Saturday, January 31, 2009

30 Pieces Of Silver

The Republican governors led by welfare queen Arnold Schwartenegger are in the Beltway holding out their hands for the silver being offered by the Great Satan Baraka Hussein Obama. It appears that stealing from Peter to pay Paul is the new Republican governors method of budget balancing. Boy, that makes me glad I voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000. Can't blame me for any of this. Oh, and by the way, I voted for the Republican in the race during the recall of Gray Davis. So, you still can't blame me for this.

The worst part was dear Sarah showing up for her 30 pieces of silver. Shame on you Sarah.

No Kidding

Some crazed woman has had octuplets through fertility treatment after having six other kids through the same way. And some are "concerned" that she might go on public assistance. Concerned? She already is and, as facts show, most of those kids will be come welfare queens and criminals. Why is it that those of us who work have to support those who don't? Why do I have to support the recreational lifestyle of people who refuse to work? A psychologist told this woman's mother to throw her out of the house so she could learn some lessons, but no one disiplines their children now, not even when the spoiled brats are adults. And the Obamessiah wants to expand welfare programs? He wants to give free health insurance to crazy people like this so we end up with more crazed behavior like this? Are liberals this stupid or is it part of their plan? It is a plan, because the Obamessiah is supposedly brilliant.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liberals Lie

One of the many myths that liberals tell is that illegal aliens come here because they are poor and starving. Such dire poverty forces them to come here. Funny, just like America, the poor from Mexico are suffering not from malnutrician, but from obesity. I just watched the most recent episode of Homeland Security USA on ABC.

All the illegals from Mexico were obese, fat, overweight, tubs o' lard; not the Biggest Looser level, but comfortably fat enought to have never been hungry. It did not shock me, as I have always known that, at least since I started my career. It was interesting to watch a young woman state that she saved up for years to buy a stolen, or more likely, sold green card, and try to cross the border with it. Then, after being caught, claim that she came here to work because there was no work in Mexico. Well, stolen or sold green cards are not cheap, and, obviously, she got the money to steal into the U.S. with some sort of work. So, why then did she quit her job in Mexico to come to the U.S.? Answer below after I vent on the Bolsheviks in the media.

This episode of Homeland Security USA showed how myths and lies from the Main Stream Media shape the views of this country, but when they accidentally let something slip, it exposes the MSM for what it is; the most degenerate pack of liars since Satan in the Garden. Do these people have no shame? Do they hate this country and themselves (yes, self-hating white liberals (lol, I repeat myself)).

Liberals also tell us that illegals come to work. Well, for some maybe, but the main attraction is the freebies; welfare, free health-care, food stamps, WIC, etc. That is the real attraction.

Well, to answer my own questions, no, they have no shame and yes, they do hate this country that much.

The Case For Impeachment

Despite being an alien, there are other reasons for the impeachment of Baraka Hussein Obama. When he was sworn in as President of the United States, Obama swore to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. However, Obama is aiding, abetting and assisting an alien to remain in the United States. Despite knowing that Zeituni Onyango, his aunt, was an illegal alien and a fugitive from deportation, Obama has invited her to his inaguration and assisted her is her flight from deporation.

Interestingly enough, the article claims that "The White House said late Sunday that Onyango's lawyer contacted Obama's lawyer to confirm Wong's role in the case". This is very strange. It shows that Obama knew about his aunt and sanctioned her continued status.

Next, the article claimed two contradictory things: "Onyango, 56, has said she intends to fight the deportation order.." and then "Mike Rogers, a spokesman for Onyango's immigration lawyer, said late Friday that Onyango remains in the country and her case is proceeding through the legal system. He did not know where in the U.S. she was or what court was handling her case".

Those are contradictory. She "intends", which means she has not started fighting the deporation order but the second statement says that the legal process has already started in the courts.

However, there are only two different courts where you can fight it, which are a federal district court or an immigration court (Executive Office For Immigration Review, actually an administrative review office in the Department of Justice). So, which is it?

There is an outstanding deportation order which Onyango ignored and she is a fugitive. Therefore she cannot fight it in court. No fugitive, even Mark Rich, can fight a case in court until you have surrendered yourself and present yoursefl before the court. There are three reasons for this. First, you cannot fight a deporation order in immigration court unless you have been placed in proceedings and have appeared in court for the proceedings. Next, once a deporation order had been issued, you must appeal that to the Board of Immigration Appeals. You cannot do that while you are a fugitive. Next, you can appeal your deporation in federal district court, but only in narrow circumstances, only after you have finished all your administrative appeals, and not while you are a fugitive.

So, Obama has contacted Onyango's attorney. Obama has entered into some sort of agreement with Onyango's attorney not to be involved in the case. Onyango is a fugitive and an alien unlawfully present in the U.S. Obama refuses to order her arrest. There is actually no court case current on Onyango. It is a violation of 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) to conceal an alien unlawfully present. Obama also conspired to commit the above act, 18 USC 371. To wit: reached an agreement with another person to commit an illegal act, concealing and assisting Onyango.

Obama has committed at least two impeachable offenses, failed to act to see that the laws are faithfully executed and committed a felony.

Read it and weep Obamabots. The new Regime, same as the old Regime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homo Simpsons

More homosexual propoganda from the Simpsons. (Sorry no link) This time Lisa is having "play dates" with another little girl. You thought that the homosexual marriage episode or other the relentless homosexual proganda that show produces. Pretty sick that the producers are so obsessed with little girls and a sexual relationship. Little girls have friends, they don't thave play dates. And what is this with play dates? No little boy wants to play with girls, they want to have fun with other little boys. It is a sick and twisted creation of immature women who have children. Play dating. No, when you get married you stop dating. It shows that alot of women just want to destroy their marriages and just another part of the war on marriage by liberals.

Kittens: The New Victims Of White Oppression

Some fat lazy self hating white man has now claimed that white people are destroying the world and kittens. (h/t Ace of Spades HQ) Just typical of the self hating white liberals to blame kitten fishing on white people when it is the little brown people who are doing it. Sport fisherman in the U.S. don't use kittens, it is the lazy people south of the border who are killing the kittens.

Biden Says Terrorists Will Be Deported

Vice-Idiot Tail Gunner Joe Biden says that terrorists will be deported. Obviously he has no experience with immgration law, specifically political asylum. All the terrorists in Gitmo, since they are under the juristdiction of American law and get all its benefits are also entitled to relief from deporation; specifically they will claim asylum or relief from deportation based on asylum law or the Convention on Torture. No country will accept these terrorists back, or, if they do, they will be free to continue their terrorism. But that is what Obama wants, more terrorism and more terrorist in the U.S.

But more importantly what legal authority does the Counsel to the President have to make decisions on the detention of Prisioners of War? None. The Secretary of Defense has that authority. The fact that the Counsel to the President is making those decisions is that those desicions are political. And the Obamessiah said that he will not make decisions based on politics but on law and science. Talk about politicizing the the war.

Earmarks, Lobbyists, No Problem For Obama Regime

The Obammessiah has again been exposed as a pedestrian liar. First he said no lobbyists in his administration, then no earmarks, but the truth is that earmarks will just be more secretive and lobbyists will be redefined as not lobbyists. Sort of a 1984 definition of lobbyists. Which is more telling than we think, because it is not just dishonesty, but telling of the communist intentions of the Obama Regime. The lying unicorn of fake unity is not just another lying politician like Hillary and Billy Bentpecker, but a hardcore Bolshevik who will do and say anything to achieve power.

It is so sad that pseudo-conservatives like Hugh Hewitt and Bill Kristol who fawn over Obama and his claim to be inspired by our Founding Fathers, but, in reality, the Obamesiah is inspired by Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. Just ask Joe the Plumber.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

AP Jumps The Shark, Again

Liz Sidoti a propogandist from Associated Press has helped AP jump the shark again over the Obamessiah. No controversy, no ideology, no partisanship, no ideology, just a Saint working for the people. Of course, no facts need get in Sidoti's way, as she has found her black, but cool and safe, fantasy boyfriend, much like the other famous female reporter who said she would blow Billy Bentpecker just for keeping her favorite form of birth control, abortion, free and available. Some facts like Obama is going to reign like a victor over the Repubicans and not govern in a bi-partisan manner. Obama is now funding abortion overseas. There is a little ideology for you; it certainly isn't helping the ecomony to give away taxpayer money to foreigners to kill babies.

In another shark jumping success, Mary Clark Jalonick, AP, who also fantacizes about a cool black boyfriend, God I feel sorry for her husband, says that the Obama Regime and the Obamessiah will be changing the eating habits of America, or so hope the chefs at expensive Chicago restaurants, who are hoping he will be publicizing his menus and eating out alot.

But interstingly enough, the only example of the Obamessiah's uniqueness is when the Obamessiah "was asked by an excited waitress if he wanted the restaurant's special margarita made with the finest ingredients, straight up and shaken at the table. 'You know that's the way I roll,' Obama replied jokingly".

Of course, in margaritas, "finest ingredients" doesn't mean organic or "farm to table', but means expensive. No Val-U-Rite tequila here, only the best for the Obamessiah, like keeping the riff-raff from the VIP section of his racist rap concert, Yes We Can, or keeping his children away from those pesky spooks, as Clint Eastwood described the dusky inhabitants of bad neighborhoods in Gran Torino, that inhabit Washington DC public schools. No ideology there, for sure, keeping the kids away from the NEA teachers was his only decision not ideological.

Closing Gitmo, that is not ideology, because only a fanatic will expect those who want to kill us to give up once Gitmo is closed. No ideology here, just the world's smartest Messiah unable to understand the previous consequences of releasing terrorists. But, that also proves that Jorge Bush was a moron as well for releasing and not executing all those terrorists we caught.

Well, Mary and Liz, I hope you get your assignation with the Obamessiah, who now seems to be a black verion of Doctor Gaius Baltar who seems to use his messiah status to bang lots of white chicks.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fake, Along With Obama's Christianity

Baraka Hussein Obama hasn't been to church since the election, he talks about equality but they sold special tickets for his We Are One concert for racist rappers, and he loves having others forced into incompetant schools like those in DC but not his own children who are too good to go to DC's lovely black run and black majority schools. However, his fake hopeychangey rehash of Jimmy Carter and Billy Bentpecker has also given us fake music at the Inaguration. Why is it that classical musicians are so happy with a Regime that hates real culture created by white males gave us the canned equivalent of lipsyncing for the enthronement of the Obama Regime? But it does tell us that Obama is nothing, like his career, his achievements and his horrible speechmaking. He is the most shallow public speaker since Tail Gunner Joe Biden and Jesse Jackson without the cute rhymes. So, just what did blacky do right to get this, to paraphrase the racist Reverend Joseph Lowrey?

So, You Wonder Why We Have A Smuggling Problem

Customs and Border Protection recently caught a smuggler bringing hundreds of pounds of marijuana into the U.S. However, it appears that she got of scott free. She was only "interviewed by special agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement". Fancy that, rough treatment for a drug smuggler, interviewed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Not arrested though. It looks like Obama's drug dealing friends have a new strategy, send load vehicles over driven by minors. Nothing happens to them if they get caught, they get alot of money if they get through. Everyone is a winner, except Americans. Gee, what will Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano do about it? Give them green cards? That will be the next step, as she will be considered a victim in the smuggling attempt, not a perpetrator. Mark my words as Joe Biden says, mark my words. Around about the same time most of the terrorists from Gitmo get their green cards, she will be getting hers. Thanks Baraka Hussein Obama. But, then, that is the plan. I warned you, again.

Why Republicans Are Loosers

The Democrats are winners because they never quit. Republicans quit. An interesting piece in the WaPo,, besides the continued lies about FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina, the columnist reported that "On Jan. 7, the chairman, Joseph T. Kelliher, announced that he was stepping down as chairman on Jan. 20, although his term on the commission 'does not end until 2012.'" Why did this Republican resign his position that was safe until 2012. He now gives Comrade Obama the opportunity to appoint another socialist to an important position that could drive up the cost of energy and drive down the amount of energy available. If he were a Democrat, he would have stayed with the intent of sabatoging the income Republican administration. Republicans always leave to make more money, but the country looses, as the socialists burrow in the bureaucracy and work to destroy America from within. It is the same when after Bush was inagurated, the first thing he did was re-nominate a black liberal Democrat to an open appeals court seat in the south that Republican Senators had held up during the last days of the Clinton Regime.

Samuel Francis was correct, we are doomed by the actions of the Stupid Party. Thanks for nothing you junior John McCain wannabe.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transparency? NOT!

The Obama Regime has stated publicly that it will the most open Regime to date. Common sense says that is a transparent lie, as the secrecy surrounding the contacts with Governor Blagovich will show, but, more importantly, Baraka Hussein Obama has been keeping a big secret that he refuses to release. Well, actually two, but one is more important than the other. One is Constitutional, the other is personal.

To date Baraka Hussein Obama has still refused to release his original birth certificate. Despite the lies you see on Baraka Hussein Obama's falsely authorized website, the document the Obamessiah presents is only an abstract of birth certificate and does not tell us where he was born, just his parentage. Hawaii law provides for issuing birth certificates to persons not born in Hawaii, much less the United States.

So, just when will the most TRANSPARENT Regime release the original Baraka Hussein Obama birth certificate?

Never. Why, because Baraka Hussein Obama is lying. He intends neither to be the most transparent Regime in history, despite the obsequious fauning of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.

His lies will be perpetrated by the Main Stream Media, just as they refused to publish any deragotory information about the FDR dictatorship.

Rendition By Democrats

The Washington Times has exposed the fact that Bill Clinton and his Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, Baraka Hussein Obama's choice for CIA Director practiced rendition of terrorists to allies of the U.S. who practiced torture in order to have those countries extract information from those terrorists using torture.

But Obama campaigned against rendition, but apparently will be not so opposed to it now.

But, what is the history of rendition by Democrats. Well, the Democrats are responsible for the worst crime against humanity involving rendition in the history of the world. Operation Keelhaul where Russian POWs were involuntarily returned to the Soviet Union to face execution. This was a Democrat operation given to us by Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom Baraka Hussein Obama is being compared to. And it is correct, Obama is another FDR. A man who will kill white people who oppose communism, a man who will waste billions on an economic policy that cannot work, a man whom the press will not ask any tough questions.

Look forward to the Obama Regime. Just like the FDR Regime. Filled with union thugs, poverty, corruption, and incompetance. The only difference is that Obama will lose this war and that is his intent. But then FDR lost the war, the Soviet Union won it.

The Terrorist President

Baraka Hussein Obama's first act as president was to give aid and comfort to terrorists. Imagine if President Dwight D. Eisenhower's first act as president was to suspend trials of Nazis? Well, the Democrats would have gone ballistic, just as they did when Senator Robert Taft exposed the Nuremberg Trials as unlawful and unconstitutional. And the funny thing is that Baraka Hussein Obama stated that the Nuremburg Trials were within the confines of American law. But Obama and Eric Holder claim that the trials in Gitmo are unconstitutional. And what is the difference between the two? The difference is that Communists ran the Nuremburg Trials, one of Stalin's show trial prosecutors, Andrey Januaryevich Vyshinskiy. So, just what does Baraka Hussein Obama think is wrong with the Gitmo trials? They have free lawyers in Gitmo, three attorneys sit as the tribunal, and they can cross examine witnesses. At Nuremburg there were three judges and Vyshinskiy and there was no free American attorney for the defense. More importantly at Nuremburg Trials there were lawful combatants on trial and those with immunity as political leaders. Also, Nuremburg Trials included a newspaper publisher as a defendant, Julius Streiker. So, there is the rub as the poet says, Obama supports trials conducted by Soviet prosecutors directed against lawful combatants and publisher's of newspapers that he disagrees with.

Now, many will say that I am defending Nazis and they just deserved it. Well, so does Khalid Sheik Muhammed and the rest of the Gitmo terrorists. The big difference is that Baraka Hussein Obama sympathizes with radical Islam and wants to protect it. Baraka Hussein Obama has no trouble executing white people, many Christians, like Generals Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel, or trying to execute Admiral Karl Donitz. The big difference is that those men were soldiers who fought under the rules of war while Baraka Hussein Obama's allies in the war on the West are terrorists who are not lawful combatants.

So, what will Baraka Hussein Obama do? Well, the plan is obvious. He will bring the terrorists to the United States. Most will slowly be released with the excuse that there is insufficient evidence that can legally be presented in a criminal trial and those will be released.

The big boys will be put on trial, regardless of the admissible evidence, with the intent that a liberal judge will release the terrorists. Obama then can blame a judge and deflect the political consequences.

The next step will be the big one. Once the terrorists are released, where will they go. No one will accept them. They cannot be deported to their home countries because they will be tortured or executed. So, where will they end up.

They will end up here. The first thing they do will claim asylum and there will be nothing that we can do about it. There will no country that will accept them for deportation; and they can only be deported to their country of citizenship or last habitual residence. Remember how liberals complained about rendition and deporation of terrorists to countries that practiced torture? They said it was illegal. Well, they cannot now deport these terrorists to Saudi Arabia or Egypt where torture is practiced.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed is from Balochistan Province of Pakistan and Pakistan will not allow him to return. Ramzi Binalshibh is Yemeni and will not be accepted back. There is no other option than release in the U.S. More importantly, according to the Supreme Court, they cannot be held without charges if there is no chance of deportation.

So, Baraka Hussein Obama's endgame is to have the terrorists released into the U.S. So, the punishment for 9/11 will be a green card for Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his co-conspirators.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White Get It Right

More proof that Obama is a racist. Like a dime store Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Joseph Lowry gave us a childish ryhme in his invocation during the inaguration of Obama, the man who refuses to release a copy of his birth certificate. He said white people have to get it right. What the hell do we have to get right? We created this country, we created the wealthiest nation in the world, we liberated nations, we brougth black people from Africa where they live on welfare and extorting money from white people, we give jobs to Mexicans, we pay billions every year to foreigners in aid; what exactly do we have to get right? More welfare for lazy people like the Reverend Lowry? Does he want a check? Is every white person personally liable for his and his people lazyness, indolence, and violence? What do we have to do to get it right? More affirmative action? Isn't the presidency enough for the affirmative action zealots?

It's OK To Keep Us In The Dark Now

Well, the History Channel has gone Obamaniac. The radical left has now decided that the government can keep secrets and drag us into war without our knowledge. Funny. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the shameful coward who refused his uncle's advice, Teddy Roosevelt, to join up in WWI and fight, is described by the new special on the History Channel dedicated to justifying FDR's dishonesty; the hiding of his diabilities from the public, secretly dragging us into war with Germany and Japan, communists in his administration, and using a compliant press corps to keep it all secret. It is well know that the communist Harry Hopkins and FDR had the Naval Intelligence intercepts that identified the Pearl Harbor attack and he did nothing to let the commanders at Pearl Harbor know and allowed them to be scapegoated. Now we are told, after 8 years of the opposite, that it is ok for the government to keep secrets from us, for, of course, our own good. Of course, the Stupid Party did nothing to oppose Comrade Roosevelt, nominating fools like Alf Landon, the John McCain of his era, without the military service. And they will do nothing against the new secret Obama Regime. Liberals are such hypocrites.

I Hope He Fails

Unlike the RINOs in talk radio like Hugh Hewitt, I hope Obama fails. Why do I hope Obama fails? Because he is a racist who wants to discriminate against me in my job. Obama wants to prevent any promotion in my future. He wants to steal money for me to give to lazy people to stay home and watch TV while I work. He wants to nationalize the health care system so I have to pay for Cadillac care for illegal aliens but I have to stand in line to get anything. He wants to surrender Iraq to Al Queda and Afghanistan to the Taliban. He wants to increase taxes on those who work to give it to those who don't. He wants the government to pick winners and loosers. He wants to steal from workers to give to union thugs. He wants to cut the military and allow Chinese missles to destroy American cities by eliminating missle defense. He supports dictatorships overseas and wants to end democratic government in the U.S. by supporting vote fraud. He wants to flood this country with illegal aliens. He thinks white people "have to get it right." What do we have to get right? We built this country and make it work. Who do you think landed a jet airplane on the Hudson River with no one injured? A white guy. He got it right. Does Obama have an affirmative action pilot on Air Force One? I don't think so.

I hope Obama totally fails. I did not see any conservatives attack his inagural parade? (h/t: I don't think so. But liberals like he do. So, get lost. I hope he fails.

The think is he will fail. He will raise takes and print money like there is no tomorrow. He will destroy the economy, which is his goal anyway, since that is the only way to put everyone on welfare.

Obama will succeed in destroying America, so that is why I want him to fail.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Real Patriots

In this time of fake patriotism, psuedo heros, and Obamessianism, it is time to read about real American heros, Thomas Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

Political Non-Prosecution

Anyone who follows the federal criminal justice system has to realize that there is no justice in the federal system. Those selected for prosecution are selected based on political considerations. Just look at Scooter Libby and Timothy Geithner. In Libby's case, he did not commit the crime that was being investigated. In fact, the person who committed the alleged crime, releasing the identity of a CIA agent, was not prosecuted, but his identy was known at the begining of the investigation. In the real world, there would have been no investigation needed, since the perpetrator confessed to the crime. The real question was why there was investigation, then a prosecution. Then we have Geithner, who committed a real crime, a crime that if the government knew you or I committed, we would have been prosecuted, but he was allowed to repay his back taxes. So, why wasn't he prosecuted? Politics. That is why Barak Obama can accept a $300,000.00 bribe from Tony Rezko and nothing happens. It is why Jesse Jackson was not prosecuted for not paying his taxes and money laundering and extortion. It is why Black Panthers can intimidate voters and not be prosecuted, but Republicans who try and stop voter fraud are. Federal criminal prosecutions are all political and it is a shame that Jorge Bush allowed the prosecution of Libby. It is why the Bush Administration refused to prosecute Willie Brown and Richard Daly. It is why Sandy Berger got a midemeanor slap on the wrist for stealing secret documents, while anyone else who did that would have gotten a felony conviction. Just wait until Obama and Eric Holder starts deciding on who gets prosecuted. NRA watch out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Conservatives Are Loosing

With Rush the only well known conservative fighting the Obamessiah, we turn to why conservatives are loosing right now. There is an illustrative event not known to many. Hugh Hewitt, the advocate of amnesty, which would be usually enought evidence to see why we are loosing because if you import socialist Democrat voters you can't then win elections, but in a recent interview Hewitt again proved why he is part of the problem.

During an interview with an aggressive America hating leftist, Glenn Greenwald, Hewitt asked Greenwald a direct question: Is Hamas a terrorist organization. Greenwald refused to answer the question directly, much like Obama, Clinton, etc. Greenwald proceeded to blame everything in Gaza on white American Christians and the Isreali right-wing. As usual, Hewitt refused to press the issue and let the calumny slide by, just as he refuses to confront leftists who accuse whites of racism and refuses to call out leftists who accuse him of homophobia, as I documented previously.

In another recent example, Hewitt has commented on the radical Obama legal team at Justice, saying they are all smart liberals. Apparently not understanding the Constitution, considering whites to be second class citizens, and the Second Amendment to have no meaning, makes you a smart liberal.

Just how can we win when the supposed conservatives surrender on every issue. Hewitt is the John McCain of talk radio.

Friday, January 9, 2009

No Privacy For You

The San Francisco Chronicle is a typical lazy hypocritical liberal newspaper. It keeps the secrets of the radical left, claims any perversion is protected and says the Constitution protects privacy. It is refusing to give the public much information about a thug Oscar Grant who was shot recently by the police. However, the Chron has given the police officer involved the once over, searching for any deragatory information about him, going back to high school.

Obviously, unless you are black, you can't get a job as a cop with a criminal record. (See the New Orleans Police Department) So, in searching for deragory information about Police Officer Johannes Mehserle SF Chronicle reporter Jim Doyle scowered Mehserle's life, soliciting negative information about him from his grammar and high schools. It was if Doyle was expecting , or hoping, to find something to hang Mehserle with. Hoping perhaps he was some sort of junior Nazi or Klansman perhaps, or maybe fistacuffs with a non-white on the playground.

Sarah Palin got the same treatment, but Princess Caroline and the Obamessiah have their lives whitewashed. Nothing on Obama's drug use, gifts from fundraisers, Chicago corruption, communists ghostwriting his imaginary autobiography, racist spritual advisor, a hatefilled life of envy and shame. It is clear that the press has an agenda, and it could mean losing your liberty if you are the wrong person.

Thug Life, Thug Death

Oscar Grant was a thug, but one with a job. That is enough to differentiate from him from other thugs, but he was a part-time thug. Sometimes he could control his thug behavior, but not often. He was a cook, but spent his off time with other thugs. If Oscar Grant was not a thug, he would not have been fighting on a train. If Oscar Grant was not hanging out with thugs he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant was not living the thug life, he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant had the the middle-class value of self-restraint he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant was not the product of modern liberalism that tolerated, no encouraged, the thug life, the authenticity of black underclass values, Oscar Grant would be alive today. Oscar Grant decided to kill himself by living the thug life.

It is of no import that Oscar Grant was accidentally shot by the police. Oscar Grant would be alive today if society did not value the authentic black man who fights the police, who fights on public transportation. Oscar Grant died because a police officer shot him accidentally. Sad yes, a hate crime, no. Not even a crime at all. The police officer mistakenly drew his pistol instead of his Taser. Is Oscar Grant was not fighting the police, he would be alive today. When you live the thug life, sooner or later you will get into a violent confrontation with the police and when you fight the police, I don't care if you get killed. You would not be dead if you did not decide to live the thug life.

The thug life killed Oscar Grant. Liberalism glorified the thug life. Barak Hussein Obama glorifies the thug life, allowing his daughters to listen to thug life rappers. It looks like America will live the thug life with our new Thug-in-Chief. So sad, too bad.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Culture Of Entitlement

In public, for all to see, the Democrat Party has descended into the party of lazy entitlement: The Haridan from Arkansas thought the nomination was hers by right of her sex (not gender: words have gender, people and animals have sex); The Half-Blood Princeling thought it was his by right of being half black; Sir Roland of Burris too thought that he deserved what he bought by right of being blacker than the Obamessiah; Princess Caroline of Martha's Vinyard thought she deserved it because her father was murdered; Don Antonio Villaraigosa believed he had a right to be Mayor of Mexico and Governor of Mexifornia because his parents were farmworkers; There we have it. The Democrats are the party of privilidge and entitlement. They pay for it by massive entitlements for the ignorant and lazy. With trillion dollar deficits coming soon, and the rampant inflation soon to follow, the question is raised, who will pay for this entitlement. How long can the true American be exploited to fund this entitlement? How long before the ediface comes crashing down? The Chinese are stuck buying our Treasury bonds because if they don't we crash sooner and China depends on us. It is how long can they afford to buy worthless bonds when inflation is at 15%. And what happens to them in the inevitable crash? The price of entitlement; world crisis reaching to the furtherest point of China. Perhaps it will start in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and spreads outward, Tibetans, students again seeking democracy, Falun Gong adherants disrupting society, corruption ending the one-time prosperity; once the success wears off, the Communist Party has no legitimacy. Their entitlement will end to.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Coat

Just saw the Bakery episode of Seinfeld. and there is a minor gem in the episode is when a radical Islamist attacks George, who is wearing the puffy Goretex coat. He shouts in an babbling Pakistani accent, "Big coat, big coat." Just goes to show that the anti-social behavior of the Islamists was predicted by Seinfeld. Too bad we did not listen to its wisdom. Enjoy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, has decided to administer a welfare program for emergency housing for the lazy and stupid.

People claim that FEMA failed during Katrina; Well, if they were spending their time administering welfare programs unrelated to emergency disaster relief, I am not surprised. Why is FEMA is spending its time administering a welfare housing program and not planning for disasters, are you surprised if FEMA did not perform well during Katrina?

Well, you will argue that this program is new and won't affect future disasters, you are mistaken. FEMA for years has administered a welfare housing housing program for the homeless for many years. A program unrelated to disasters.

It appears that Jorge Bush is quite compassionate with your money. Are you surprised about the bailout?

Vision Of The Future

The United States Government has indicted seven New York hospitals for defrauding the Medicaid program of $50 million.

If you are surprised, you have been living under a log since 1965 or so. This is the future of the Obamessiah's single payer health care; bad medical care and billions in fraud.

Enjoy morons, especially those in Virginia, Indiana, Pennyslvania, and Ohio.

Shooting On Tape?

We are all used to video of public events, especially of law enforcement actions. A black thug was recently shot by a police officer of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), one of the San Francisco Bay Area's socialist public train system. While the left wants every public service provided by the government, they seem upset when government employees act, allegedly, beyond their writ, though they routinely decry any action by private sector actors. Last I heard, few private security people in the U.S. have shot anyone lately.

But, to the point, which is that the leftists are claiming that the video proves that the police officer shot the thug when he wasn't resisting. See 3:00 for the actual shooting. You don't really see much of the shooting, just the back of an officer and the report of the discharge. Then some thug shouting "He jus sho' 'im". Boy, people liek that will be on the poor officer's jury. And they probably voted. Aaauuugghhh!

What you actually see, and the San Francisco Comical did not report, was that the shot thug was part of a gang of people involved in a riot on a train that was part of some sort of organized protest that involved hundreds of people in San Francisco and spilled over into the BART system. More telling is that when the police moved in to make arrests and stop the violence, leftists openly attacked the arresting officers, escalating the situation. Look a the video up to the shooting and after, you see thugs, mostly black, attacking the police. So, instead of a quick arrest, what you had was an escalating dangerous situation for the police officers who had to make an arrest of at least three violent resisting thugs and also had to defend themselves from the thugs who came to interfere with the arrests.

Now, because of liberalism, its attacks on law enforcement, and its rationalization of black and leftist violence, it has become open season on police officers making arrests in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is really on tape is the thug culture of Oakland and the leftist political establishment. Something to think about now that their hero, Obamessiah, is now the chief magistrate of the U.S. Open season on cops. So sad that their unions endorsed Obamessiah.

So, US Attorneys Are Political?

Wow, it was just announced by Senator Dianne Feinstein, who profited from the Iraq War due to her husband getting many no bid contracts as well as many other pay-to-play contracts with the Defense Department, announced that contrary to claims by the Democrats when President Bush fired several U.S. Attorneys, U. S. Attorney positions are political and the holders of those positions can be fired for partisan political reasons.

Well, she did not say it exactly that way, but she did establish her committee to make recommendations for the upcoming vacancies. Now, if U.S. Attorneys were not political, why are they being replaced by the upcoming Obamessiah regime? Now, DiFi will have a bipartisan committee with a Democrat majority to make recommendations for the soon to be filled jobs like U.S. Attorney. But how can a sitting U.S. Attorney be replaced for a reason other than misconduct? What about the threat of the unitary executive? Is the President now the chief executive officer and all below him serve at his pleasure? I am shocked. I thought we had to have independent employees in the executive branch who acted on their own consience, not directed by the President?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Islamist Swamp

It appears that MI-5, the British domestic security service, is unable to perform its duties because of the rise of radical Islamists in Britian and has had to rely on CIA agents to agument its forces. (H/T Weasel Zippers

4,000 active Islamists terrorists, all immigrants, mostly from Pakistan who arrived on family based immigration visas along with many who arrived using political asylum from Somalia and the Arab states; MI-5 and the CIA have their work cut out for them.

However, that is 0ur future, as those same Islamists destroyed Britian by family based immigration and polticial asylum they will destroy the U.S. with the same strategy as America bases its immigration system not on hard working foreigners who want to become American, but on allowing in aliens based on family relations with those already here and on asylum claims.

Fraud underlines our asylum programs,, and family based immigration and asylum brought us the Somali jihadis,, and how do Palistinians get here? And just what are they doing? Interestingly enough, many of those demonstrators look suspiciously Mexican. And what about the anti Klan laws in California that prohibit masques in public?

Given that the Obamessiah has an illegal alien aunt, don't expect much to happen. Just wait until the suicide bombing starts.

How It Is Going To Happen

The nationalization of healthcare is well on its way. In California another step on that path was taken. A new regulation to provided translators in any language to patients was imposed on January 1. However, that cost will be born by the English speaking patients, as of course, the cost may not be passed on to the person demanding the service, but will be paid for by the rest of the insurance companies customers. It will of course drive up the cost of health insurance in California by at least $25 million the first year and more in the years to come. Imposed by liberals in an effort to destroy private health care it is just one more straw for the camel to bear and the huge cost increases necessary to fund it will be another arguement for the communists to nationalize health care. Funny how the Democrats increase the cost of private services then claim that those services are too expensive and must be provided by the government. And some think liberals are honorable and patriotic. Get with it, they are trying to destroy America. The destruction of health care is just one aspect of their plan for the destruction of America.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Gomer Pyle, U.S. Senate style. It appears that the Crook from Nevada was dealing with Blago on the vacant Senate seat.

Well, Read and Emmanuel appear to be dealing on the Senate seat on behalf of the Obamessiah. How long before both are indicted and then roll on the Obamessiah. I don't think Reid or Emmanuel can take any time inside for the Obamessiah.

Looks like a long hot winter.

Democrats Are Stupid

Boy, Democrats are stupid. Aparently they cannot even speak English.,CST-NWS-sweet04.article Hat tip to AOSHQ

So what are we to make of the best the Democrats and blacks have to offer. Is he going to get the Dan Quayle treatment? The Tina Fey treatment?

Just goes to prove there are at least two double standards at work here: Democrats and blacks. Any white Republican who said that would be laughed out of Washington. It reminds me a of commie friend of mine who is a trial attorney with the Department of Justice. He was quite angry with me because he said Democrats are smarter than Republicans. He said that I should vote for Obamessiah because he went to Harvard and only smart people go to Harvard. Well, I guess not all Democrats went to Harvard. I guess some of them went to the Daly Machine instead of Harvard, or went to both; which only makes you smart but corrupt., smart but evil. Sort of like being a Marine, then claiming America's chickens have come home to roost. Maybe the Democrats chickens are coming home to roost. Merry Fitzmas and a Happy Dalindictment.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The More Things Change

Well, the Marine Corps is going retro. In World War I, the Germans realized that the tripod mounted water-cooled machine gun was not flexible enough for combat that moved fast. They worked on the sub-machinegun and on lighter machine guns, but not until 1935 did they get the idea of a general purpose machine gun out to the troops, the MG-34. Much lighter than water cooled or other exclusively tripod mounted machineguns, it usually deployed from a bipod and gave the infantry squad greater firepower. The system was perfected with the later MG-42. The Germans also invented the assault rifle. Both systems were universally adopted by all the world's armies sooner or later.

During WWII, most of Germany's opponents went half measures, they used magazine fed squad automatic rifles, like the M-1918 (BAR) in the U.S., the Lewis Gun, and the Bren Gun. While used by U.S. and British forces successfully, their shortcomings were obvious. Their magazines restricted their volume of fire and was a great disadvantage when in combat with the German belt fed light machineguns.

All the magazine fed squad automatic rifles were enventually replaced first by the M-60 light machine gun in U.S. forces and the MAG in British forces, then the M-60 was replaced by the M-240, which was also supplemented by the smaller caliber M-249 and variants. All were basically the same German belt-fed light machinegun usually deploying from a bipod.

But, were are going back to the future: The USMC and the Army are looking to replace the M-249 and variants with, the modern equivalent of the BAR or Bren.

We will see how this turns out, but the Marines are looking to use a variant of the standard M-16 assault rifle, which has shown its problems in Iraq. It seems that everyone in Iraq that won a medal for combat, including the lost little girl Jessica Lynch's famous battle involved some sort of battle failure of the M-16 varients. Do we really want to go back to the future and continue with a weapon system with reliability problems? Although I will say although the BAR and Bren had issues, mostly weight and conplexity, reliability was not one of them. Hell, why not go to an obscure version, the Johnson light machinegun? At least our Marines and soldiers will have a weapon chambered for a more lethal cartridge.

But the question is: If the M-249 and M-240 are too heavy, why not improve them? Or replace both the the improved version of the M-60; the M-60A4, an improved version of the previous M-60 varieants, lighter in weight and more dependable. Let's not move backward. Guns should be like Camrys, same model, but improved incrementally each year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Reservations Goes Sharia

Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel has had two interesting shows recently. One was cuisine in Korea, allegedly with an "intern" in the Travel Channel office, but was a well known Cinemax softcore porn star.

The other was a woman named Daniel who brought him to Saudi Arabia. Apparently this is the only woman in Saudi Arabia who is allowed to travel publically with a man who is not her relative. They travel together all over Saudi Arabia but are never accosted by the Wahabbi police who enforce Sharia law. Bourdain brags he is a liberal arts major from a "blue" state, as if "blue" states are not part of America and not subject to the Wahabbi war on America. During the show he constantly claims that there are so many non-crazies there, but the reality is that Saudia Arabia is teh source and motivation for radical Islam.

It looks like even the Travel Channel is fronting for Osama Bin Laden and the war on America.

Jobs Americans And Europeans Won't Do

Agence France Presse had an interesting video report from Spain. Sorry, no link, but I viewed it on Yahoo. Search there for the video report. It appears that black and Muslim farm workers are being driven from the olive and other fields by Spaniards looking for work. Wow, John McCain says that Americans won't do those jobs, but he means white people. Of course, he doesn't say that black people won't do those jobs or that welfare recipients won't do those jobs, but why work when you are on welfare.

But, back to the big story. The economic downturn has forced Spain's working class back to the fields to earn money the old fashion way, by working. Who would have thought? Economic necessity forces people to work. Wow, what a concept. I guess paying people not to work, as in extending unemployment benefits as the Obamessiah has proposed and the Democrats continually push for so no one ever goes off unemployment, has the opposite effect, people don't work.

As typical of the liberal press, they have the tear jerkers: The story also includes sob stories of illegals arriving and going immediately on welfare because there is no work for them. One poor soul could not even unpack his work clothes before he was on welfare. However, the commie press shoots themselves in the head here because most will realize that if you don't need foreign workers, do you really need foreign welfare recipients in the middle of a recession?

So, we now know that Europeans will work in the fields, how about putting Americans back in the fields. Here in California we still have lots of welfare queens. Let's get them working. Our unemployment rate is over 8%, but we continue to be the victims of massive illegal immigration. They come here for the free food, health care and housing, and, some, for employment. (The usual pattern is the man works and the wife stays at home collecting the benefits as even in progressive California it is harder for a guy to get on the dole than a chick.) And, of course, keep the welfare recipients from working. I wonder if all the blacks welfare recipients whom the people of Antioch don't like can be forced to work picking California's crops?

Of course though, my fellow right wing bloggers get Antioch wrong. Few San Francsico liberals there. Just blue collar and lower white collar whites fleeing horrible schools and minority crime in the once decent towns in the East Bay like Hayward, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Union City, and Fremont.