Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Famous But Incompetant

The FBI within minutes announced that Nidal Hasan was not a terrorist and recently announced that it did nothing wrong after ignoring Hasan's contact with an Al Queda leader, Anwar Awlaki. It also appears that Army Criminal Investigation Division also ignored Hasan's contact with Awlaki.

As they say, two wrongs don't make a right. But it exposes Army CID and the FBI as either grossly incompetant or that there is treason involved at their management levels. While no one is surprised that this is occuring under Barak Hussein Obama, infact, the problem began earlier and Jorge Bush is primarily responsible.

Take a look at what one of Jorge's Mexican friends rationalized about Hasan:

"Says Juan Carlos Zarate, who was President George W. Bush's Deputy National Security Adviser for combating terrorism: 'Given the cover [Hasan] used, as someone researching the effects on Muslim soldiers of operating in Muslim countries [his approaching al-Awlaki] was not wholly illegitimate. It doesn't raise the specter of dangerous or criminal activity.' In those circumstances, the officials monitoring the communications between the psychiatrist and the imam might reasonably assume that Hasan was doing 'legitimate research, on behalf of the U.S. military,' he adds."

Aside from the fact that Hasan was not conducting any legitimate research, but was overtly seditious and treasonous while at Walter Reed Hospital during his training, he never published any "legitimate research."

Obviously neither Army CID or the FBI made any effort to review his "research" that they claim justified his contact with a declared enemny of the United States. An enemy which we are at war with. It is not the job of investigators to "assume" things. An investigator obtains facts, not just assumes that someone's suspicous action was "legitimate."

Just like after 9/11, the FBI is cleaning up the bodies after the fact. Taken together, it shows that the FBI is grossly incompetant. It allowed the 9/11 hijackers to wander about the country even after several were identified to them, it ignored warnings from its own agents that there was a conspiracy afoot in the U.S. involving hijacked airliners, and it failed to follow basic investigative procedures in the Hasan case. In both cases Americans died for the FBI's incompetance. Thanks for nothing FBI. I hope you are enjoying your fat paychecks as they have been bought in blood by innocent Americans.


Apperently the Army CID investigator did not forward his information about Hasan's contact with Awlaki. Interestingly enough, the CID Special Agent was on an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). The JTTF is a team of FBI Special Agents and other law enforcement agents from other federal, state and local agencies, that are managed, supervised, and directed by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent or Assistand Special Agent in Charge. The import of that is that the FBI directs and manages JTTF investigations and refuses to allow the participating agents from other agencies on the JTTF to provide information they come across as part of the JTTF investigations to their own agencies. The FBI holds all the information that JTTF uncovers as exclusive to the FBI and restricts outflow of information to the agencies that provide agents to the JTTF. Basically the FBI uses and abuses agents from other agencies on the JTTF, then does not share. It also is reported that the FBI is with-holding more information on Hasan's additional contacts with Al Queda. The coverup begins.

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