Sunday, December 27, 2009

Muslims Intimidated By Blacks And Whites

The radical left is upset that Muslims feel intimidated in the UK. (h/t English Defense League Nevermind that the groups protesting radical Islam are multi-racial. For the left, any opposition to Islam is racist and facist. Of course, that says more about the left and its hatred for whites and non-Muslims, but Islam is a religion, not a race, something the left does not comprehend, or, more accurately, deliberately obfuscates.

Nevermind that Muslims continue to kill and conspire to kill Christians of all races in the UK. Our own General Casey is part of the problem, more concerned about diversity than the lives of Christian Americans of all races as shown by the Ft. Hood Massacre.

This is just a reminder that Muslims are more important to the Obama Regime than dead Americans. Remember that you might be the next dead American that Baraka Hussein Obama does not care about. Just ask the people on the flight to Detroit. They were to be the Obama Regime's next victims.

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