Saturday, December 19, 2009

Public Charge

Immigrants who come to the U.S. are supposed to be able to support themselves and to have a sponsor who is responsible for supporting them if they go on assistance.

From the looks of it, Obama isn't enforcing the law. Of course, this law has not been enforced since the first Bush Administration, or the Clintong Regime before that.

Just look at the hale and healthy who descended on a food giveaway in San Francisco. Now many of you will think that it is the hard times that is causing this, but the scene of mostly Chinese immigrants grabbing up free food is repeated every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving at Glide Memorial Church. And most of those getting the goodies are Chinese. All of who appear quite well and obviously overweight as well. None are starving, none are hungry, and, despite what Hugh Hewitt says, there is no hunger in America. Those who are hungry are the mostly overweight poor who could use a few days without food. Just look at the above photos. No typical black welfare queens pushing three bills, but all obviously not hungry. Go through the photos from the article, no thin or emaciated, everyone over the ideal body mass index, even some Tenderloin gangbanging drug dealers grabbing some swag. Some with animals that they are supporting, but still hungry. If you are hungry, eat your pets first.

Which brings us back to the immigration angle. If the are truely hungry, where are their sponsors? Where is ICE and USCIS not deporting or allowing in aliens who cannot support themselves?

Another reason to impeach Obama for not faithfully executing the laws of the United States.

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