Monday, December 21, 2009

Clear And Sunny, But Shut Down

The snow stopped falling Saturday evening. All day Saturday the private sector was out clearing sidewalks so their customers could get to their retail stores, hotels, office buildings, and restaurants. By Sunday, also clear and sunny, Washington DC's private sector was back in full force. However, the Black Mayor of Washington DC and his city workers were not much in force. Few roads were being cleared. It was incongruous that streets were blocked by snow, but the adjacent sidewalks were clear and businesses open. Of course, the Federal institutions normally open on weekends were closed, like the Smithsonian. Never mind that the nearby private businesses were all open. Also never mind that the Federal government did nothing to clear the snow on its property. Now Baraka Hussein Obama has decided, over 24 hours after the last snow flake fell, to close the federal government in DC. Even though even by now the grossly incompetant Black Mayor of DC had finally gotten the snow plows moving.

Your tax dollars at work. A snow day on a day that is clear and sunny. Here I am sitting in my hotel after having walked to work only to find out that the office was closed. Funny, the maids at the hotel got in, the restaurant staff got in, the bellhops are here, the front desk staff is here....but Baraka Hussein Obama wanted a snow day for the bureaucrats.

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