Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Janet Reno Napolitano Doesn't Know Her Job

Janet Reno Napolitano stated that the Department of Homeland Security would lead efforts to prevent a backlash against Muslims who support terrorism after the Fort Hood terrorist attack. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5j8GOiUlCCnhCsRp1Xvs94KDJh8owD9BR9GPG0

Interestingly enough, DHS has no legal authority to investigate any such backlash or any civil or criminal acts connected with any "backlash." The DHS cannot investigate violations of federal civil rights laws, except when the perpetrator is a DHS employee, and the DHS Office of Inspector General investigates such allegations against DHS employees. Just as Janet Reno Napolitano claims that DHS has authority over terrorist investigations, there is no basis in law for DHS to perform such investigations. The Famous But Incompetant, the FBI, has that authority. While not some time ago Janet Reno Napolitano claimed the terrorist threat to America was from white gun owners and veterans, in fact, the terrorist threat comes from Muslims, as the Fort Hood Massacre shows. Although technically Major Nidal Hasan is technically a gun owner, white and a veteran, Janet Reno Napolitano was not refering to that type of white guy when she warned us against those evil white gun owning veterans. And we know that Hasan was not motivated by the black Muslim in the White House, but by a hatred of white gunowning Americans.

The import of this though is that Janet Reno Napalitano is claiming authority and juridiction over crimes that DHS has no investigative authority. I am certain that Janet Reno Napolitano wants to assign ICE, Secret Service and Border Patrol Agents to guard mosques from retaliation, but she wants to do that because she wants ICE agents and Border Patrol Agents not doing their lawful assignment of arresting illegal aliens. That is her goal, transforming DHS' mission of securing the border to protecting terrorists and the sea in which they swim.

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