. Then why are the Saudis or Indonesians or Malays, or Egyptians or Balochs so concerned about Americans killing Iraqis? Maybe it is just business, or maybe they are concerned about their leaders hold on power, or maybe China cannot export its strengh.§ion=0&article=81363&d=28&m=4&y=2006

But perhaps, the Muslims have the same concerns our domestic enemies have. They know the treat of Christian civilization. For the same reason Muslims are killing Americans is the same reason leftists support the killing of Americans, not only by Muslims, but by Communists, criminals, illegal aliens, abortionists, drug dealers, etc. The list goes on and on of who liberals support who kill Americans. Just as liberals don't care when Muslims kill their own homosexuals, political dissidents, or women, Muslims don't care when Communists kill their fellow Muslims. Why, because they are not afraid of Communists, because communism, like liberalism, represents no threat to Islam, but Christianity does.

So we here we have it, Islam, Communist China and domestic liberalism allied in a real shooting war against Americans.


Holger Awakens said...

Something tells me we are gonna be wayyyyyy outnumbered in the final battle.

Federale said...

Yes, and letting more of them into the U.S. is not helping.