Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have We Enough Hypocracy

The radical left at Le Monde has published a sacrilegious cartoon of Jesus Christ, it parodies the miracle of the loaves and fishes, replacing it with condums. (h/t No Pasaran

Of course, Le Monde was on the forefront of attacking the Danish Motoons that ridiculed radical Islam. And the leftists in the media were quite upset about the Motoons, with the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and CNN refusing to publish them, even while criticizing the Motoons.

As a matter of fact, the SF Chronicle used the Motoons issue not to attack radical Islam and its violence, but to go on jihad against the press, claiming they were Republican lapdogs. But of course, the Chron provided examples of leftists cartoons that were not published, but none of the Motoons. Of course, the only lapdog newspapers mentioned was one paper in the south. The Chron, of course, always endorsed Demoncrats, and is on a homosexual jihad to quash the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church.

So, go figure.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lies From ILW

The website for immigration lawyers is it the forefront of the lies propogated in order to increase both illegal and legal immigration, as well as amnesty.

Recently they published a factless claim that there is no such thing as "sanctuar cities."

However, the San Francisco Chronicle recently published a story where the local Democrats attacked Mayor Gavin Newsome for violating San Francisco's sanctuary law by turning over illegal alien minors to Immgration and Customs Enforcement.

It appears that santuary cities agree that they exist.

We Have A Ban Already

The moron known as Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed renewing the Assault Weapons Ban because of the murder recently of two Oakland police officers with an assault weapon. Feinstein said the ban would prevent such murders and would end the drug war in Mexico where allegedly American firearms are defeating the Mexican army and police.

However, because Dianne Feinstein is a moron, she did not remember that California has an assault weapson ban, and had so since the early nineties. It apperantly did not prevent the murders that an assault weapons ban was supposed to prevent.

So, according to the radical left, an assault weapons ban would have prevented murders that never should have occured in the first place. Go figure.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kill Some Cops Get A Welfare Check

"Community Organizers" have decided that more welfare spending is the way to keep parolees from killing cops, raping and commiting other felonies after release. All of course paid for from your wallet, not theirs.

Interestingly enough the left, which claims there are "reality based" and not "faith based" claimed that they: "More than 60 percent of people who have served time in California prisons commit another crime and are sent back. The pastors believe that with proper education and emotional, social and job training, parolees can transition to become fully functioning members of society. " So much for reality based policies, we are back to faith, and your checkbook of course.

The obvious answer to the problem of parolees was not addressed, and that was full and complete sentences for criminals. In California most felons only serve half the time they were sentenced to due to liberal judges and overcrowding. The easiest solution is more prisons, as the recent murders of the four Oakland officers and the other murder and rape the thug was a suspect in would not have occured if Lovelle Mixon had not been released from prison early. We now know the cost of not building prisons. I just wish the next people to die at the hands of parolees voted for Obama and the local Demoncrat thugs in our state legislature who refuse to fund prisons.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Height Of Hypocracy

The city of Alexandia, VA, a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, the city who says that no one may be excluded from city services, has suddenly developed a concern about aliens. and (h/t Jawa Report )

It appears that there are some illegal aliens that the city of Alexandria doesn't want, e.g. Gitmo graduates of the terrorist variety.

Not too long ago though the city council of Alexandria and the mayor publically stated that the city and its police department will welcome illegal aliens, who violate federal law by just being present in the United States. So why are these hypocrites so concerned about a few Al Queda types in the local jail, or, even better, released by order of the Obama Regime, such as the 17 Uighur terrorists who trained with Osama Bin Laden? The MS-13 Salvadoran gang has killed more Americans than Al Queda, but Alexandria just loves Salvadoran gangbangers, murders and rapists.

Interesting question. Anyone have any answers?


The abortionists who issued a false, misleading, and innaccurate intelligence report on crazed rightwing abortion doctor killers were forced to withdraw that report. The report was a lazy rehash of all the hatred of conservatives, pro-life activists, and constitutionalists directed against them by the Janet Reno Justice Department, who, while Al Queda was training at flight schools, was more concerned with arresting and jailing abortion protestors and those who shot abortion doctors (while illegal alien gangbangers ethnically cleansed whole cities of non-Hispanics, especially blacks). Basically it said that anyone who owned guns was a threat to national security and that Islam was a religion of peace. Obvious nonsense, but the Missouri State Police and their FBI partners thought otherwise, and concentrated on finding abortion protestors and those with Ron Paul bumperstickers. Nevermind the Mexican cartel hitmen and Somali jihadis in Minneapolis, just get those NRA members. (h/t Keep and Bear Arms and the Jawa Report (no, not Michelle Obama's bare arms)

The import of this is that the radical left has infiltrated law enforcement and is looking for a showdown. The new Assault Weapons Ban and the next Ruby Ridge/Waco are being planned. Prepare!

Obama Aunt Not Happy

Baraka Hussein Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, an illegal alien, has returned to her public housing apartment paid for by you. And she is angry that anyone dare question her. Sounds like Baraka Hussein Obama, eh? (h/t Michelle Malkin She abandoned the apartment months ago to flee to fellow illegal aliens in Ohio.

It is quite interesting that the Boston Public Housing Authority held an apartment for her, obviously did not require her to reapply and stand in like like Americans have to do. She is special, above and beyond the laws. She moved to another state, but got to keep her welfare apartment.

More interesting though is the fact that her attorney had her upcoming immigration hearing closed to the public. "Onyango's fate will play out behind closed doors before Judge Leonard Shapiro in Boston. Onyango's lawyer, Margaret Wong of Ohio, successfully argued to reopen her case in December and have the proceedings closed to the public, according to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which oversees immigration courts."

That is quite strange, as the radical left and Obama attacked the Jorge Bush Administration for closing some immigration hearings to protect national security. But now there are no complaints from Obama and the radical left.

I am also curious as to what other welfare benefits she gets? She has no income, unless she is working illegally, but the article implies that she sits around the house on her fat ass all day like most welfare recipients.

It looks like unless you are related to Baraka Hussein Obama, you don't get equal treatment in getting a welfare apartment.

The Black Community Reacts To Dead Cops

Well, you heard it here second (h/t American Thinker, black people and community organizers like Baraka Hussein Obama, hate cops and reveal in their bloody deaths.

The pro-killer protest was organized by the Uhuru Movement, which consists of communism mixed with pan-African racism. Basically they hate white people and want to steal their money. Uhuru Movement is just like Baraka Hussein Obama's ACORN movement, but ACORN just uses black people and is not run by black people. However, ACORN shares Uhuru Movement's communism and racism, it is just that the white people who run ACORN have nice salaries and retirement programs curtesy of the taxpayer who provided all of both organizations funding.

Is any enterprising reporter or someone on the upcoming Baraka electronic townhall going to ask him an embarassing question about his fellow "community organizers?"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The War Begins

Some say that liberals have just different ideas about American and policy, but they are not the secret tyrants that some imagine. Well, here is more proof that liberals are the vilest of hypocrites and closet totalitarians, among other things in the closet.

The radical left, in violation of their sacred academic freedom and tenure, is out to get John Yoo, the attorney in the Jorge Bush Administration who's memorandum on executive authority and interrogation techniques have the left upset. Upset enough to expose their vile hypocracy. The left defended communists and pedophiles in teaching positions, but apparently defending executive authority is prohibited.

But in their most vile hypocracy, the left is claiming that some scholarship is indefensible and subject to removal. From the above: 'Testifying before Congress in 2005, Harold Hongju Koh, dean of Yale Law School, called one of Mr. Yoo's memoranda "perhaps the most clearly erroneous legal opinion I have ever read."' 'And Mr. Yoo's memoranda "rested on cursory and one-sided legal arguments."'

Well, if we are addressing clearly erroneous legal opinions, lets discuss Roe v. Wade, shall we?

Let us now speak of the standard of erroneousness and one-sided legal arguements:

"Roe is the Dred Scott of our age. Like few other Supreme Court cases in our nation’s history, Roe is not merely patently wrong but also fundamentally hostile to core precepts of American government and citizenship. Roe is a lawless power grab by the Supreme Court, an unconstitutional act of aggression by the Court against the political branches and the American people."

'Justice Byron White—who was appointed by President Kennedy—accurately observed that Blackmun’s opinion was "an exercise of raw judicial power" and "an improvident and extravagant exercise of the power of judicial review." '

'"What is frightening about Roe is that this super-protected right is not inferable from the language of the Constitution, the framers’ thinking respecting the specific problem in issue, any general value derivable from the provisions they included, or the nation’s governmental structure. Nor is it explainable in terms of the unusual political impotence of the group judicially protected vis-à-vis the interest that legislatively prevailed over it.… At times the inferences the Court has drawn from the values the Constitution marks for special protection have been controversial, even shaky, but never before has its sense of an obligation to draw one been so obviously lacking." John Hart Ely, The Wages of Crying Wolf: A Comment on Roe v. Wade, 82 Yale L.J. 920, 935-937 (1973).'

'"Blackmun’s papers vindicate every indictment of Roe: invention, overreach, arbitrariness, textual indifference." William Saletan, Unbecoming Justice Blackmun, Legal Affairs, May/June 2005'

'Blackmun’s rambling world-history tour of "man’s attitudes toward the abortion procedure over the centuries," 410 U.S. at 117, wanders from the ancient Persian Empire to the position of the American Public Health Association in 1970 and of the American Bar Association in 1972. Yet, even apart from how unreliable and misleading Blackmun’s tour has been shown to be, it fails to address squarely the most relevant history—the state of abortion regulation at the time of the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868. As then-Justice Rehnquist’s dissent points out, as of 1868 "there were at least 36 laws enacted by state or territorial legislatures limiting abortion," including the Texas statute the Court struck down in Roe. See 410 U.S. at 174-175 & n. 1.'

So, what we have is a decision that is based on nothing other than the policy preference of seven justices with no ties to law, Constitution or history.

And now the left is on the warpath for John Yoo's career? And they revere Justice Blackmun, who wrote a decision without either historical accuracy and consisted of one-sided legal arguements without any merit.

This is just another lesson for those mushy-cons like Hugh Hewitt who are of the mind that liberals are just reflections of themselves; patriotic, smart, reasonable, with no secrets to hide.

Well, just as the radical left wants bills of attainder to get back from AIG executives (and not from Fannie May or Freddie Mac executives) their bonuses, they want to use the power of the state to deprive a professor of his job, tenure or academic freedom be damned.

You see, liberals care for neither, they only care for their hatred of the United States and people who disagree with them. Just examine the feminists and homosexuals who adore radical Islamic terrorists and states. Never a peep from them, unless it is used to attack the west. When Saudi Arabia was aligned with the west, Islam was bad, but now that Islam is an enemy of the west, Islam is good.

Just remember when Saudi Arabia was attacked for the execution of a princess of the House of Saud in the 80s and now how radical Islam is praised by the left while Islam is at war with the West.

The left will never allow anyone who disagrees with them any voice, whether it is a tenured position at UC Berkeley or conservatives on talk radio. The will use any method to destroy them, including abusing the Constitution. Free speech, well not for those they disagree with. And not the vilest hypocracy will shame them. For them, the end justifies the means.

Monday, March 23, 2009

And So It Begins

Newsweek, who gave us the false story of a Koran being flushed down the toilet, now gives us the Gimo guards who are Muslims, of a sort at least. A strange sort of Muslim is Terry Holdbrooks , one with huge wooden earings, tatoos, and fellow guards who he claims "expressed interest" in Islam.

But beneath is the real story. No one at Gitmo is bad they are just rappers and James Bond fans, the war in Afghanistan is now bad, though will Baraka Hussein Obama was running for President, it was the "good war", the necessary war before the distraction of the "bad" war in Iraq.

In fact, the Newsweek story appears to be another one of the fake soldiers stories that the media swallows whole, but with a twist, much like the Korean War story of a soldier who claimed to have participated in killing of civilians at No Gun Ri, but it later turned out that he was in the Army in Korea, but never in combat or at No Gun Ri. and

Here we have at least one nutjob who now puts huge wooden earings in his ears and claims to be a Muslim. And a couple other ex-Gitmo guards who claim Gitmo is a concentration camp and everyone there is innocent. Our nutjob also claims to be a contrarian, alcoholic and drug-addled parents. He also brings up the inevitable "growing up hard" complaint, as if that justifies killing all those who refuse Islam. Most importantly though, he was discharged two years early from the Army. Funny how that happened in 2005, when recruiting was at a nadir. It is clear that Newsweek had an agenda, and continues with its falseification of stories from Gitmo with the little falsehoods that separate a real story from one made up. At the end of the story were are told that Ahmed Errachidi, The General, is tortured and threated, then remains in contact with Holdbrooks, signing his emails with Ahmed 59o, his alleged identification from Gitmo. Well, that is just made up, but from a Star Trek episode, Harcord Fenton Mudd's world of androids with names ending in numbers. Also, we have The General, an innocent man, who, needing money, goes from the UK to Afghanistan just before 9/11 to make a little money in a business venture. Can anyone say drug dealer? At best I think, but a Muslim going to Afghanistan and not to fight? Going there for business? Are you kidding? But the truth slips out, as "The General" admits "Because I spoke English, I was always in the face of the soldiers." Hardly the words of an innocent caught up in the Afghanistan fighting and allegedly capured and sold by the Northern Alliance. More likely the words of a fighter. And he doesn't even remember Holdbrooks. One would think that would be a memoriable experience, converting a guard to Islam. But somehow forgotten.

It also appears that his story of conversion is fake, as he claims to have spent long nights sitting cross legged in front of the cell of a detainee called "The General." I don't think that guards were allowed to freelance and develop relationships with prisoners. I imagine that there was alot of supervision, even on the night shift. And he claims the only duty of the night shift was to mop the floor. Interesting. Hard to believe as well.

It appears that Terry Holdbrooks is just looking for his fifteen minutes, and since, the huge wooden earings did not do it for him, he decided to create his new persona and sell a few books as well. Maybe go on the anti-war circuit for a while, see Europe for free perhaps like a fellow alleged former guard, Christopher Arendt did.

Funny how all these innocent people get back into the war after being released. But more importantly, this is just the opening salvo in the war over Afghanistan. Just how soon will Obama be surrendering to the "moderate" Taliban?

But the end of the article is where we get the true import of Newsweeks article when it quotes the imam of Holdbrooks new mosque; "I would have thought they had the most savage soldiers serving there," says the imam, Amr Elsamny, an Egyptian. "I never thought it would be someone like TJ." "The most savage soldiers." That is Newsweek's message. And, the fact that they wish they covered up, the imam is an Egyptian. We are importing terrorist sympathizers. And the feminists at Newsweek are just peachy with that. See how long the author of the article is allowed to work after the Muslims take over.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Easier Solution

The UK has decided upon a comprehensive anti-terrorism strategy that will cost 3.5 billion pounds.

The funny thing is that all the UK needs to do is deport every Pakistani, Arab, and African Muslim and end the immigration of same. That will cost very little. But the radical left has decided to tax law abiding Christians to fight the problem of terrorism that the British government brought into the UK in the first place. The left is always seeking solutions to problems they create, and charging working people for it.

Why Do We Go On?

Hugh Hewitt had another why do we go on moment on his radio show. He wondered on March 18 aloud why Demoncrat Henry Waxman, Communist from southern California, was against reforming the new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act that is destroying billions in children's consumer goods at a great cost to business and destroying jobs.

Here we have one of the smartest conservatives on radio and he makes a statement worthy of Jorge Bush. Well Hugh, since you haven't figured Comrade Waxman out, I got it for you: That is Waxman's goal, destroying American businesses, American jobs, and the American economy. His goal, along with that of all socialists, liberals, communists, and greens is the transformation of America into a socialist state. Comrade Waxman is implementing the Obama Regime practice of using crises to their benefit, expanding the range and power of the federal government at the expense of liberty.

Leftists like Waxman want more people on welfare, more people dependant on the government. A person without a job and depandant on government for healthcare, food, and shelter, is a dependable voter for the radical left. Hewitt lives in Southern California, which has been transformed from the engine of America to the welfare capital of America. Total power is Waxman's goal and destroying the economy is a path to that goal. Hewitt should wake up and realize that. He just continues to believe that leftists are honorable, but that is a myth.

Hewitt should know that leftists are liars and deceivers from your regular guest, Erwin Chemerinsky, who just recently lied again on his radio show on Thursday March 19.

Chemerinsky claimed that no person has ever been arrested and held on American soil without trial except under the Lincoln Adminstration. Of course, that is not true. It is a lie, and not a mistake by Chemerinsky as Chemerinsky is activily participating in the defense of terrorists and has read, commented on, and filed replies in federal courts acknowledging that Americans and aliens were held without trial during World War II, including unlawful Axis combatants, Axis non-combatants and Amercian citizens of Japanese ancestry. Some were even tried before summary courts marial and executed. Chemerinsky brazenly lied on your radio program. And the Supreme Court ruled it was all legal. You have to get over your myopia that leftists are honorable and honest. They are devious liars and their goals are the destruction of the United States.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The War On Grades

MSN just recently had another article on how bad grades in school are.>1=27001 But the interesting thing was not the article itself, which just regurgitated the nonsense that grades are not a good indicator of success in school or later in work, but the link from the MSN main page to the article. (hit that link soon as it will go away by the end of the day.) The link was a photo of three minorities, one Asian, one Indian and one black. The implication of course was that grades discriminate against minorities. But all of us know that East Asians and South Asian have no problem with grades. As a matter of fact, they scew the grade curve up. But the obvious thing to all is that MSN thinks that grades are bad for black people. Is MSN claiming that grades need to be eliminated in favor of written evaluations from professors so black people can do better in getting jobs they would otherwise be qualified for but are held back by traditional grading? I think that is it. Grades are racist, while professorial evaluations are not. Eliminate objectivity for inobjectivity. And they say conservatives are unscientific. The interesting thing was that the article was about a white woman who used her professorial evaluations to grab a nice job. Funny, so why then the photo of minorities to bring you into the story? Does MSN have an agenda?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Listen And Learn

Coming Soon To A Place Near You

Chief Terrorist Enabler Eric Holder whose day job is Attorney General has decided to bring more terrorists to America. No content with violating the Constitution in the name of protecting Mexico, Holder, who was in the Justice Department when the Glorious 13 were going to flight school in order to kill Americans, thinks that not enough Americans are dead from terrorism.

This is the same guy who was unlawfully negociating with the communist government of Cuba in order to deport the one alien that the Clingtong Regime did not want to remain in the U.S. on welfare. and

Now Holder wants to import terrorists from Cuba. Ain't that strange. Exchange Elian, who might have grown up to a productive citizen later on for 17 Uighur terrorists who were trained by Al Queda. We are of course told that the Uighur terrorists only represent a threat to Red China, not America, but since when did Al Queda training limit itself to one enemy?

I only hope that their first victims are the little Eichmans of the Obama Regime.

Unfaithfully Not Execute The Laws Of The United States

The President of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States both take oaths to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday announced that drug dealers who supply marijuana to alleged medical users will not be investigated and prosectuted by the Department of Justice. Holder just stated that some persons who violate federal law will no longer be prosectuted but others will.

So if you supply marijuana to persons who do not claim that they are using marijuana for medical reasons, you will be prosectuted, but if you supply it for alleged medical use, you will not be prosectuted. Now, this will open up prosecutions to numerous appeals under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

More importantly, there is no such thing as medical use of marijuana. Some claim that marijuana, well smoking marijuana, cures or treats glaucoma, but no studies have shown that smoking marijuana works any better than the only way to legally receive the active ingredient of marijuana, THC, in pill form by prescription. In reality, California's and other states "medical" marijuana laws have nothing to do with medical treatments. They are designed to legalize use of marijuana. In California you can openly buy a note, and not a prescription, from a physician to use and possess marijuana. The physician in question gives the person no medical exam and makes no effort to use medically or scientifically valid evidence to support the patient's claim to need marijuana. Nor is there any followup with the patient to monitor the treatment that marijuana provides. It is just a cover to allow someone to smoke marijuana, just as Holder is providing cover to drug dealers, in violation of his oath of office.

One should also note that the Physicians Desk Reference does not allow the prescription of smoking marijuana for any treatment, much less the claim that marijuana cures brain tumors as was made in the major Supreme Court decision that upheld the authority of Congress to ban possession, sale, and use of marijuana.

Leftists are always claiming that federal law trumps state law, especially when it comes to Card Check and Right To Work laws, but suddenly, the radical left thinks that federal law can be ignored.

Now, the real reason for this defacto legalization of marijuana by Eric Holder is to make more money available to the Obama re-election campaign who will be racking in the money from these drug dealers.

However, Holder's action is a defacto ex-post-facto veto of legislation, legislation that has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Liberals complained when Ronald Reagan fought against forced busing or evaded the restrictions on assistance to the Nicaraguan Contras claiming any resistance was unconsitutional and even what Bill Moyers called a Constitutional coup d'etat, but here we have the Attorney General openly refusing to enforce the law, and, as Baraka Hussein Obama has done nothing to stop Holder, Obama has adopted this real constitutional coup, willfully refusing to see that the laws of the United States is faithfully executed.

Leftists attacked Jorge Bush for issuing signing statements and refusing to enforce laws as they were written, but are silent on this refusal to enforce the laws of the United States. Now we have it, a clear case of a violation of the Constitution, a high crime and midemeanor. Impeachment must go forward.


An Israeli doctor says 'Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.'

A German doctor says 'That is nothing; we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.'

A Russian doctor says 'In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.'

The Illinois doctor, not to be outdone, says 'You guys are way behind, we recently took a man with no brains out of Illinois , put him in the White House for two months, and now half the world is looking for work.'

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Administrative Amnesty

American immigration lawyers are on the make again. The next volley in their campaign for amnesty, and, more importantly, massive federal funding for immigration lawyers, has been fired on the ILW website.,0318-dobkin.shtm

This is a little more subtle than their last effort, an administrative amnesty for illegal aliens based on executive orders and the parole authority of the executivie branch. While more subtle, it is contradictory to their first effort based on executive action and bypassing of Congress. In this effort, the treason lobby wants to end, or more precisely, give full judicial review to all administrative actions and rule-making by the executive. At first it seems to be an attack on the administrative state by a paleo-con. An unending critique of exectutive orders, regulations, and the legion of officials in the bureaucracy made necessary by the expansion of the federal government. Though not far in you see them blaming, of all people, Ronaldus Maximus, for the growth of the federal government and its administrative rule-making. There are minor references to the New Deal and nothing about the worst president in American history, Lyndon Baines Johnson or the crook from Missouri, Harry Truman. Not much mention of the legion of morons who gave us an Agriculture Department that was destroying food while Americans were at the nearest point to starvation in our history. But it is Reagan who is responsible for James Burnham's Mangerial State.

But to what point? Well, they want administrative judges, including immigration judges, to be give status as real judges, apointed for life and responsible to no adult supervision. Say what you want about Jorge Bush and his Mexican Amnesty fetish, at least Attorney General John Ashcroft saw the problem with the out of control bureaucracy in the Executive Office for Immigration Reveiw. Now, first, one must know that the hearing officers who hear immigration cases are not real judges, or even administrative law judges. They are just executive branch employees who are supposed to be supervised in their work. They even have a union. But they yearn to be real judges and unsupervised. Ashcroft started to reign them in, as well as their "appeal court," the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). He cut the number of BIA members, ordered them to work harder, and ended committees of members who pretended to be appelate judges. The backlog of BIA appeals by aliens was soon cleared and wasteful appelate hearings ended with single members of the BIA reviewing decisions by hearing officers.

This put the treason lobby of the immigration bar in a tizzy and they, of course, started clogging up the real courts with baseless appeals to judges who had no idea of immigration law and the principles that immigration law held, that the alien had no "right" to enter or remain, but did so at the pleasure of the laws Congress created.

Well, the immigration bar wants to start using the courts for its own purposes, and the best way is an independent judicial arm to do to immigration what the Warren Court did for the criminal class; Blow the door wide open and free the hearing officers from adult supervision, make them judges in a new court system with lifetime tenure and no supervisors. Of course, the immigration bar/treason bar believes that these new judges will begin to ignore the law as written and launch their own long march through the immigration system, making the removal of any alien an impossibility. To them, any regulation that placed any restriction on any alien was a travesty and a violation of the Constitution and the law. Of course, they make their arguement so reasonable and use only the Immigration and Naturalization Service/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services interpretation of an obscure section of the immigration law dealing with aliens who come to the U.S. as legal permanent residents (LPR) based on their extraordinary skills in business, the arts, and sports. Basically people like Rupert Murdoch, superstar athletes like Pele, actors like Russell Crow, and writers like Salman Rushdie, peole who did not need a sponsor to immigrate, but could by their very nature and wealth sponsor themselves. The attorneys are angry that the INS/USCIS made efforts to prevent fraud by requiring those who sought the special immigrant visas to prove that they were of extraordinary ability and accomplishment, because, as always, there was quite alot of fraud at the begining. Instead of Barishnakov, we got strippers, or instead of some great artist, we got basket weavers, etc.

Now the immgration bar thought that this violated important Constitutional principles. In a way they are right, Congress has abdicated its responsibilities in legislation by giving rule making authority to agencies and decided to spend its hard working days bringing bridges to nowhere to their districts and states, but they don't really go to the logical end: that rule-making is unconstitutional, but that there should be a parellel court system of lifetime judges to watch the rulemaking authority, separate from the current Article III court system, but secretly dedicated to bringing as many aliens to the U.S. as possible. A true definition of a fifth column, with apoligies to General Franco, if there ever was one.

More Evidence Of The Obama Regime Supporting Terrorism

Besides stopping the prosectution of terrorists detained in Gitmo, the Obama Regime has decided to increase the vunerability of commercial passenger aircraft to takeover by terrorists just like what happened on 9/11. (h/t American Patrol

Probably the most effective anti-highjacking program in the United States, arming cockpit crew was simple, inexpensive, and effective. Cheaper than the air marshal program and covers many more flights per dollar spent, the progam is, or was, a stunning success. But Baraka Hussein Obama is not on the side of Americans, but is on the side of the terrorists. There is no reason to end this program by halting the training of cockpit crews. Slowly the program will die as no new cockpit crews are trained and those who are in the program retire. Slowly Baraka Hussein Obama's plan to help the terrorists commit the next 9/11 is shaping up.

Undoubtedly some of those released from Gitmo will be the next 9/11 suicide pilots, or perhapst those trained and inspired by them will be the next "holy martyrs" as Muslims call them.

Remember, you heard it here first.

The Coming Anarcho-Tyranny

Samuel Francis gave us the phrase anarcho-tyranny to describe the Clintong Regime and its war on Americans while allowing real crime and Islamic terrorism to flourish. It appears that more evidence of the Obama Regime's own anarcho-terrorism has surfaced and in Missouri of all places. and (H/t American Thinker

The interesting thing is that the information used by the Missouri State Police and the federally funded Fusion Centers led by the FBI and DHS that distribute this nonsense is that it is years out of date. Active resistance to the Federal government and its war against America pretty much ended in the 80s when the Posse Comitatis movement died in a hail of gunfire. The militia movement arose in the 90s when the Clintong Regime was actively attacking the Second Amendment to the Constitution with the Clintong Gun Ban. However, the movement died with the election of Jorge Bush and the sunset of the Clintong Gun Ban, the only good thing besides welfare reform that came of the Republican congress.

Now the Missouri State Police and the Federal government are regurgitating the hoary old accustations of racism and bank robbery from the Posse Comitatis movement and the Militia movement, none of which apply today as none of the organizations that were the prime movers or even partipants exist today. As a matter of fact the Militia movement has been mainstreamed and recognized by the Supreme Court as correct with its interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The only reason for the resusurection of the Militia Movement by the Fusion Centers is that the Obama Regime has some plans for us, something that alot of people are not going to like, and the plans will be in direct violation of the Second Amendment. Nancy of the Laughing Eyes said there would be no Clingtong Gun Ban reinstatement, but demonizing pro-Second Amendment can only mean that there are plans to take their guns away.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The next Waco and Ruby Ridge are coming, sooner than you expected. The Federal government is acting as if 9/11 never happened and they are having dreams of prosecuting abortion protestors, which was Janet Reno's priority while Al Queda quietly infiltrated the U.S. with the 9/11 hijackers who attended flight school under Janet Reno's very nose.

In the end, the scariest thing was how willingly superficial and outdated the intelligence from the Fusion Center was. Think of that while Somali jihadis plan their first strike on America.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not All Muslims Are Terrorist, Just Lots Of Them

The error of allowing Muslims to emigrate to the West has another poster boy, Yasin Ali, a Swedish citizen, but acutally a Somali, now leads a jihadist group in Somalia. Of course, he is not "Swedish", but still a Somali in all aspects. It tells us that most immigrants don't want to become Americans, but just want the convenience of an American or Swedish passport to continue their jihad.

In another immigrant sob story, the LA Times whined about deporation proceedings against a dead man, but failed to note that he was taken to be buried in Guatemala, so it again proves that aliens care so little for America they don't want to even be buried here.,0,6363826.story

To wit, immigrants don't love America, they only want an American passport for their own convinience, whether for jihad or just getting a welfare check.;topStories

Stupid Liberals, Stupid Obama

The Obama Regime wants more Americans buying hybrid cars. Federal agencies will soon be getting alot of them, but like the E85 vehicles that the feds buy, they won't be getting much for them. No federal agency makes any effort to buy E85 fuel, so the expense of the new vehicles is wasted as federal agencies buy plain old regular gas. Now, with the new expensive hybrids coming to a federal office soon, there won't be a loss on fuel, but there will be a big loss on the more expensive hybrids as regular vehicles cost alot less and with fuel prices down any gas savings will be nil. But notice that the American people have not been fooled by the hybrid nonsense.,0,6682265.story Americans are back to buying normal cars, and even SUVs and pickups again.

Especially the people in Texas. I was just down there for two weeks, and only saw one in the Laredo area. It appears that the mostly Hispanic population there prefers big white-man trucks, not whimpy Asian hybrids. I guess not alot of solidarity by the Hispanics for the environment. And liberals thought that the little brown people were on their side. Not when it comes to carbon output I guess.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Taste Of What To Come

The Obama Regime has announced that they are investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The investigation was started after leftwing politicians and activists started a public campaign for Arpaio's prosecution because of his active enforcement of immigration laws under an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security.

Interesting, after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had reviewed, then cleared Sheriff Arpaio of allegations that he violated the terms of the agreement between ICE and Maricopa County concerning local enforcement of immigration laws.

The import of the above is not limited to the efforts of the radical left to stop effective immigration enforcement in Arizona, or the United States.

The real import is that what we experienced under the Clintong Regime will be brought back four fold under Eric Holder, the Department of Justice, and Civil Rights Division (CRD). Radical leftists have been appointed to lead the CRD and, according to Secretary Janet "Reno" Napalitano, there will be no enforcment of the immigration laws. and

The misnamed Civil Rights Division has one goal, putting white cops in jail and suing small towns to force them to provide services to illegal aliens in Spanish and other non-English languages. Its staff are radical leftists. I once had a CRD attorney tell me openly that he hates cops. Interestingly, they are also in many ways lazy and have a segregated work environment. Its clerical staff is almost exclusively black females, while almost all the attorneys are white, with a preponderance of homosexual supervisors. I once presented to their office a clear civil rights violation by a federal agent which included kidnapping a child, who also lied to his internal affairs office about the facts surrounding his misconduct, but nothing was done by the CRD.

It appears that we will soon be reliving the anarcho-tyranny of the Clintong Regime, where laws are not enforced against criminals, but the full force of the federal government will be unleased on those enforcing the law, like Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Cops will go to jail, but illegal aliens allowed to roam the U.S. freely.

Sheriff Arpaio is the first victim and the example that the Obama Regime wants to sent to America, to those who dare resist, like Rush Limbaugh, that dissent will not be tolerated. Perhaps the Obama Regime will be smarter and not be so blatant like the Clintong Regime and its murder of Americans at Ruby Ridge and Waco, but I am not so sanguine. They are testing the waters with Sheriff Arpaio, gauging the reaction. Given the response to the Obama Regime's halting of prosecutions of terrorists who comitted 9/11 and the attack on the USS Cole, I think they believe that they cannot be touched.

Look at this, prosecute Sheriff Arpaio, who has arrested more illegal aliens in Maricopa County than ICE has, and then release terrorists from Gitmo. Is there nothing more bizarre than that? Terrorists run free and cops go to jail. Welcome to the future. I think we will look back and wish that we were back under the Clintongs as worse than Ruby Ridge and Waco are coming.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Liberals Are Communists, Part ILXXXXVIII

More evidence in that the Demoncrats and liberals are communists. Worshiping their leadership is a symptom of the radical communist left. To wit; Mao swimming the Yangtze River. Physical accomplishments are the sin qua non of hero worship on the radical left. They are at heart, just a bit homoerotic, but the point is that communist leaders must always prove their virility because of the failure of their policies. When Mao swum the Yangtze, China was in chaos and penury. Well, that is what we have coming, as the communist media has realized what the Obama Regime has wrought; inflation, industrial collapse, injurious taxation. Basically economic collapse. So, like Mao swimming the Yangtze, we have been given feats of strength and alleged physical beauty. Michelle Obama's toned arms. Of course, they are nothing of the sort, they just aren't out of shape. And her huge hips actually show her real physical condition. She is the pinnacle of beauty on the affirmative action plan, she just isn't the huge welfare queen like Oprah. But the point is that the communist media and their patron in the Demoncrat Party have decided to distract us with Olympian feats of strengh, or, more like Festivusian feats of accomplishments, empty and fictional. So we once had Olympian feats a la Mao, but now we only have arms that aren't flabby. Boy, Michelle has such great accomplishments, no flabby arms. I be Oprah is boiling mad.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, The Truth Finally Comes Out

In a little notice story about the ambulance chasing lawyer for blood sucking family of the thug Oscar Grant, the truth has come out. In a sideshow, the ambulance chaser has said the shooting was caused by an affair between two of the cops involved in the shooting of Grant, but, of course, neither of them acutally did the shooting. Interesting, it claims that a sexual relationship between two BART cops caused the male cop to come to the rescue when Grant was attacking the female cop.

First, we have a problem in that now liberals are telling us that consenting adults cannot chose their sexual partners. Hhhmmm. Especially in the police. Hhhmmmm. What about the military? And what if the two consenting adults are homosexual? Hhhmmm. Does that mean that the sexual tension and competition in a gay military or one with lots of women in combat is bad for disipline?

OK, I am happy now liberals are agreeing that women should not be cops, women should not be in the military, except as secretaries and that homosexuals in the military will undermine the good disipline of the fighting forces.

Well, that is all true. Maybe that women cop should not have been there. First because she was obviously unable to defend herself, much less make an arrest without assistance, but even more in that a sexual relationship with a man in her unit caused the man to come to her aid when she should have been able to fend for herself in the high pressure, high danger environment of police work. Too much chivalry. That and sexual competition.

But it also explains why homosexuals should not be in the military. Lovers will tend to do the same thing and act to protect their lover and not act as a part of a unit. But then those who are not homosexual will tend not to act in the interests of the unit, as homosexuals will be seen as outside the unit peer and bonding unit because they add sexual tension where it is not wanted or appreciated. Straight men will not act to save the homosexual who is an outsider and one who is giving out unwanted sexual attention. Straight soldiers will then not act and cause even more unit collapse. Units will have to deal with men protecting women, men protecting other men, and men not acting to help their unit members. This will destroy unit cohesion.

Boy, am I glad liberals get it now.

Second, and on to the real revelation. Supposedly Oscar Grant was a nice boy with some checkered parts of his past that he had left there in the past. But the article finally reveals that Grant was the agressor in this situation, attacking a female officer who was smaller and weaker than him. (Boy, is that a great idea, small, weak female cops confronting bigger, stronger, male criminals. Who thought up that one? Liberals?)

So, as I said before, Oscar Grant committed suicide by cop, but unintentionably. As we said when we were kids, smooth move Ex-lax.

Cops Are Supposed To Know You

Bryant Gumbel, the spitting Reagan hater, has another attack on cops, whites and the United State. The story is that racist cops just decided to shoot another black man. The premise is that cops are supposed to know, personally and in detail, especially where they live and that they are not criminals and never commit crimes, every minor baseball star and their children.

The case involved the shooting of a BLACK MAN by cops, in this case Robbie Tolan, an aspiring baseball star and the son of Bobby Tolan. Now I am not much of a baseball fan and this Bobby Tolan was a minor star of teams in St. Louis and Cinncinati. Yeah, I never heard of him either. The case involves a report of a stolen car and two young black men.

But according to Bobby Tolan and Marian Tolan, his wife, the police are supposed to know who he was, where he lived, know his son, and know that goold old Robbie Tolan was a pure and innocent boy who never committed any crimes, never was pulled over by the police for anything, and that no crime ever occurs in a home nor in the driveway of a home.

Now, when Robbie Tolan was shot, the police were following him in a car that they had thought was stolen, he refused to stop and drove to his home. After being ordered to the ground Bobby and his cousin complied, but his parents ran out of the house and interfered with the arrest. Marian Tolan was particularly arrogant and refused police officers commands to not interfere with the arrest and fied investigation.

Of course, Gumbel brings up the old hobby horse of racial profiling by the Bellaire, TX Police Department. Gumbel goes on ad naseum about the low numbers of blacks in Bellaire and the frequency which blacks are issued traffic tickets. Well, that myth was solved years ago. The New Jersey State Police were accused of profiling blacks on I-95 as part of their DEA funded campaign against drug smuggling. The troopers would use traffic violations, mostly speeding, to stop smugglers and seize their drugs. It was working great, until Comrade Christine Todd Whitlessman fired the head of the state police, accusing him of profiling.

Well, just two simple problems with that; 1) a study showed that blacks violate the laws against speeding much more often than whites, and 2) blacks smuggle drugs more often than whites. and

Gumbel rants on claiming that Houston only stops blacks at 4X their representation in the population of Houston while Bellaire stops blacks at 12X their representation of their population of Bellaire. Well, no surprise their, blacks commit more crime in both cities. And blacks commit more crimes than their representation throughout the United States. Funny that Gumbel thinks that evidence of lesser racial profiling in Houston is OK, while a greater level in Bellaire is bad. So, liberals think that just a little racial profiling is OK? Just like reserving the right to torture in "extraordinary" circumstances is OK for the Obama Regime? And it is OK for the Obama Regime and the Clintong Regime to use just a little "extraordinary rendition?"

Now it turned out that the car in question wasn't stolen, but who cares? The cops did not know that at the time of the shooting, all they knew was that they had a potential stolen car and a suspect who fled to his home and his parents who interfered with the arrest of a person lawfully stopped and detained. Like Michelle Obama, Marian Tolan is on the warpath, no white cop is allowed to do anything to her son, no white cop is allowed to arrest or detain her son, because he is innocent, and the cops should have known that before they started.

Maybe the cop shot without proper justification, but with no evidence of racial hostility, Gumbel hangs his racial profiling hat on precious little.

But, we have an even more interesting aspect of this case. Gumbel also endless repeats that the cops should have know. Should have know? Known what? Should they be conducting surveillance of all the residents of Bellaire? Gee, I thought that liberals loved privacy and were against the gathering of information and monitoring of the public by the police? Didn't they accuse Jorge Bush of that? So much for privacy under the new Regime. And aren't these the same people who just loved Waco and gave the ATF their own little free-fire zone outside the Constitution?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Burrowing And Prosecutors

Another alleged career bureaucrat from the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been named as the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Department of Homeland Security.

In two ways this is a horrible appointment. First, it is an expample of the radical left of the Demoncrat Party burrowing into and running the bureaucracy. Here we have a radical leftist who worked at high levels in civil service under Republican administrations. Jorge Bush apparently made no effort to vet promotions in the civil service from infiltration by radical Demoncrat activists. Now we get the Obama Regime claiming that they are using "career civil servants" as political appointees, showing how "moderate" they are. But as Rush says, a moderate just doesn't know any facts. But most think moderate means of a balance or little conviction. Not so with the DOJ, which is heavily infiltrated by the radical left, especially in the Civil Rights Division.

The second point is that again the head of ICE was not a career law enforcement manager, but a hack from the DOJ or other bureaucracies. The previous head of ICE was Julie Meyers, a hack with no real law enforcement experience and Morton is a prosecutor who not only never made an arrest in his life, but never carried a gun or managed other cops.

ICE, and its sister agency, Customs and Border Protection, are two agencies where one should be. And an agency of their sizes or size if combined should be led by a law enforcement officer with extensive experience in both areas of law enforcement, the one making the arrests and the one managing the person making the arrests. One of the reasons DHS is dsyfunctional is that neither of its largest components, CBP or ICE has been a career cop, much less one with experience in performing the specialized areas of law enforcement that ICE and CBP deal with. Contrary to popular opinion and the opinion of DHS, the primary responsibilities of ICE and CBP are not terrorism, but the areas of responsibility of their predesesor agencies, the U.S. Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The FBI maintains primary juristdiction in terrorism cases. ICE and CBP just assist.

Frighteningly though, Janet "Reno" Napolitano, the DHS Secretary, is openly opposed to ICE doing their job. Apparently everytime an arrest is contemplated, Napolitano wants a heads up. Not because she might have to answer questions from the press about it, but because she doesn't want the laws of the United States enforced. What agency head wants a heads up that some arrests are going to be made? Does the Attorney General want notification that the FBI will make some arrests? If so, then the Attorney General will be spending his whole day reading reports about the latest FBI arrest, as they make quite alot. Will the new Janet Reno also want a report from the U.S. Border Patrol that they arrested thousands today? They do that every day? Is that her next step, permission from Washington before an arrest is made? Well, then there will be prescious few.

Can anyone say "impeachment" for failing to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed?

Pre-emptive Surrender

The Department of Homeland Security's misnamed Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (OCRCL) has abjectly surrendered to radical Islam and the radical left simultaneously.,0210-uscis.pdf

The OCRCL, populated by the civil rights types like those in the Justice Department Office of Civil Rights, who think that whites don't have the same rights as non-white Americans and deserve to be discriminated against, appears to think that Americans have a duty to surrender to radical Islam. The above memorandum, curiously undated and appearing to be in reality a press release, as no memorandum in DHS is unsigned, unaddressed, or undated, basically copies the nonsense that the Department of Defense issued under Gordon England and Jorge Bush.

Worse yet though, the OCRCL has also surrended to the radical left. For dozens of years the radical left, inflamed by its hatred of Christianity, has waged a war against the measurement of time in the Western world. These Marxist-Leninist pseudo-intellectuals in academia and blogger Debbie Schlussel visceral hatred of Christianity led them to attack Before Christ (BC) and Anno Domini (AD-Year of Our Lord). These frauds, well at least the commies, Debbie seems to have a weak spot for anti-Christian agitation) claim that we should use Before Common Era and Common Era (BCE and CE respectively) as there was no historic even that occured in 1 AD that changed the world. While the radical left hates Christianity and Christians, ascribes all that is wrong in Western society on Christianity, even male chauvanism even though you can find such male chauvanism throughout the pagan world both BC and AD, it denies that Christianity has any unique impact on the world and even questions the existence of Jesus Christ, but, of course, they accept that Mohammed, blessed be his cartoon bombhead, existed.

In its alleged memorandum, the unsigned, undated, memorandum, (consequently without legal effect) uses CE in its discussion of events in Muslim history. In just two letters, it surrenders to both radical Islam, denying the importance of Christianity in world history and accepting the basic tenent of the supremacy of Islam. It also surrenders meekly to the radical left and its war common war with Islam on Christianity. Never before has the U.S. government separated itself from the traditional and Christianity.

Thanks Jorge, I thought you were a Christian. I guess has been more than one opportunistic Christian in the White House.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Michael Steele was in the news lately. Governor Rick Perry of Texas not so much, but he was on the Mike Gallagher Show. Both, in their own way, showed how lost the Republicans are. The just don't know how to win by taking the battle to the enemy. Michael Steele thought that attacking fellow conservatives and comparing the Republican Convention to the Nazi Party was the way to go, but Rick Perry was not much better.

After claiming he was opposed to both the TARP bailout and the stimulous, he went on to "wonder" why Janet "Reno" Napalitano, "a border state governor" was so weak on border security. Wow, news flash, she opposed every significant border security initiatitive in the last 8 years; opposed the fence, opposed local enforcement of immigration law, opposed E-verify, opposed local enforcement of E-verify, opposed local anti-smuggling initiatives, anti-welfare restrictions for illegals, ad naseum. The only enforcement efforts she supported was the deployment of the National Guard at the border, but sans enforcement authority. So, why is Perry so surprised that Napalitano is so anti-enforcement? Is he stupid? I am just simple voter, but I knew she was anti-enforcement a long time ago. It would have been better for Perry to go on the attack and expose the Obama Regime for its pro-illegal alien policies. We don't need more than zero Michael Steeles, much less one.