Monday, December 21, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Liberals whine on and on about Joe McCarthy and J Edgar Hoover and the supposed witchunts of communists. One by one these complaints are exposed as lies by the radical left. Years ago the Verona intercepts proved once and for all that Alger Hiss was a traitor. They also exposed the traitors and spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Now another one from the heyday of communist spies has been exposed. One of the heros of the radical left, the pinko John Stewart Service, alleged victim of McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover, has, again, been exposed as a liar and, at best, communist dupe. I say again, because the facts of the Amerasia case were always known and rock solid, it was just the purposeful bungling of the pro-Soviet Truman Regime that the Amerasia case was lost. Apparenlty Service admitted to a writer that he had in fact passed secret information to the NKVD agent Phillip Jaffe at Amerasia Magazine. Service claimed that it was a mistake, but shall we believe he was naive or just plain stupid? These were supposed to be our best and brightest from the East Coast elite, but they can't be very bright if they can be fooled by the troglodytes that inhabited the CPUSA and its front groups, all open Stalinist thugs. It is clear that Jaffe was to Service what the Reverend Wright was the Baraka Hussein Obama. Just because Service wasn't under Party disipline does not make him free of responsibility for his treason. He certainly was too intelligent to claim to have been fooled. Perhaps he was ashamed of his behavior, but perhaps he developed a concience since those days in the 40s, but since he was a fixture of the radical left at UC Berkeley, I doubt it. He certainly was still running with the Reds there for quite some time.


John said...

If you hadn't had McCarthy in the States you would have ended up like Britain:

See the Communist Government of Britain.

Federale said...

John, Thanks for the execellent link. That is shocking, but not really surprising. Reds, pinkos, fellow travelers; they are all the same. Welcome to Federale. I hope you come back and I will be visiting your site regularly.