Monday, December 28, 2009

Muslim Drug Dealing Family Concerned About Death Penalty But Not Homeless Relatives

A "British" citizen was executed by China for drug dealing. Of course the British Government was very concerned and so was the drug dealer's family. However the drug dealer's family was not so concerned while the drug dealer was an alleged homeless person in the streets of some unnamed Polish city. OK, we have a Pakistani who holds a British passport arrested in China for drug dealing and the family claims he is a mentally ill homeless person. Why wasn't the dear Pakistani family taking care of their mentally ill relative and allowing him to live a life as a homeless person in Poland. Obviously they were not so concerned when he was homeless and could have died on some street in Poland in the horrible winters they have in Poland. They only became concerned when he was about to be executed. Probably just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, and, of course, for the Jihad, helping drug up the British people and make Britian an easier target for Jihad.

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