Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Terrorism: Apparently Work Americans Have To Compete With Foreigners For

More not so domestic terrorists. One of the five is apparently an Arab immigrant and the other an Indian immigrant. Besides having to compete with immigrants and foreigners on the H1-B for high tech jobs, poor domestic Muslim terrorists have to compete with more terrorists in the U.S. on student visas. Gee, weren't the 9/11 terrorists here on student visas? And, yes, they were admitted here under Jorge Bush, not Baraka Hussein Obama. Bad enought that Nidal Hassan was the child of immigrants and the Little Rock terrorist was an American, now we have to import the terrorist problem. Sort of like the Lakawana Six and the Fort Dix terrorists.


Apparently five foreign nationals were arrested in Pakistan regarding the above. Even though the original story did not give race or nationality, it appears that all are Arab and Pakistani, with one of them being a Swedish citizen, but not Caucasian, but, either a naturalized immigrant or descendant of Muslim immigrants to Sweden.

No congratulations necessary, it is just reading between the lines. Sort of like a crime story in any major American daily, if they don't mention the race, then you know it is a Muslim or a minority.

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