Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liberals Don't Just Lie About Immigration, They Are Stupid, Or More Likely, Evil

Liberals lie about immigration issues, but they are also stupid about the issue. Case in point a Wahabbi Islamist in San Francisco fraudulently using the asylum system to remain in the U.S.

Lassaad Bokri is an obvious Islamist, short hair, bushy beard, from Tunisia, and claiming that the police in Tunisia will harrass him if he returns. According to him, any one who returns from America is considered a spy. WTF? Thousands of Tunisians come to the U.S. and return. None are considered the evil American spy. What Bokri is actually saying is that Islamists like him cannot return from America to Tunisia because the secret police will arrest and torture him for the information he has about Al Queda in Magreb, an Islamist terrorist organization in North Africa dedicated to imposing Islamist government throughout North Africa.

But one must believe that after even one look at Bokri, leftists believe his fantastic story. They either do not have the intelligence to discern that Bokri is an Islamist or, more likely, they do know, and just don't care, or, more likely, know and care, but care because they are part of the conspiracy to destroy the United States and impose an anti-Christian Islamist dicatorship.

Of course, the important part of an Islamist dictatorship is killing those who leftists hate most, Christians, and white Christians at that. But, of course, as evidenced in Sudan, that they will gladly kill Black Christians or pagans as well.

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