Sunday, November 15, 2009

Federale Goes Mainstream?

Someone has been reading me.

The money quote:

"During a speech in May, Obama vowed not to release Guantanamo prisoners who pose a threat to the U.S., but stopped short of promising that no one presently at Gitmo would ever be free in this country.

“'I am not going to release individuals who endanger the American people,” Obama declared.

"However, the president also made clear that he would not defy the courts. “I cannot ignore these rulings because as President, I, too, am bound by the law. The United States is a nation of laws and so we must abide by these rulings,” he said.

"More recently, the White House has broadened the president’s vow—while implicitly acknowledging that Obama may not have the final say.

'The President will not voluntarily release any detainee into the United States,' a White House official said in September."

Of course the operative word here is "voluntarily." And, as Andrew McCarthy and I have pointed out, the plan is to aquiesce to any order from a Article III judge to release a terrorist.

My predition here:

I hate to be correct, but the view that bringing the terrorists to the U.S. will mean their release in the U.S. is becoming mainstream.

I don't exect Politico to give the the credit I deserve, but perhaps they were reading Andrew McCarthy.

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