Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Green Pink Alliance

No, not Communists and environazis, but Communists, homosexuals (sometimes they are different) and Islamists. Communist and homosexual Gary Leupp, know for his yellow but male fever, has again unwittingly exposed the communist alliance with Islam. It is a shame that someone of his puny intellect is a full professor at a major university, Tufts, and but is on the faculty for both religion and history. A full hard-on communist, he, like Trotsky, always rationalizes the behavior of the Party, this time like a character out of 1984, he repeats mantras, when the Party supports Mullahs, the Mullahs were always good, when the Party opposes the Mullahs, the Mullahs were always bad. Oceania was always at war with Eastasia. Oceania was always at peace with Eurasia.

Such contortions of intellect are unworthy of an academic, but the standards at Tufts appear to be low. But even worse, these mental contortions show the mental illness of the left. A homosexual like Leupp would soon be executed once his Islamist allies take over. But, as his academic obsession with homosexuality shows, he is in thrall of his homosexual fantacies, and one of the principle fantacies of the homosexual is rape by a man of color. That rape fantacy shows his deep hatred of America and our society. His personal death wish, sexual perversion, sociopathological hatred of his own social and political community, and a self-hatred show that the archtypical leftist academic is mentally ill. Leftists are both a danger to our society and nation, as well as to themselves. While it was the Soviet Union that used psychiatry to abuse political dissidents, what it truely revealed was that the communists knew deep down that they were mentally ill, and to protect themselves, they had to accuse those who opposed them of mental illness rather than reveal to the world their own mental illness, their patholigical hatred of self. Like the snake in the Garden, they had to reverse the world, good is evil, evil is good. That is all they are. That is why the Soviets were right in one aspect, some political behavior is motivated by mental illness, but they just had the perpetrators reversed.

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