Sunday, December 20, 2009

By Any Means Necessary

And No Justice No Peace. More of the violent rhetoric of the radical left. Well, not quite, but it does disturb leftists when they are on the receiving end of it.

The people of West Virginia have had enough of the radical left and its attempts to end coal mining there. And they are fighting back. Sometimes using similar tactics of violence, threats of violence, and physical and verbal intimidation.

Just as the left doesn't like it when Alinskyite tactics of mass demonstrations and use of talk radio and media on wedge issues, they don't like it when their opponents use other leftist tactics.

The radical left was in full force in Copenhagen using violence, intimidation and mass demonstrations, but that was good. You see it is not the tactic that is good or bad, but the goal of the tactic. Left good, right bad. Simple as that.

Apparently leftists don't like it when the threats and violence are directed against them. Apparently they like the police when the police are arresting those who threaten them. Apparently the left can dish it out, but cannot take it.

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Holger Awakens said...

If the Left can't "take it" - they're in for a long 3 more years. There's a ton of people with the same bitches besides the coal proponents in West Virginia - you'll have the farmers of the Midwest who will be crippled by Cap and Trade, you'll have the Pro-Lifers who will be paying for abortions under Obamacare and you'll have a sea of unemployed who will finally realize that the UAW and SEIU screwed em over.