Saturday, December 26, 2009

Obama's Co-Religionists On The Attack

A fellow African Muslim has attacked America. Obama's election apparently did nothing to stem the hate that Muslims have for Christian America.

Janet Reno Napolitano is apparenlty not even concerned, just monitoring the situation, but problaby is concerned about Obama's re-election chances based on the wave of terrorism that is hitting the U.S. and perhaps about her chances of a Supreme Court nomination.

While the FBI has primary jurisdiction on terrorism, it was the TSA and CBP that failed to keep the Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab off an airplane coming to the U.S. Apparently Mutallab is a student. Surprise, surprise. Just like Obama's Glorious 13 on 9/11.

And add to this story another telling story about fraud in student visas in southern California that has been ignored by the MSN. The much vaunted SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitors Information System) that was supposed to end student visa fraud has failed under Janet Reno Napolitano. Apparently ICE and USCIS are no longer inspecting new schools that have applied for the authority to enroll foreign students.

Another Janet Reno Napolitano failure. Terrorists and illegal aliens are pouring in through the student visa system, the same system that gave us 9/11. And Janet Reno Napolitano is "closely monitoring the situation." Well, what does that mean. It doesn't mean that she is upset that a terrorist got through, it does not mean that she is suspening immigration from Nigeria, it doesn't mean that all flights from Nigeria are suspended until further notice, it means she is just monitoring the situation. For all we know she is happy about it. She is not even "concerned."

Just how did someone already on the radar screen get a visa, much less a student visa under Janet Reno Napolitano's watch. It appears that it is her policy to give out visas to all potential illegal aliens and terrorists.

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