Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Injustice In Black And White

The Department of Justice doesn't like white people. They think white people should be in prison. Black people on the other hand, are liked by the Department of Justice. They don't think that black people should be in prison. And nothing proves that more than two recent cases. (h/t Two white people arrested and charged with a crime but exhonerated by a jury have been re-arrested and charged again with the same crime, not based on the dual sovereignty doctrine, but based on their race. Two police officers who responded to the crime, but did not arrest the people found not guilty, were also charged. Please note that liberals always say that arresting someone is not the answer to every crime, except when it is white people accused of attacking a woman or a minority. Liberals always say that police, or immigration should exercise discretion, such as not deporting illegal aliens. But that all goes by the wayside when white people are involved.

But look how the Department of Justice treats black people. Not only did they not criminally prosecute the black thugs intimidating voters, but dropped a civil case against two of the three thugs, one of which, Malik Shabazz is a big Obama supporter and Demoncrat activist. In this country, blacks already found guilty have charges dropped, while whites found not guilty are charged again, for the sole reason of being white.

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