Sunday, December 13, 2009

No 1st Amendment Here

Islam's war on the 1st Amendment continues apace in Minneapolis. (h/t Dinah Lord Apparently the St. Cloud Police Department has never heard of the 1st Amendment. Give Chief of PoliceDennis Ballantine a phone call at (320) 650-3858 or an email Or call Sgt. Marty Sayre at (320) 650-3830. Ask them how speeking out on an issue can be a hate crime.

And you can contact the City Administrator Mike Williams at (320) 255-7201 or email at Or even better the City Legal Department at (320) 255-7204 and ask them if they would like a lawsuit under 42 USC 1983, the law that protects Americans from harrassment for exercising their civil rights.

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