Friday, November 13, 2009

The Real Reason

The Obama Regime has decided to prosecute a number of terrorists in Federal District Court and to seek the death penalty for Khalid Sheik Mohammed. What is not emphasized is that he will be tried in the Southern District of New York rather than the Eastern District of Virginia. The big difference is that there will not be a death penalty finding from the jury in the Southern District of New York. And that is Obama's goal, no death penalty and Mohammed surviving to continue appeals of his conviction and his future incarceration conditions at the United States Penitentary, Administrative Maximum Unit, Florence, CO. Since federal judges are ordering the release of terrorists and the Obama Regime is not appealing those orders, the ultimate goal of the Obama Regime, is, as I predicted and is supported by Andrew McCarthy, is to release those terrorists in the U.S. so they can wage their war here. Andrew McCarthy's recent prediction: and my earlier prediction:

Soon, because liberal federal judges will most likely order the release of terrorists , Obama has no plans to appeal such orders and you can't deport a terrorist, the sight of numberous former inhabitents of Gitmo will soon be in your neighborhood.

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