Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Further Proof Liberals Are Closet Homo.....I Mean Communists

Liberals decried it when in the '50s they were accused of being closet communists. However, then, as now, they really were Reds. Take today's WaPo. Another BoBo Bolshevik has decided that former Vice President Dick Cheney is beyond the pale and should not be given time or space on the issues of public concern, especially foreign and defense policy. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/community/groups/index.html?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3aa70e3396-6663-4a8d-ba19-e44939d3c44fForum%3a2a26078c-a45a-4f25-b08e-503aa2eea4e0Discussion%3acec0dec3-80ce-470a-834e-4ddfed1dc7c4?hpid=talkbox1 Greg Sargent, one of WaPo's resident Commissars says that Cheney should get the Trotsky treatment, minus the axe in the head; not allowed to publish, be written about, speak in public, or be mentioned. He is only to be airbrushed out of history for his crime of opposing the god Obama, a regent and leige lord.

But seriously, apparently the only way Cheney can be allowed to speak is if he is appointed some sort or representative of the GOP, as if commenting on any issue requires one to be a member of a certain Party. Apparently the 1st Amendment to the Constitution reads Freedom of Speach is delegated only to repesentatives of certain parties. No public comments from other persons shall be allowed.

It is so white of Sargent to allow opposition speech, if only by certain designated representatives of certain Parties, but methinks that soon no opposition speech will be allowed by Sargent. Like the onetime mythological Bolshevik Party policy of allowing intra-Party debate on issues that was publicly crushed by Stalin and decried by Trotsky. However allowing intra-Party debate is not the same as allowing freedom of speech for opponents of the regime. And it appears that Sargent is just another typical Bolshevik, champing at the bit to execute those who disagree with him.

Don't say I never warned you. Violence is coming soon, brought to you by Eric Holder, the ATFE, and the Commissars at WaPo.

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