Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Perhaps Not Incompetant, Just Evil

It appears that the FBI is also a religious police. Not Famous But Incompetant, but Famous But Evil, FBE. http://www.opposingviews.com/articles/opinion-fbi-questions-reverend-but-not-fort-hood-gunman-r-1258336121 But as a religious police it does not investigate Muslims. (h/t The Strata-Sphere http://strata-sphere.com/blog/index.php/archives/11345)

It appears that the FBI is becoming the police force for the radical left, ignoring Muslim terrorists, but intimidating and investigating Americans for expressing their 1st Amendment rights.

Just what crime was the FBI investigating when it interviewed Reverend Patrick Mahoney? The FBI is not allowed to initiate investigations based on behavior protected by the Constitution and its Amendments. So why was Reverend Mahoney investigated for praying, when the FBI decided to not investigate Nidal Hasan because his activity was protected by the Constitution?

It is clear that the FBI is predisposed to protect Islamist and non-white terrorists and criminals and by its association with a communist front group the Southern Poverty Law Center with whom it conspires and propogandizes, but why is it protecting Islamist terrorists who are actively killing Americans? What perversity guides FBI supervisors and managers that the work closely with those dedicated to killing Christians?


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