Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Flagrant Baby Waving

This time from the right....OK, not quite baby waving, but in the same vein. So we have someone who comes here to run a marathon, then gets hired as gymnastics coach for a private school. OK, there are alot of H1B teachers in the U.S., too many as a matter of fact. Teaching is certainly a job Americans won't do as our teachers unions are quite full of the incompetant place holders. And I can tell you from my K-12 days, few had any skill or ability, much less motivation, but you can' t tell me that there is no gymnastics coach available in the U.S.? Well, probably not at the wage Jack Rabbits is paying, which, is, of course, the rub.

Is the H-1B program's purpose to subsidize the profits of the employer, to provide a benefit to aliens, or, to benefit the U.S. Now, just from reading the story, an apparently well adjusted white Christian couple appears to represent no threat to the U.S. They seem to be productive. But isn't there a better way. Their H-1B appears to be a pretext to live here. USCIS is seeking to remove them, but at the same time, literally tens of thousands of radical Muslims, welfare recipients, homosexuals, and gang-bangers are getting green cards legally.

The question appears not to be whether Jack Rabbits is driving down wages, which they probably are as Vartosu, if an American, would not accept his current wages for the job, but would probably be off to a high school, university, or Olympic program, but the way we chose our immigrants. Radical Muslims get in, but we deliberately keep out productive white Europeans, in favor of those with familial ties, regardless of their quality.

USCIS is correct on a technicality, but it is Congress that is wrong by allowing the present system to continue which does not take into account the quality of the immigrant, but only his connection to people already here or bogus claims of persecution overseas.

Yeah, we need reform, but baby waving, or gymnast waving, is not the anwser, as most of those who benefit from baby waving are very low quality immigrants.

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