Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Bother

It is basically illegal to own a firearms in New York City. Mayor Blumberg and the liberals who run the city say that guns are dangerous and those who use and possess firearms must be jailed. They did it to Plaxico Jeffrey Burress, who got several years in jail for possessing a firearm and making the mistake of not having a good holster for it. However NYC's laws against guns have not been very helpful, including recently.

A gang of black thugs shot a probable rival drug dealer and an innocent bystander. All but one of the thugs has a long arrest record. One even has a previous arrest for, get this, firearm possession. "The police confirmed that of the five young men, all but Mr. Gentles had extensive arrest records. A sampling: Mr. Rohan was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm in 2008; Cleve Smith with resisting arrest in October; Clivie Smith with assault and menacing in July and possession of a firearm in 2007; and Mr. Taylor with robbery and assault in 2003."

So, NYC has laws prohibiting gun possession, but appears to let thugs caught with guns get off scott free, but make an example of a football player. Looks like Plaxico got a version of the Great White Defendant treatment, but just one reserved for law abiding gun owners.

Of course, a reading of the story, one would think that the bullet committed the crime not Carvett Gentles. But then a white person made the bullet and the gun, so a you can't blame a black kid for shooting someone.

Just another example of Samuel Francis' Anarco-Tyranny.

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