Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Campaign

The radical left never rests and they have a new target, the U.S. passport. Radical supporters of illegal immigration are decrying questions on the applications forms for U.S. passports.,1119-krueger.shtm The red attorney Stephen "Freddy" Krueger claims that the application forms violate the Privacy Act by being irrelevant to the process of applying for a passport.

The U.S. passport is the most valuable identity document in the world. Prevention of fraud in the application process is an important policy of the Department of State. But without the fingerprinting of applicants, the application process is not as secure as it can be. Instead of looking for a more secure passport though, the radical left is looking to make the application process less secure and opened to widespread fraud. Questions about parents' citizenship are an important part of fraud prevention. And there are not a handful of American's who claim derivative citizenship, but tens of thousands, with those claims being rife with fraud. Other questions as to identity, such as employment, etc. are other indicators of identity that the Department of State uses, especially for prosecutions for passport fraud. The more detail a fraudulent applicant gives, the more that applicant is exposed to criminal prosection and denial of an application.

But this is just part of the agenda of the left, to devalue citizenship and residency; To aid criminals and illegal aliens in their schemes, to support massive illegal immigration, and to aid the entry of terrorists into the U.S.; and to devalue citizenship itself.

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