Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baraka The Crack Head

Baraka Hussein Obama, the first President to use powder cocaine, has decided that too many black people are spending too much time in Federal prison for crack cocaine offenses. And, instead of making powder cocaine offenses the same as crack cocaine offenses, Obama has decided that sentences for crack cocaine should be lowered and not sentences for powder cocaine offenses increased.

First, this is sympomatic of Baraka Hussein Obama's racism. Here black people are the continual victim and have no control over their behavior. It is similar to the belief by the Obama Regime that black people are too stupid to pass a simple written test.

Second is the covering by Baraka Hussein Obama of his criminal behavior. Instead of his powder cocaine use being exposed by an increased penalty, he distances himself from the crime by lowering the penalty for crack cocaine. Of course, the fun thing will be that it will increase the use of crack cocaine, especially among blacks, the primary users anyway. So Baraka Hussein Obama wins by having more blacks on welfare and assorted drug programs, dependant on even more government spending. And Obama wins by lessening the penalty for powder cocaine, mainly trafficed and used by Hispanics. So, Obama wins more votes of the drug using Hispanic vote. He also cements his vote among the hipster white crowd who are still adicted to powder cocaine and have another reason to vote for their drug messiah.

So, Obama is a winner all round. More blacks, Hispanics and whites who want drug legalization, which validates his drug adled behavior in college. The first stoner President, to match the first Muslim President and the first half-black President.

Eric Holder Plans To Turn Over Cheney and Bush To Spain For Prosecution

Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General who hates white people and does not think they have the same rights as non-whites, said today that he will cooperate with the communist and Islamist inspired Spanish prosecution of Bush, Cheney and other Bush Administration officials.

Talk about banana republic, now we are turning Americans over to foreigners for political prosecution. Holder is a cut rate Vyshinskiy who won't do his own dirty work.

So, is it time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants?

Obama Admits That Closing The Border Would Work, But Won't

Baraka Hussein Obama, who now owns the Swine Flu Epidemic, said that it is too late to close the border as the Swine Flu Epidemic.

Too late. So that means that if he had closed the border, then the Swine Flu Epidemic could have been stopped. It appears that Baraka Hussein Obama thinks that increasing the number of persons in the U.S. with Swine Flu has no implact on the epidemic. How stupid can you get. The more people who enter the U.S. with Swine Flu means that more Americans will be exposed to Swine Flu. And that moron Joe Biden says that closing the border will be a monumental undertaking. And, that is a problem? Can't the Obama Regime manage a monumental or complex action? Is the Obama Regime incompetant?

Thanks for killing Americans Obama.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Obama Is A Muslim: Liveblogging The Press Conference

Baraka Hussein Obama is a Muslim and admitted that today at his press conference. Not in so many words, but some hints were given.

First, his mispronunication of Pakistan. He ostentatiously pronounces Pakistan, Pah-kistan, not Pa-kistan. Pah-kistan is the Muslim pronunication of Pakistan. Non Muslims and Americans use the short "a" when pronouncing Pakistan, but Muslims and pretentious people use the "ah" sound.

Second, Obama stated that waterboarding is torture and it will not be used under his regime. That means if there is a weapon of mass destruction coming to the U.S. or one already here, Baraka Hussein Obama will not use waterboarding to find it. That means that millions of Americans lives hang in the balance. It appears that Obama will allow Muslims to target and kill Americans. The moron even denied what his own intelligence chief said was true, torture works. If it works and he won't use it, that means that Obama is on the side of the Muslim terrorists.

Third, Obama said that he wants to end the war in Iraq, but then stated that he wants to work with all parties in Iraq. If he wants to withdraw and end the war, why is he stating that he will involve himself in the actions of the Iraqi people and government? Because he wants to protect his fellow Muslims. Did he lie about his opposition to the war? It appears so. He wants to manage Iraq. Well, how is he going to do that without US troops there and fighting?

Fourth, Obama said that we can stop the Swine Flu by washing our hands, covering out mouths when we cough, and taking sick leave. But nothing about how to really stop the Swine Flu: Quarentining Mexico and closing the border with Mexico. Washing your hands and covering your mouth will do nothing. Once you are infectious, you are spreading the disease. And you are infectious before you have any symptoms. What a moron. Stop an epidemic by washing your hands. No, you end an epidemic by quarentining those infected and those geographic areas where there are infections. Baraka Hussein Obama is killing Americans, allowing Americans to die and aiding those who will kill Americans.

Is there no lawyer out there who will file charges against Obama?

Obama The Killer

Well, it is official. An American is dead because of Baraka Hussein Obama's refusal to close the border with Mexico to keep the Swine Flu out.

For political reasons, Baraka Hussein Obama, with the support of Janet Reno Napalitano and his fellow abortionist Kathleen Sebelius, refused to take the action necessary to keep America safe.

Just like his plans to prosecute Jorge Bush, Dick Cheney, and others who used waterboarding to extract information from terrorists like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Baraka Hussein Obama's decision to keep the borders open was based on an ideological commitment to supporting illegal immigration and submission to the radical ideology of racist Mexican groups like La Raza (The Race).

Baraka Hussein Obama may not want to kill you, but he will. Either by Swine Flu or by allowing the next terrorist attack by his fellow Muslims.

I certainly hope he is prosecuted for murder and treason under the next Republican Administration.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Plague

Swine flu is sweeping Mexico. Scores are dead. It is spreading world wide. The United States government says it is too dangerous to travel to Mexico. And so has the Canadian government. And so has Europe.

So, why have we all be advised not to travel to Mexico? Because it is dangerous to your health plain and simple.

But why has the Department of Homeland Security, which advises us not to travel to Mexico because of the threat to your life posed by the swine flu, not prohibited travel of Mexicans to the United States?

For the same reason that DHS has stopped enforcing immigration laws. It wants to punish Americans for being racists, it does not care about American lives, and it wants to re-elect Baraka Hussein Obama.

Attorney General Eric Holder, a racist who hates white people and is the beneficiary of affirmative action, says white Americans are racists. Janet Reno Napalitano says anyone who opposes illegal immigration or wants to restrict legal immigration is a right wing terrorist. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, kill thousands of Americans each year through drunk driving and gang banging. And a few more dead Americans from swine flu is just a cost of the support the Democrats have for legal and illegal aliens. ACORN registers illegal aliens to vote for the Democrat Party.

So, here we have it, Baraka Hussein Obama says it is OK for aliens to bring swine flu to America. They tell us that the swine flu cannot be stopped. If so, then why issue a travel warning about travel to Mexico?

And if travel from Mexico was stopped and the military shut down the border, then it would prove that enforcement would work and the prime argument of the radical left is that immigration law enforcement will not work. Even though they hate immigration law enforcement, such as their attacks on Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is arresting more illegal aliens in Maricopa County and in the State of Arizona than the number arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And Baraka Hussein Obama is harrassing Sheriff Arpaio with a baseless civil rights investigation.

What needs to be done is a quarantine of Mexico. All entry of any person from Mexico must be stopped. The ports of entry must be closed. Two divisions of the US Army must be deployed to the Mexican border to shut down all illegal immigration. An emergency program of building 2,000 miles of double layered 20' fences must be built on the border to stop illegal immigration.

However, these efforts to stop the spread of the swine flu will not be taken because Baraka Hussein Obama wants more illegal aliens in the U.S. The price of Obama's support for illegal immigration is your life. You may be a victim of swine flu and Obama does not care. Obama's top aide, Rahm Emanuel, said that no crisis should go to waste. And this crisis is no different, but in this case the Obama Regime will instead do nothing with this crisis. They will let it spread without taking the most basic priciple of stopping epidemics, prevent the spread of the disease by isolating those individuals infected and isolating those areas where the disease has appeared. In Mexico, the government has ended all public events. So, why isn't the Obama Regime taking the most basic public health measures? Because they don't care about you and only care about illegal immigration.

Why We Are Loosing

Baraka Hussein Obama is going to give a commencement speech at Notre Dame University. The man who worships abortion and Allah is the guest of an alleged Catholic university and an alleged priest of God who is president of the University. At the same time an abortion opponent, Mary Ann Glendon, was to be given the Laetare Medal, an award to fidelity to the teachings of the Church. Instead of confronting Baraka Hussein Obama and his support for killing unborn children and children who survive abortion and who worships a black rock in Mecca, Gordon will be refusing the award.

This is why we are loosing. In cases like this, we should publicly confront evil, like Baraka Hussein Obama's worshiping of abortion and Allah. She should accept the award and in her acceptance speech call out Baraka Hussein Obama for his hatred and support of murder. She should make him squirm and embarrass him in public.

Not only that but every Catholic attending the commencement ceremony should bring a whistle and drown out his lies, hatred, and Satanic utterings that support killing the innocent.

We are loosing and it is because we refuse to confront the left and use their tactics against them. The left is winning with those same tactics. We should adopt them. Embarass and humiliate the President each time he appears in public.

I will call this campaign Whistles For Victory.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Told You So Again

Besides being illegal and an impeachable offense, the Baraka Hussein Obama Regime plans to release Muslim terrorists from China in the United States.

I warned you about this back in March.

Are you surprised the Muslim President of the United States wants more Muslim terrorists in the United States.

The Continued Case For Impeachment

"To see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed." Well, here is Baraka Hussein Obama's contemptuous opinion of the Constitution of the United States and his Oath of Office. He and the minions that make up his regime will no longer arrest illegal aliens who enter and remain in the United States. For illegal aliens, if you get past the U.S. Border Patrol you are free to live in the United States. Apparently Baraka Hussein Obama thinks that he may pick and chose what laws he will faithfully execute. And apparently it is similar to his selective enforcement of laws against torture. He will not prosecute those who perform torture, but will prosecute those who write legal opinions defining a particular act as not torture. Selective enforcement of the law based on political opinion. Sounds like the Soviet Union, or Venezuela, or Cuba, or Iran. You thought Waco was bad, wait until the Waco Killers come for you next.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fat, Lazy, Whining Welfare Recipient Still A Fat, Lazy, Whining Welfare Recipient

Henrietta Hughes, the famous fat, lazy, whining welfare recipient is, suprise, surprise, still a fat, lazy, whining welfare recipient. (h/t Drudge Report

Nevermind the millions of dollars of free publicity that she received, apparently no employer with half a brain will hire her. I wonder why? Is it because she is a fat, lazy, whining welfare recipient? Is it because fat, lazy, whining welfare recipients are not good workers? Or is it because she is not seriously looking for a job? And is she really taking classes? Does she actually attend classes?

Why is it that she was not hired by the Obama Regime? By ACORN? Even ACORN demands that its employees hussle up large numbers of fake voter registrations. Maybe ACORN doesn't believe that fat, lazy, whining welfare recipients can work hard at cheating the system?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Real Compromise

The Japanese have found the solution to the American immigration problem. Liberals are always talking about how compromises have to be made in solving the immigration problem. They are lying, of course. But the Japanese have a way to smoke them out because the left never wants to compromise. Let us just pay illegals to go back home. A big chunk of cash goes a long way in Mexico, so build the fence and pay the illegals to leave and never return. The fense keeps them out. Everyone is a winner. More jobs for Americans, payments help end poverty in the Third World, etc. Of course, Obama and the radical left will loose all those illegal alien votes, but who cares, he is an illegal as well. His $2.5 million income will go a long way in Kenya.

Communist Fantasies At The New York Times

The venerable NYT published a story about a Japanese village that it advertised as reminiscent of Communism. But the story revealed more about the NYT' political fantasies rather than what was really happening in that tiny Japanese village.

Factually, the economy of the small island was more indicative of fascism than communism. Government subsidies of farmer and fishermen rather than collective farms and boats; a traditional leadership style, rather than one of egghead killers, social isolation for the rest of the economy, an emphasis on sacrifice for the common good, etc. As a matter of fact, if the reporter knew anything about Japanese culture, he would have seen the unanimously elected mayor and his predecessor father as the traditional Japanese village headman, an inherited position, and defacto leader and representative to the local feudal lord, the Daimyo.

Obviously no comparison is perfect, but it is more instructive of the NYT' fantasy about the viability of "true" communism. Liberal eggheads always complain that someone always makes mistakes implementing communism by creating bad PR like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and they are constantly searching for the communism that works, but it appears that the "true" communism that works is a descendant of Japanese traditionalism and fascism.

How ironic, but predictable, as the NYT is continually on the look for the next communist paradise for use in badgering Americans into surrendering their freedoms.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Approved and Non-approved Political Screening By Janet

Apparently Janet Reno Napalitano has a list of approved and not approved political screening standards. It is not approved to screen for Muslim religious ties, South Asian ethnicity and Middle Eastern ethnicitiy, but quite valid to screen for NRA membership, Caucasian race, attitude toward abortion and the 10th Amendement to the Constitution, Catholic, Protestants, and military service. So, racial, religious, ethnic and political opinion profiling depends on the specifics of race, religion, ethnicity and political opinion, not on the principle of profiling itself. So, at the Ports of Entry to the U.S. you can expect alot more Catholics, Protestants, abortion protestors, NRA members and such to be profiled while Osama Obama Bin Laden and his cohorts will speed through, and, to paraphrase the big bad wolf, the better to kill you with.

FBI Proves Janet Reno Napalitano Wrong

The FBI has released their latest most wanted lists and guess who is on it?,2933,517233,00.html Janet Reno Napalitano says that it should be filled with NRA members, veterns and Catholic Bishops who protest abortion, but, surprise, the FBI did not get the memo and the two top Americans most wanted are Daniel Andreas, a leftist animal rights protestor, and Adam Yahiye Gadahn, Muslim terrorist. (h/t Hot Air It sure sucks to be Janet Reno Napalitano who says that right wing extemists are the greatest terrorist threat.

The Latest Victim

The Somali pirate Abduhl Wali-i-Musi has been taken to New York City for prosecution. Big misteak. NYC is very liberal and the commie lawyers are on the case already. Ron Kuby, the pony-tailed commie lawyer is already on the case. And he is already laying the groundwork for Abduhl Wali-i-Musi and his parents to get greencards.

"Ron Kuby, a New York-based civil rights lawyer, said he has been in discussions about forming a legal team to represent the Somalian.

'I think in this particular case, there's a grave question as to whether America was in violation of principles of truce in warfare on the high seas," said Kuby. "This man seemed to come onto the Bainbridge under a flag of truce to negotiate. He was then captured. There is a question whether he is lawfully in American custody and serious questions as to whether he can be prosecuted because of his age.'"

Interestingly enough, Kuby thinks we are at war and therefore cannot arrest pirates. So, Ron, can he be held until the end of the War on Pirates? I think he will not object, as the penalty for piracy is life in prison. Better chance of being released if he is in Gitmo than serving a life sentence at the Supermax in Florence, CO. But Kuby says that this one could not even be arrested since he was under a flag of truce and was negociating. Well, he is sort of correct, as flag of truce does give immunity to those seeking parlay, but that applies only to military situations and Abduhl was arrested on probable cause. A good question for the Magistrate today.

But more importantly it exposes the mindset of the radical left. We can't take terrorist prisoners and we can't arrest them. What do we do? Obviously they want us to do nothing.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Disturbed By Evidence, Not By Behavior

The New York Times is disturbed; very disturbed, by the demographics of DNA databases. Apparently too many black men are in DNA databases of criminals. "Critics are also disturbed by the demographics of DNA databases. Again Britain is instructive. According to a House of Commons report, 27 percent of black people and 42 percent of black males are genetically registered, compared with 6 percent of white people." (h/t Instapundit

Rather than be disturbed by the 70% illegitemacy and widespread crime that devestate black people and their community, as well as the other communities that pay for their illegitemacy and crime, the NYT is concerned that the expanding use of DNA taken from arrestees will somehow harm black people. The NYT never mentions that all persons who are arrested have their fingerprints taken and those fingerprints are never purged, even if the person is not charged or is found innocent. The names of arrestees are also taken and held forever even if that person is not charged or convicted.

The NYT is rather concerned that DNA records are maintained of many people not charged or convicted, or even taken at all from minors. Why is it concerned? The only reason is that those DNA records will help solve crimes in the future and the NYT thinks that there are too many black people in prison or arrested for their behavior, which the NYT thinks is caused by blue-eyed white people, like the President of Brazil.

They virtually ignore the fact that an DNA database that includes those arrested but not convicted has no impact on those individuals, except providing evidence if they commit another crime. Basically, the NYT hates any idea that would convict more criminals, especially if those criminals are black. The NYT obviously is not disturbed at all by black criminal activity, but by blacks held accountable in the criminal justice system.

I am certain you are all shocked, shocked by that attitude.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apparently Blacks Can't Read, Write or Memorize

The ACLU, NAACP, and Baraka Hussein Obama apparently agree that black people cannot pass a test that includes reading, writing, and memorization. Apparently they all agree that blacks have a lower IQ than whites and Hispanics. Curiously the article says that Hispanics can be of any race, but La Raza, the largest racist group in the U.S. aside from the NAACP and the Demoncrat Party, say they are a race.

Here is the money quote: "But after the results came back, the city says it found evidence that the tests were potentially flawed. Sources of bias included that the written section measured memorization rather than actual skills needed for the jobs; giving too much weight to the written section [emphasis mine]; and lack of testing for leadership in emergency conditions, according to a brief filed by officers of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology."

So, how much weigh is too much weight for black people? Inquiring liberals should be asking that question.

Apparently the detectives at the city of New Haven only realized the test was racist after the test was administered and only whites and Hispanics, I gues Hispanic whites, passed.

Interestingly one of the black complainers, a captain, says that the New Haven Fire Department has a network of racists he call "The Network." If that is true, how did he pass the test previously, at least twice, since he passed it for Lieutenant and for Captain. But how does this racist conspiracy exist in a city that itself wants to throw out the results of the test. Racists only in the Fire Department? How did that happen with commie liberals controling the rest of the city? I guess all those black liberal politicians are easily diverted by all those white Fire Department Lieutenants, Captains, and Chiefs. Maybe they couldn't memorize the names of all those white Fire Department managers and fire them for misconduct.

Also, why is it that liberals always identify the reason they are oppressed to some mysterious conspiracy? Are they conspiracy nuts? Dare I say Black helicopter crowd? Would that be racist? Like Black holes?

Why Does Jessica Alba Want To Be White?

Or, more importantly why does she have a love-hate relationship with white America. Hottie Jessica Alba is back to being blond, after a drought of sorts since Fantastic Four sequel. She was also blond in Sin City, and, as a matter of fact, most of her Hollywood life. But why? She is half white and half Mexican American. A southern California native, she should love what all has been given to her. But she hates America and is ashamed that her parents did not teach her Spanish. Apparently her father was a patriotic Mexican-American, but not Jessica. She thinks being a Latino is more important than being an American. But, since she abandoned Christianity for Hollywood, what would you expect. Christians and non blondes do go far there. I guess blondness and atheisim were the price of fame, sort of reminds you of Faust. Good luck with that Jessica.

Jessica hates America, but wants to be like her blonde Danish mother. She must be breaking up inside. Hates her mother for being white, but wants to be a white blonde, hates her father for speaking English and being a patriot, but loves the Spanish he never used but was his heritage, (which I suspect she does not speak very well in the end) hates America, but loves the money Americans give her through her motion pictures. And just why doesn't she want to learn Danish and speak Danish to her children? Perhaps Danish is too difficult a language.

So what is a poor little rich girl going to do? Why does she want to be blonde, which is an obvious desire to be white? For the money? Is she that transparent and cheap? I think so. Or it is very obvious.

The Coming Dictatorship

If the Obama Regime's dishonest attacks on gun owners, abortion opponents, and others who rejected him at the polls were not enough, the Regime has decided that any political opposition to Obama is dangerous and publically said so. (h/t to Hot Air

As the Obama Regime gives green cards to terrorists, halts enforcement of immigration laws, expands welfare, and gives billions to its supporters, it plans the crackdown on opponents. Like Billy-Jef Bentpecker, they are blaming whites, Rush, taxpayers, business owners, and English speakers for every problem in society and sending the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security to investigate, monitor, harass, intimidate, and arrest.

On this anniversary of Waco, remember it happened here, it happened before, and it will happen again.

So Immigrants Want To Learn English?

Liberals often claim that immigrants come here and want to be Americans and learn English, but, as I have shown earlier, they just want the convinience of an American passport, they don't want to learn English, and here is the proof.

State Senator Leland Yee, a whining lying liberal, says that many years ago his uncle got bad service at a hardware store one day and that is why every store in California should have full time translators in every language available instantaneously or that store will be liable to give the non-English speaking customer thousands of dollars. Obviously that story is not verifyable and is probably a lie. In any event, his uncle should have learned English. Why didn't he? Probably lazy and not loyal to America, like Larry Chin and Wen Ho Lee, the Red Chinese spies. and

It is funny as Leland Yee started out in politics as a Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco. His support obviously came from the Chinese speaking voters, thanks to tax-payers who provide free Chinese language ballots to the immigrants who can't be bothered to learn English. So, not speaking English was Yee's entre to politics and now hard working Americans are going to have to pay for it through higher taxes and costs of goods they purchase at any retail outlet.

It also exposes immigrants as not willing to acculturate and puts lie to the mantra by the radical left that immgrants want to learn English.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming Soon To Your Town

Well, we have a capture pirate. Great, and he is claiming he is a minor and his neighbors from the village that supplies the pirate manpower say he is a nice boy who was tricked into joining the pirate band.

The good thing is that the United States Federal Defender's Office is ready and willing to get him off and, more important to liberals, get him a green card and a welfare check, after which he will rob, rape, and murder his way through America, because you cannot blame a victim of terror. Undoubtedly they will be aided by legions of powerful law firms that are also helping the Gitmo detainees.

And if you don't believe me, Attorney General Holder says that Gitmo detainees are coming to the U.S.
(ignore the first part of the article dealing with Mexico and scroll down) (h/t Gateway Pundit

So why not a minor pirate or two?

Foreign Policy As Service For Pseudo-Americans

Dual loyalty Americans are in the news again. I posted on them recently below. Check it out, as there is more news that America is being manipulated by the dual loyalty Americans and foreign governments.

Al Gore's Current TV has a leftist agenda; radical Islam, anti-human extremist environmentalists, abortion, homosexuality and the rest of the agenda.

So, what is Al Gore's angle on this? Gore has become a radical leftist, apparently swallowing the whole agenda. One of the demands recently of the radical left is more immigration. Even Jorge Bush was recently demanding that more north Korean refugees be brought to the U.S. for no apparent reason. Logically, north Korean refugees should go to south Korea. According to south Korean law, all Koreans, are Korean citizens. Korean law says that all of Korea is one country and the division is illegitimate. Acutally the north agrees and says the same thing. Koreans are united in that all Koreans share Korean citizenship. Accordingly escapees from the north are welcome in the south and hold rights even stronger than foreign born Jews do in Isreal. But for some reason, the radical left wants more refugees, meaning non-white refugees as white refugees from South Africa and the UK, are imprisoned. and North Korean refugees coming to the U.S. are welcome and not imprisoned.

Clearly, Gore's agenda here is to increase non-white immigration to the U.S.

So, here we have two naturalized American citizens of Korean descent creating an international incident. Clearly though Baraka Hussein Obama is not going to make an issue of Americans arrested overseas by regimes he has no real objection to. However, their capture, as the article describes, gives north Korea a wedge, or at least a public wedge, perhaps a wedge that gives Obama the excuse to do two things; Surrender to north Korea on the nuclear issue and give a public reason to accept more north Korean refugees. More north Korean refugees also gives the communist regime and their Chinese and Iranian supporters a greater chance of installing deep cover agents in the U.S. under the guise of being anti-communist refugees, just like the famous deep cover Cuban agent, Ana Montes.

So, Obama gets a three-fer, more non-white immigrants, a victory for a fellow communist, and deep cover agents inserted in the U.S. government. All thanks to Al Gore.

And, if you don't think that Baraka Hussein Obama hates America, why did he accept an anti-American gift from America hater Hugo Chavez?

Why America Is Dying

Meghan McCain for some reason is obsessed with male homosexuals. I don't know why, but it is a strange phenomonen among single straight white women, usually those who are somewhat attractive, or think they are. Just why is it? That they are both attracted to men? Could be. A homosexual also represents safety to a straigh woman, who, in the old days, did not associate with other straight men other than in the presence of her husband. There she also felt safe from predation because she had a man to protect her. But now straight women have no protection. No husband. Boyfriend is not allowed to protect her because that threatens her feminist ideology and feminists also deny that black predators exist. So you can't have protection from a threat that she believes does not exist, but still she feels unsafe. So, enter the homosexual man. She can be commmfortable around them and they are not a threat. Of course, the only problem is that a homosexual male friend will not provide for her, but she is already taken care of by grandfather's money, a dominant heterosexual by the way, who got money the old fashioned way, working hard. Something that Meghan rejects, just as she rejects heterosexuality for others, and having babies herself. You see, if not for the sons of John McCain, there would be no more McCains, because the slightly overweight Meghan will not have children, as besides being obsessed with male homosexuality (and, of course, not lesbianism, because she would never do that.) she is also obsessed with her weight, and her homosexual friends hate breeders, and she would never do anything to make her male homosexual friends think she was a breeder, though they both enjoy having sex with men, or at least Meghan thinks she should be having or enjoying sex with men, but I think Meghan doesn't put out much, because she can't find a man good enough for her or rich enough. Nothing more childless than a rich single woman, as she cannot find someone richer than her who wants a lesser attractive woman such as her. And no man who works for a living or satisfies her will put up with her faghag doings. No real man wants anything to do with homosexuals, just as Meghan spends her time with male homosexuals, not lesbians. Because you know that Meghan has no lesbian friends.

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Misdirection On Immigration

The San Francisco Chronicle is on the warpath over immigration enforcement. In two related stories, the Chron is claiming that hundreds of Americans are being held in custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as deportable immigrants. and

However, both stories reveal more by what they leave out then by what they say. In one case sited by the Chron, Douglas Centeno was held in custody while claiming to be an American citizen based on the naturalization of his father when Centeno was a minor. Throughout the articles the reporter harps on the fact that there is a search for the naturalization certificate of the father. Well, there is no need for the certificate, as the record of the naturalization of Centeno pere is part of the computerized data base and a copy of the naturalization certificate is in the physical file of Centeno pere.

Many years ago I used to investigate cases identical like these and they were completed in minutes. You review either the physical file or the computer file of the alien's parents then his file. You find out if the child was a legal permanment resident and a minor at the time of either of the parents naturalization and then you know whether the child obained derived naturalization. Pretty simple, but none of this is in the articles. The question is why hasn't this been done? Instead of leaving your client in custody for 4 months, why did not the attorney communicate her knowledge of Centeno's citizenship to the ICE attorney handling the case. I know from experience that ICE attorney's love to get rid of cases, especially if ICE made a mistake. ICE attorneys are pretty lazy and always demand an airtight case, especially if the alien is claiming American citizenship. As a matter of practice, aliens who claim citizenship are almost never taken into custody, but given a hearing appointment date and released. And this attorney must not be very bright either and probably lazy as well, as she could have requested copies of the relevant alien files with a Freedom Of Information Act quite easily. Why didn't she do this? Perhaps she knew the facts and wanted him to remain in custody as a political stunt? Either the attorney is an idiot or has a political agenda.

And for a reason. The left is loosing the arguement over amnesty, so the left has changed its tactic to attack the agency enforcing immigration laws, claiming that thousands of citizens are being held in ICE custody. That is the tactic, to make every American afraid that they will be arrested at any minute by ICE. Typical leftist fearmongering, just like they claim that the government is reading your email, but the fact is that they are reading the email of radical Jihadis and terrorists.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dual Citizenship And Its Dangers

Much ado has been made lately on the right about an Iranian citizen who was arrested by the Muslim dictatorship there. The complication is that the Iranian citizen is also a citizen of the United States, and a naturalized citizen at that.

Roxana Saberi immigrated to the U.S., but, in violation of her oath of citizenship which requires her to abjure her former loyalties, maintained her Iranian citizenship. I suspect she obtained citizenship by either claiming asylum from Iran or was one of the hundreds of thousands of Iranians who partake of chain migration.

If she claimed asylum, then why did she maintain an Iranian passport and why did she return to Iran. And, more importantly, where are her loyalties?

It is clear from her behavior however, that her loyalties remain with Iran, and her American passport is just for convenience and protection. She, like many other immigrants, use their American citizenship and passport as protection, while their true loyalties lie in their nation of origin and not with the U.S.

If Roxana Saberi were true to her oath of citizenship, she would not have even traveled back to Iran, much less been involved in political opposition to the current dictatorship. She should be more concerned about loving America. And she would not be in prison as well. Whether it be Hong Kong residents seeking the American passport as insurance against a crackdown, or the Mexican who wants protection against deporation, or Indian businessman who doesn't want the inconvinience of obtaining a visa for international travel, the reason for their naturalization is not love of America, but the protections an American passport offer. It is too bad for Saberi though, she is being held captive by radical Muslims, and Baraka Hussein Obama, like Jimmy Carter, has got nothing against Americans held hostage by the Ayatollahs. To bad, so sad, you just chose the wrong passport. If you were an Isreali, at least they would be trying to rescue you.

More evidence here, where a radical Islamist Member of Parliment in the UK has announced that fighting Al Queda is bad for Britian. But what Sadiq Khan really means is that fighting Al Queda is bad for radical Islamists in Pakistan and that as a British citizen he is more concerned about what happens to his fellow Pakistanis, not what happens to Britons. Dual loyalty here, no, for him it is loyalty to an Islamic Pakistan. The only dual loyalty question is whether he is more loyal to Jihad or to Pakistan.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties In Maryland National Guard Sights

A radical leftist at the Maryland National Guard has targeted the Tea Parties and their participants as potential terrorists.

In fact, protestors who cause violence are exclusively leftists, and at liberal demonstrations violence is common. Violence never happens at demonstrations by conservatives or libertarians. Violence is a tactic by the left and has been since the French Revolution and institutionalized by all stripes of socialists: Nazis, racial-Marxists, Communists, anarchists, and unions.

I noticed that there are no protests from the ACLU that the military is now involved in gathering intelligence and targeting law abiding Americans this time. I suppose that the ACLU wants some Americans monitored.

Perhaps you should contact the prime suspect in this Maryland National Guard slander of patriotic Americans:

Wilkinson, Todd Lt Col Operations 410-702-9068 410-652-7744

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More On The DHS War On Patriotic Americans

In the wake of the recalled Missouri State Police and Fusion Center report that Ron Paul supporters were on the rampage and the DHS report that gun owners were all secret Klansmen, the Virginia Fusion Center, funded by DHS and run by the FBI intell agents, has also issued a report reminissent of the Janet Reno parinoia about those who dare protest abortion. The report is a rehash of all the anti-American lies from the radical left, including those who own guns, were veterans, opposed abortion, and those who supported the 10th Amendment. No mention at all of the real terrorism threat, radical Islam, the only group, besides ecco-terrorists and anarchists, with any ability or interest attacking the U.S. No mention at all of 9/11, or Somali terrorists returning from training in Somalia, nothing of the threat of Pakistani emigrants who have been behind all the attacks in the UK since the attacks in 2005, including the attempt to use liquid explosives to destroy airliners in flight. It appears that DHS and the FBI think that a Catholic bishop praying outside an abortion clinic was a threat to the state.

Waco here we come!! Whoohoo!!!!!!

The Agenda Of The Left

The ACLU, American Criminal Lovers Association or American Communist Lovers Association, however you read their acronym, filed a lawsuit to prevent an indentity theft investigation in Weld County, CO. So, you thought that the radical left just wanted amnesty for law abiding illegal aliens? They obviously ignored the part where the aliens violated federal law by entering the U.S. without inspection by an officer or made false statements to officers in order to obtain admission, but OTHERWISE the illegal aliens were law abiding.

However, the Commies decided that stealing your identity, your Social Security Number, and such, was not a crime, and therefore Weld County had no authority to investigate a non-crime, as illegal aliens had a right to use your Social Security Number to obtain work, file tax returns, and do as they wish with your Social Security Number, credit rating, and good name. Liberals used to claim they were opposed to the illegal alien criminals, but wanted to protect those who "just came to work." However, if they are working with your Social Security Number, you have alot more taxes to pay this April 15th. Your credit rating is paying for their foreclosed homes, their credit cards, their payday loans, their car loans, and such. Can you afford it when they abandon those debts and the debt collectors come for you as the illegals have fled to another State? I think not. It is clear that the ACLU has an agenda and you are going to pay for it, one way or another.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baraka Hussein Obama: War Criminal

In a violation of the rights of prisoners, Baraka Hussein Obama ordered the exectution of three subjects of a criminal investigation, without benefit of a trial in a federal court, in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

The case began when four Africans of color attempted to obtain food relief from the MV Maersk Alabama, a clearly racist ship, named after the State with some of the worst violation of the rights of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Muslim-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans. Alabama has a long history of depriving persons of color and homosexuals of their rights by a white racist power structure.

During the attempt to obtain food, one Muslim African of color was stabbed by a racist White man who sought to deprive the Muslim African of color of his rights to free food that white peopel had deprived all Africans of color for hundreds of years. The Maersk Alabama was a flagrant provocation to Africans of color who remember the legacy of slavery that America imposed on Africans of color, and especially Muslim Africans of color.

The impoverished Muslim Africans of color were unlawfully detained in a small boat for over 100 hours and did not have access to proper facilities, food, airconditioning, and attorneys during their detention on a small boat. This is clearly an arrest and not a detention under Terry v. Ohio. They were also illegally detained on the high seas in an act of piracy by the U.S. Navy.

Federal law requires that any person arrested be brought forthwith to a magistrate for an inial appearance. They were not, and, like most African-Americans of color, who are routinely denied their rights in the U.S. through racial profiling and put in prison in numbers disproportionate to their population, taken before the magistrate in violation of their rights. While in the small boat were effectively denied their rights to a hearing by the predominately white U.S. Navy. Upon arrest and after questioning by FBI agents disgused as hostage negociators, who are in fact only the smiley face of the racist U.S. law enforcement agencies. The FBI is well know for racial profiling and harrassing Muslims of color and were recently denied access to mosques due to racial profiling and harrassment of Muslims of color. The hostage negociators also failed to read the Muslim Africans of color their Miranda rights and continued to be question by the FBI in violation of Supreme Court decisions, part of the racist FBI's lack of respect for rule of law.

After hours of being deprived of food and water, the Muslim Africans of color were brutally executed in similar fashion to the victims of Wounded Knee and other murders by the U.S. military of persons of color. and

Despite recent Supreme Court decisions that gave detainees access to federal courts for habeous corpus rights, the U.S. Navy blatantly and racistly defied the Supreme Court and brutally executed them with large caliber sniper rifles, the favorite weapon of the KKK and other racist groups like the NRA and Republican Party.

It is time that the World Court and patriotic Muslim Americans of color, queer, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning, bring Baraka Hussein Bush Obama to a people's court for war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against people of color, and homosexual, transgendered, transsexual, and questioning youth.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Not The Rescuer

The American held hostage by Muslim pirates was liberated, but not at the instruction of Baraka Hussein Obama. The only orders the Obama Regime gave was to approve a rescue if the American's life was in immediate jeopardy. It was the Captain of the USS Bainbridge that made the call and initiated the elimination of the terrorist Muslim pirates. Fox News reported that the Navy was going to rescue the American first, but Obama refused to authorize a deliberate rescue. So, it now appears that Obama was sabotaging the rescue, obviously in order to protect his fellow Muslims. and

The Coming Tyranny

As Mexican drug gangs run rampant on our borders and kidnapping gangs ravage Phoenix, as Pakistani terrorists are rounded up in the UK by the dozen, as radical Muslims gain power in formerly moderate states like Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia, the Department of Homeland Security is living in the 90s, hoping and praying that "rightwing terrorism" raises hit head in the United States. and and and and

To its eternal shame, with 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and orders from Janet "Reno" Napalitano not to enforce the laws of the United States, DHS has decided to slander white Americans with the terrorism label. In an intelligence report that was reminicent of the attack on Ron Paul supporters as terrorists from the DHS funded and FBI managed Fusion Center in Missouri, the DHS first attacks white Americans as terrorists then admits that there is no evidence at all that any of the alleged terrorism exists. and What arrogance. To admit that there is no evidence but then go on to slander all white Americans. To claim with no evidence that terrorism by white Americans could occur, then admit that there was no evidence. The whole report is part of the political fantacies of the radical left, where every American who opposes illegal immigration and dared not to vote for Baraka Hussein Obama is a potential terrorist. This is supposedly issued by our intelligence agencies. What intelligence? They admit they have no evidence, yet casually slander all white Americans and those who dare not vote for Obama?

Never mind that Somali Muslims are disappearing from Minnesota then returning with terrorism training. Never mind that the Pakistani Taliban is training UK Pakistani ethnics and returning them to the UK for real terrorist attacks.,2933,514026,00.html Never mind that Wahabbi mosques in the U.S. are teaching their members that Christans and Jews are apes and pigs. Never mind that American web hosting companies provided hosting to Afghani Taliban websites. Never mind that an American citizen published an Al Queda jihadi magazine that supports terrorism, the DHS is concerted that if you didn't vote for Baraka Hussein Obama, you are a potenial terrorist. If Janet Napalitano is so concerned about terrorism, why haven't they arrested Samir Khan for sedition and supporting terrorism?

The radical left fanticizes every day about the Murrah Federal Building bombing and about abortion protestors. They tolerate no dissent and will put in jail anyone who dares oppose abortion. Janet Reno tolerated no dissent on abortion and while Al Queda planned and trained in the U.S. for 9/11, she and the Clintong Regime only cared about arresting abortion protestors and silencing Rush Limbaugh. And the Clintong Regime allowed Osama Bin Ladin to live. See the video here. Of course, the Obama Regime targeted Rush again in its effort to silence opposition.

This is the shape of things to come. You thought the Clintong Regime killings at Waco and Ruby Ridge were bad, wait until the Obama Regime comes for your guns because you dared oppose the bailout and welfare increases. Then there will be a hurting, a major hurting provided by the Federal Government on you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lying Liars And The Lies They Tell

Japan is much stricter about both illegal and legal immigration that the U.S. and consquently has lower crime, a high standard of living, and better social cohesion and happyness.

However, the illegals there play the same games that illegals here do. One of the common characteristics of both sets of illegal aliens is that they lie in an effort to remain in their chosen home.

In the above case in Japan, the illegal alien parents of Noriko Calderon, Arlan and Sarah Calderon, Philippino citizens, claim that their daughter only speaks Japanese. This is quite commonly claimed by illegals here, mostly by Mexicans who claim that they brought their children here young and they only speak English, and would be unable to be deported to Mexico because they cannot speak Spanish.

Usually the illegals only speak Spanish, but no one in the media ever asks how do the children and parents communicate if the parents don't speak English and the children don't speak Spanish. An obvious question one would think, but beyond the ken of the media, or at least not on their agenda.

In the above case in Japan, we have a repetition of the same thing. Philippino parents claiming they never taught their daughter Tagolog or English. Well, I have known many Philippinos, and they all teach their children their home language, unless they are second generation or more American. First generation always uses Tagalog or other Filippino language at home. I don't believe for one minute Noriko speaks only Japanese, especially since with a Filippino last name she would stand out in Japanese schools, where foreigners are rightly treated badly. Also, I bet there is a baptismal certificate somewhere that shows "Noriko" also has a Christian first name as well.

Just as all Mexicans in the U.S. use Spanish at home with their children. The media also makes the mistake of admitting that when they write sob stories about illegals having to use their children as interpretors. Contradicts the widespread claim by illegals that their children can't be deported because they don't speak Spanish.

So, next time you hear an illegal claim he speaks no Spanish and should not be deported because of it, know it for the lie it is.

Standing Up For Themselves

Baraka Hussein Obama, the Muslim President of the United States (He hasn't been to church since elected President, but did go to a mosque in Turkey.), recently stated that Iraq must stand on its own.

Interestingly enough he has continued the United States military commitment to Kosovo, where the U.S. provides the most troops and all air units and transport. As a matter of fact, the useless Secretary of Defense Robert Gates just commited the U.S. to more time in Kosovo. The U.S. military has been in the former Yugoslavia, mostly Bosnia and Kosovo since 1992, waging an illegal war (e.g. one not approved by Congress, unlike Iraq.) on Serbia during that time period.

So, why is Obama in a hurry to leave Iraq? Because, Obama supports Al Queda and wants a fundamentalist radical regime to replace the democratic government of Iraq. In Kosovo and Bosnia, U.S. forces are protecting emergent radical regimes, with both countries being Islamicized.

And you wondered why Obama said that America was not longer Christian? It is obvious.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Proof Positive

The ILW reports today that the Obama Regime will ignore its responsibility to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.,0407-chishti.shtm The Obama Regime will apparently mandated that Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention and Removal Operations (ICE DRO) will only arrest illegal aliens with outstanding orders of deporation, absonders (interestingly they did not arrest the most famous illegal aliens with an oustanding order of deporation, Zeituni Onyango , the aunt of Baraka Hussein Obama). Previously ICE DRO arrested illegal aliens wherever they were found, but not any more. They are now instructed to ignore what are called collateral arrestees, illegal aliens they encounter while looking absconders.

Also, local law enforcement agencies participating in the 287(g) program deputizing their employees as federal agents will from now also restrict themselves to illegal alien absconders. Since Sheriff Joe Arpaio has arrested thousands of illegal aliens as part fo the 287(g) program, the radical left has been incensed and sought to shut down that program. And now they are successful. The program under the Obama Regime will have no effect, as absconders are already entered in the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) that all law enforcement uses when they encounter a subject of an investigation or traffic stop. There is no special 287(g) authority needed to make an arrest based on an NCIC hit. The success of 287(g) was the widespread use of that authority by numersous agencies, that made many cities and counties inhospitable to illegal aliens.

The new orders from the Obama Administration have the goal of making living in the United States easier for illegal aliens and ensure that they are around for the upcoming amnesty, all in violation of Obama's Oath Of Office that requires that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed. This new action by the Obama Regime makes certain that the laws of the United States are not faithfully executed, but left to wither for lack of use. If the Obama Regime has something against the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, then it should seek its repeal, not just ignore the law. That is the definition of a lawless regime.

An impeachable offense, by the way.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Non-feasance happens when someone with a legal or moral obligation refuses to perform that obligation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) the federal agency charged with arresting and removing illegal aliens from the United States has adopted a new policy of not arresting and removing illegal aliens.

The head of ICE's investigations section, 'Marcy Forman, director of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) investigative office, defended the work-permit program to the House Appropriations subcommittee on homeland security, saying it "allows the U.S. government to elicit statements of aliens in our custody" to pursue criminal cases against companies that knowingly employ and mistreat illegal immigrants'.

While that may be true in one sense, it is not true in broad sense. In most criminal cases against employers of illegal aliens, none of the illegal aliens are needed. Once the illegal aliens are arrested, the records of the aliens arrest, indentification, and deporation, are admissible as evidence. Very few of the illegal aliens are needed to testify, as most have no real evidence to present to the court, their records, however, are admissible as evidence.

In the case of Yamato Engines in Washington, few or none of the aliens are needed to testify, much less all of them. From the public record, it appears that Yamato Engines did not follow the laws that regulated hiring and documentation when hiring the illegals. This is dissimilar to a case in Colorado where the company concerned acutally provided counterfeit documents and assistance to aliens they knew were illegal. Basically Marcy Foreman lied to Congress, and for a reason, this is the new amnesty program that will be administered by ICE, an arrest and reward amnesty. Or, at a minimum, encourage illegals to work and not to leave the U.S. before Congress passes an amnesty and ensure that those aliens it does catch are still in the U.S. with work permits.

When Do Women Ask To Be Raped?

Why, when Bill Clinton obliges and when Muslims oblige. As usual, femimists and liberals are silent when the Grand Sheik of Australia says that women who were raped by Muslims (black rock worshipers) in Australia, it was not rape, but the women agreed to have sex.

This is what liberals think. Rape is not rape when their friends do it. All their crying about the rights of women mean nothing. It is just a means to an end. It appears the end is the rape of every woman. Including black women by the way, since liberals have said nothing about Darfur since the election of Baraka Hussein Obama.

Whether it be rape, terrorism, mass murder, the liberal supports it all when it suits his end. Learn this or die.

The Coming Bio Attack

Baraka Hussein Obama has ordered the release of Al Queda's chief anthrax scientist, Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi.

Why is Baraka Hussein Obama doing this? There is only one reason. Baraka Hussein Obama wants there to be another attack on the United States. Or he is just a moron. You liberals chose which one.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Told You So

The Obama Regime and its thug Janet "Reno" Napalitano have started the ongoing violation of their oaths of Office, to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed. And, by the way, the origonal policy of Jorge Bush, non-enforcement of the immigration laws.

While the lesbian Napalitano says she wants to prosecute the employers of illegal aliens, but you cannot prosecute the employers without showing that the employees were illegal. But, if you allow the illegals to remain employed, then you cannot prosecute the employers. No jury will convict someone of hiring someone the government allows to remain employed. In a case involving an employer in Tacoma, Napalitano gave the arrested illegals work permits. Now, they cannot testify, as their testimony will be tainted by their work permit. No jury will convict someone for hiring illegal aliens if the government allows them to work. Juries tend not to convict defendants who are prosecuted for the same thing the government is doing.

Basically, it appears that the Obama Regime is going to keep as many illegals here until amnesty arrives, and if it doesn't, then all illegals will be either ignored or given work permits administratively.