Sunday, May 31, 2009

Equal Before The Law Or The FBI Security And Alarm Company

No, I am not commenting on the racist and Hispanic supremist, Sonia Sotomayor, but on something more immediate. There was a murder today, a shooting. Not really a news story, as people in the United States are murdered every day, people are murdered every day not just in New York or Los Angeles, much less Detroit, Washington DC, but in many other cities, big or small.

However, this murder is special. Special because of what the victim does for a living, not because of his race, or sex, or national origin, or previous condition of servitude. No, he is not a police officer or federal agent, he is not a politician or elected official, he is not an intelligence agent, government employee, or soldier on the battlefield against radical Islam. However, this person is very, very special. So special that if someone vandalizes his house or breaks into his place of business, a small business by the way and not related to producing important devices necessary for our national security, a routine business by the way, a business present in many cities and subsidized by your tax dollars by the way, but of little consquence and of no economic import, the FBI joins the investigation. Now, if your house was vandalized or burgled, and you called the FBI, the agent answering the phone would hang up on you. If you were lucky the agent would patiently explain that burglary and vandalism are not federal offenses. Similarly, if your loved one were shot down in cold blood and you reported it to the FBI, you might get the same response, probably more patiently out of concern for your loss, but the answer would be the same.

However, there are special people in this world. Some get FBI protection and some get FBI investigation, others like my dear readers who don't. However, some, like the New Black Panthers are some of the special people who are not investigated by the FBI for real federal crimes. Now voter intimidation based on race is a real federal crime. White people get arrested for that, but not black people. However, I am not writing about this separate but unequal policy of the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division (now that is an oxymoron), but about another.

However, if you kill babies as a business, the FBI is at your beck and call.

If you are George Tiller, the FBI is your personal police department. In big cities like San Francisco if your home or car were vandalized or broken into, the police will not even take a report unless you take the time to go to the police station in person and request a report be taken. The police will not respond to your complaint, they will not investigate your complaint, the police will do nothing. Mainly because they are short staffed and have bigger problems. But you want the police, and the FBI, to investigate the bigger problems, like Al Queda and former Governor Rod Blagovich.

However, petty vandalism is now the FBI's most important duty during the Non-war on Man Caused Disasters.

" On May 1, his clinic was vandalized. Vandals cut wires to outdoor lights and surveillance cameras. They also sliced a hole in the roof and plugged downspouts. Rain then poured into the clinic causing thousands of dollars of damage. Tiller reportedly asked the FBI to investigate the incident."

How fine it must be to have your own personal police department paid for by federal taxpayers. In New York City, there were 579 murders in 2008, very few of which were investigated by the FBI. And murder is up in NYC in 2009. The FBI is not involved in many of those investigations. There have been 16 murders in San Francisco since January 1, 2009. Most of them gang related, but the FBI is not moving very fast on those. And there actually is cause for FBI involvement, as most are related to the importation and sale of substances banned under federal law. However, the FBI is too busy, or not interested in those murders.

It is interested, however, and without legal jurisdiction, in the murder of an abortion doctor. Why? There is no federal statute involved. At a stretch, the murder was conducted with a firearm and those are federal regulated, but you can't go to prison for shooting someone, otherwise the FBI would really be too busy, as there are thousands of unsolved murders to investigate throughout the United States.

This, however, is not about murder, but about equal protection before the law and a government that treats it citizens equally, with malice or favor to none. George Tiller was not equal though. He was special, more special than you. My car was vandalized, but the FBI did not investigate. There was a murder just four blocks from where I live, but the FBI did not investigate. Why is George Tiller special? Because he kills babies. So, if I kill babies, then the FBI would investigate the vandalism of my car? Yeah, that is true. Instead of investigating the terrorists who infest the mosque two blocks from where I live, the FBI is spending scarce resources on vandalism.

Now the FBI refused to investigate and arrest the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 241, 18 U.S.C. § 245 and 42 U.S.C. § 3631. That was a real and important federal crime.

Interestingly enough, our inequality is enshrined into law Interference with Access to Reproductive Health Care 18 U.S.C. § 248 (Isn't that oxymoronic, no reproduction there, just dead babies), but this law the FBI decided to act on, while as with the Black Panthers, some perpetrators, and federal laws, are more equal than others.

Now the FBI is supposed to investigate crimes against houses of worship, Interference with the Exercise of Religious Beliefs and Destruction of Religious Property 18 U.S.C. § 247, but failed to act or make any arrests in the myriad of acts of vandalize and hate directed against Catholic Churches and Morman Temples after Proposition 8 passed. Some sexual preferences are more equal than others.

It refused to investigate the intimindation of voters by homosexuals who violated the rights of people to use the streets after the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8. As a matter of fact, the City of San Francisco conspired with homosexual groups to deprive San Franciscans of their right to move about freely in violation of federal law. and

I was certainly intimidated by the thugs who violated my right to move about the City of San Francisco freely, but the San Francisco Police Department, instead of investigating murders, decided to conspire with homosexuals to shut down the streets of San Francisco in violation of the law. To whit: Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
"Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year.."

So, the FBI is now in the position of deciding what laws it enforces, and woe to you if you are white. Sonia Sotomayor will see to it that you, like Frank Ricci, is not protected by the law, but others are, all based on race. Small step to tell you that the FBI is now the security guard and alarm service for abortionists. and

So, we are back to Animal Farm, some of animals are more equal than others. But then liberals think we are just a bunch of animals; a cockroach is a rat is a boy.


Another murder in San Francisco that the FBI is not investigating.

I wonder why Al Sharpton is so quiet about another murder of a man of color and the FBI is unconcerned. It appears that dead black men are of no importance, while a dead white abortionist is so very, very important.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Janet Reno Napalitano: Missing In Action, Again

Hell freezes over. Andy Junior, the Attorney General of New York, has just announced a far reaching and ever expanding immigration fraud investigation. (h/t I, for one, was knocked over that a lefty Demoncrat would be concerned at all over immigration fraud. Of course the illegals themselves are not being target, but their aiders and abettors. Perhaps this is Andy Junior's attempt to use the U and T visas, those issued for victims or witnesses of crimes, to be legalized. Those with U and T visas are granted employment and welfare authorization and eventually can adjust their status to legal permanent residents.

However, the investigation did expose many other aliens who were aiding and abetting the illegals to criminal jeopardy and possible deportation. Shocking for a Demoncrat to expose an alien to deporation, of course, unless you are an U.S. citizen railroaded with evidence manufactured by the KGB or you assisted the U. S. government in killing communists in Central America.

However, the real news was not Andy Junior's stunning achievements in exposing immigration fraud in New York, but, as usual, the absence of Janet Reno Napalitano. The Department of Homeland Security and its investigative arm, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has primary jurisdiction to investigate immigration fraud. However, they were MIA, as usual. Just as they were MIA in the investigations into ethnic cleansing by illegal aliens in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. It appears again that Janet Reno Napalitano was searching high and low for American citizen abortion protesters, gun owners, veterans and Minutemen to arrest. And, of course, without any legal authority to do so.

In the Hawaiian Gardens failure, at least Janet Reno Napalitano can claim that the FBI can exercise primary and exclusive jurisdiction in any criminal investigation, however, although Andy Junior has an ego the size of the FBI, he has no legal authority to keep ICE out of this investigation. Curiously, Janet Reno Napalitano is exercised about Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigating and arresting illegal aliens and has supported the baseless Department of Justice Civil Rights Division investigation into Arpaio. However, not a peep out of Janet Reno Napalitano concerning Andy Junior's junior G-man badge. Besides the obvious Demoncrat good, Republican bad explanation, I don't understand it. As Governor of Arizona she claimed that immigration was the sole jurisdiction of the federal government.

But, what remains, is that Janet Reno Napalitano has allowed all of the State of New York to become a sanctuary for illegal aliens and those who devise and manage the schemes by which illegals arrive and remain in the United States without any effort by her and the DHS to stop it.

Faithfully executing the laws of the United States? I think not.

A Return To The 9/10 Mentality

The Los Angeles Times has confirmed that Baraka Hussein Obama has decided to return to the reactive pre-9/11 mentality in the fight against terrorism. Instead of finding, interrogating and/or killing jihadis, the FBI will lead the overseas fight against radical Islam with arrests, interviews, and indictments. However, as the Bill Clintong Regime showed, that is ineffective and deadly for Americans. The East Africa Embassy Bombings, the first attack on the WTC, the USS Cole, and, as you should all know, 9/11 was planned and implemented under the Clintong Regime. The terrorists entered the U.S. under Bill Clinton, got their training in both the U.S., Germany, and in Afghanistan. Their planning was conducted in the U.S., Germany and Afghanistan. During that time period, the law enforcement FBI model did not work. It did not stop any major attack. It did not stop 9/11, it did nothing.

What this shows is that the Obama Regime wants to see more dead Americans. Since most of those killed on 9/11 where white corporate, military, law enforcement, or firefighters, Obama will rejoice at those deaths. As proof, I offer the Obama Regime's opposition for equal rights for white Americans: Obama supports discrimination against white firefighters. and nominated a judge to the Supreme Court who also supports discrimination against white firefighters, the openly racist Sonia Sotomayer.

Remember, Obama's best friend forever was Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who killed cops in San Francisco and and New York. and

So, get ready. Some Americans are going to die, killed by the Obama Regime. Will it be you?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead Man Walking, Part Deux

Some of you might remember the thug Oscar Grant who was accidentally shot by Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) police officer Johannes Mehserle earlier this year. As the racist hype flamed by the liberal media in San Francisco has disipated, the facts are starting to come out. As I observed before, the life expectancy of a black thug in Oakland is determined by his decisions in life. See here: and here: All the major events in Oscar Grant's short and dangerous to others life were determined by his behavior. Was his behavior determined genentically, as liberals claim homosexuality is? I don't know, but the why of how he made his decisions in life are not the question here. The issue is that his decisions were made by him and shaped his life.

As for his death, the facts are starting to come out. and (Even the prosecution witnesses agree that Grant and his thug friends were not cooperative with the police who were arresting him.)

In this testimony, a female officer of color, Marysol Domenici, testified that had Grant and his friends cooperated and not resisted arrest, Grant would be alive today. Just as I stated, when one is in contact with the police, your decisions and Grant's decisions, determine what will happen to you.

Grant was a vicious but not a full time thug, associating with drunken thugs that dominated his life and behavior. His time on this earth was limited, limited by his bad decisions on life, on work, on his behavior, on his disregard for the lives and property of others. While that may be cool to the white homosexual politicians and journalists of the San Francisco Bay Area, they just love a rebel of color, the reality of a thug life if much different from the bondage clubs of San Francisco. And those decisions, though validated by the culture of the San Francisco area are not without consequence, which for Oscar Grant, like the cop-killer Lovell Mixon, make life short, nasty and brutish.

Fortuneately the facts are coming out. Cops and witnesses are testifying about the dangerous behavior of Grant and his thug associates. It is sad that the Alameda County District Attorneys Office, which usually only prosecutes people like Grant and Mixon, has decided to do what most liberals dream of doing, prosecuting the Great White Defendant. But like Tom Wolfe's novel and in the real case of the Duke Lacrosse Players, the reality is quite different. No Great White Defendant here, just a tragic mistaking of a pistol for a Tazer. A little more than what happened at Duke, but not much. All the witnesses agree that Mehserle was shocked after a shot was fired. But, the reality of this situation is the racism of the black community here. A colleauge of mine, who is an attorney as well as a ______, had the temerity to claim that Merserle intentionally and with forethought decided that day to go shoot a black man. Of course, he is black and is so racist that he could not get beyond his feelings of comradery with Grant. I just hope and pray that he never gets in that situation, as the black community will be screaming for his blood, too.

Eight Year Investigation

Recently I provided information to readers that the new Obama Regime policy of concentrating on employers rather than the illegal immigrant workers was going to be unsuccessful, and purposely so, as the Obama Regime wants to protect the illegal alien worker, ensuring that the illegal aliens remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty.

A perfect example of the ineffectiveness of this policy of concentrating scarce resources to target employers has recently come to light. Ineffective not in that some arrests were made, but given the time and resources involved in the case, it was a waste of resources in that the time and manpower could have been better used to find and arrest thousands of illegal aliens.

In this case out of Kansas City, 12 arrests were made of aliens involved in smuggling and employing illegal aliens by Abrorkhodja Askarkhodjaev and eleven other Uzbeki and Moldovan immigrants and a couple of Americans. Using a number of front companies, the defendants brought in hundreds of aliens to work in various industries as contract labor. From the indictment, the crime appears to have begun in 2001, but reached an ongoing and continuous operation sometime in 2006, continuing through the handing down of the indictment in May 2009.

Here we have an ongoing crime covering eight years. We don't know when the government became aware of the crime, but I would estimate sometime after 2006 from information in the indictment.

This time period begins just as the Bush Administration begins and the Obama Regime begins. Those arrested were immigrants from the former Soviet Union, so, most likely, came over during the Clinton Admininstration. The important aspect is that illegal aliens were used as contract labor for several years with no interference from the then INS and now Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The interesting fact, is that the conspirators were able to submit obviously false applications for legal non-immigrant H-2A visas for unskilled laborers and there was no real review of the applications, the sponsoring companies, or the place the aliens were to work. Visas were easily obtained and afterward nothing done to verify that the aliens went to work at the jobs and places described in their visa applications.

This was so because under the Bush Administration and before it under Clinton, there was no worksite enforcement or investigations into work visa fraud.

What the indictment does not tell us though is the status of all the illegal aliens involved in the scheme, which the indictment describes as the victims of the conspiracy, given their working and living conditions. What we don't know is what is being done with those aliens, but most likely they have all be released by the Obama Regime and given work permits, just as in the infamous raid on the Yamato Engine Specialists raid in Bellingham, WA, earlier this year. In anticipation of the upcoming amnesty, they have been allowed to remain and compete with American workers in these times of high unemployment, driving down wages and increasing welfare costs.

Now, had the resources been used to prevent visa fraud and to arrest illegal aliens, instead of a years long investigation that resulted in only 12 arrests and the release of scores of illegal aliens into the welfare system, the costs of this investigation are enormous, with little results.

Even more likely, those arrested, all of alien origin, most likely to have been naturalized during the criminal conspiracy that started back in 2001, will not loose their citizenship, as DHS has little stomach for the demanding task of de-naturalizing an alien. It will arrest and prosecute them, but not make the effort to see that they can be deported. It is very interesting in the light of the case of John Demjanjuk, whom the government spent millions to de-naturalize and deport on two occasions, even after finding out that the first prosecution was based on phony documents provided by the KGB. It will not take millions to de-naturalize these former Soviet thugs, but then the Obama Regime does not consider Uzbekis to be a threat, even if they are convicted.

Over a period of a number of years, this investigation resulted in 12 arrests. What if that time had been spent everyday on the streets of Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago, or Kansas City. How many illegal aliens could one agent, much less the dozen or more involved in this case, have arrested over the same time period. Undoubtedly hundreds and in the process showing the illegal alien population that the law was being enforced. That would have driven some home, some deeper underground, but would have discouraged even more from coming if the newspapers of Mexico were filled with horror stories of illegal aliens being stopped and arrested on the streets of major American cities.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Says Immigrants Are Patriots

Well, the lovely immigrants to America have been hard at work. But not producing goods or services needed by consumers, but tearing down the American flag. Apperently desecrating the American flag is one of those jobs Jorge Bush thinks Americans won't do. We have to import an hateful African immigrant (dare I say Baraka Hussein Obama or his fellow traveler?) to do that for us. That job that was once held by a white commie from Berkeley.

"McLucas said the supervisor who complained has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa. McLucas said that supervisor took down the flag herself. "The flag and the pole had been placed on the floor," McLucas said. But McLucas also said hospital higher-ups had told her some patients' families and visitors had also complained. "

The Wall Street Journal and Nancy Pelosi agree that immigrants are more patriotic. Just see the evidence.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bienvenidos A V-Dare Readers

Again, V-Dare readers welcome. And thanks again to Patrick Cleburne.

A Correction And More Exposure

It appears that one of the New York Four was not a U.S. citizen, he was Haitian and may be mentally ill. and

This is instructive in two areas. First, again, in a major terrorist case, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was absent. This is not unusual, as despite its name, Department of Homeland Security, DHS and its component agencies, like ICE, have little or nothing to do with investigating terrorism. The FBI has primary jurisdiction, the resources, and training to conduct complex intensive terrorism investigations. It is unusual in that Janet Reno Napalitano has used her agency to identify white Americans as terrorist threats.

However, in this case, since one of the terrorists was an alien, ICE had legal jurisdiction. However, what ICE did not have was a Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jane Reno Napalitano who was interested in investigating a Muslim alien terrorist.

Janet Reno Napalitano and the Obama Regime have one agenda, and that is the whitewashing, so to speak, of radical Islam and aliens. The new emphasis of the Obama Regime is to leave as many aliens in the U.S. as possible for the upcoming amnesty and it appears that Laguerre Payen, the Haitian terrorist with a long criminal history, was one of those aliens that Obama and Napalitano wanted here. A fourfer: Muslim, Haitian, criminal, and terrorist.

Interestingly enough, Payen is supposed to be the target of the new, but unimplemented, enforcement strategy to replace the Bush enforcement strategy. However, Payen is testimony to the ineffectiveness of a criminal alien centered enforcement strategy as it appears he has live comfortably here as a criminal alien and not been deported.

So, what we have is a Secretary obsessed with white American terrorists, over which she has no jurisdiction, while she ignores her responsibilities to find, arrest and remove alien terrorists, of which she wants to reward with an amnesty. Truly a bizaroo world.


I neglected to follow up on then mental illness aspect of Payen. Besides criminal activity, an immigrant can be deported for being mentally ill. And besided the government failing to deport Payen for his criminal activity, why was he allowed to remain here with his mental illness.

However, the DHS has continued to refuse to deport aliens with mental illnesses, continuing a policy started by George HW Bush and continued since then. Similarily, the GHW Bush Administration stopped enforcing the public charge or welfare use deportation charge. Illegally might I say, as the Immigration and Nationality Act require that aliens who meet exclusion or deportation charges have action taken against them. I will bet Payen and his family were welfare recipients as well. Just another example of the lawless federal government.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing, American Style

Much ado has been made about the recent arrests of illegal aliens from Mexico who were ethnically cleansing black Americans from the Los Angeles suburb of Hawaiian Gardens." Interestingly enough, Janet Reno Napalitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were not involved. It was an FBI operation along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. While the press release mentions ICE as part of the Los Angeles High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, ICE was prominently not mentioned as an actively participating agency. The only other federal agency mentioned as actively participating was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE). It is frightening, and telling, that ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal aliens, one of the few areas where the FBI does not have primary federal law enforcement authority, was not involved.

Much ado was made by Janet Reno Napalitano of the threat to America by white Christian heterosexual men in two deeply flawed intelligence reports, one of which was just a rewrite of anti-white and anti-Christian propoganda published by the Anti-Defamation Leauge and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

However, the real threat to Americans, black and white, comes from Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants who are lawless, violent, and racist. And ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal immigration enforcement, did nothing over a number of years, starting with George H.W. Bush, and continuing through Clinton, George W. Bush, and, now, with the Obama Regime.

Ethnic cleansing is not an uncommon crime committed by Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants. Many once white or black areas of southern California are now dominated by illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico. Hawaiian Guardens was not unusual. As a matter of fact, the alleged gang responsible, Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang is not really a gang, but a loose association of like minded Mexicans who hate all who are not Mexican, and specifically blacks, but whites are victims as well, but mostly as taxpayers who fund the welfare and law enforcement that deal with the Mexican influx. But it has been more deadly for blacks, who live closer to Mexicans. Whites either keep Mexicans out by using property price, or move out once Mexicans move in, because they know what will happen next.

The tragedy is that black leaders, like Maxime Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing about this ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide that was going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere. They spend too much time attacking the mythological KKK or the very real Korean grocers as threats to blacks, while blacks were being killed by their fellow people of color, and, as this story showed, really killed and really run out of neighborhoods.

And this went on for years, ignored by every administration, including Obama, who is seeking to bring in more illegal aliens with amnesty and settling terrorists from around the world in America.

Blacks need to learn that whites aren't the only target of the radical left's policy of replacing the American population with third world immigrants, even violently if necessary.

But back to Janet Reno Napalitano and the dog that did not bark, ICE being missing in action. The law enforcement philosophy of the FBI is to be involved in everything and to apply no long term enforcement action to any law enforcement problem. Why, because long term application to a problem results in little publicity, which is the FBIs lifeline. In some ways this is justified, as the U.S. Attorney's Offices (USAO) and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice (main Justice) are as fickle as the prom queen on crime. One day a certain crime is priority, the next day another crime is the priority. An agent can bring an excellent case to main Justice or a USAO and have it rejected outright for a number of reasons, the most important being that it is not the crime du jour or, more importantly, there are so many federal crimes and consequently so many possible federal criminals, main Justice and USAOs have what are called prosecution guidelines, which are in fact minimums, minimum losses, that they will not prosecute unless forced to by publicity. And the black lives lost and the ethnic cleansing did not meet the Justice Department mandatory minimum loss.

The poor Varrio Hawaiian Gardens got caught up in some bad publicity and crimes that the FBI would not investigate, much less the USAO not prosecute, suddenly became an issue.

However, the illegal aliens and legal aliens that make up the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, and their criminal history, were for a long time not an interest of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service then, nor of ICE now, despite the fact that the legacy INS and ICE's primary responisibilty if arresting illegal aliens and legal aliens involved in general criminal activity.

The Varrio Hawaiian Gardens can rest easy that this will be the only action taken against them, as Janet Reno Napalitano has instructed ICE to concentrate on arresting business owners who hire illegals and aliens already in the criminal justice system. In one case, the investigation of business owners, will result in ICE spending long fruitless hours trying to prove an employer hired illegals when all an illegal has to do is show a document that is facially apparently valid to gain employment. Counterfeit documents, most of good quality are widely available. And, because an employer may not reject a document or face legal action by the Deparment of Justice itself, any investigation into employer culpability is going to be long hours of wasted investigative time and resources. The ICE emphasis on aliens in the criminal justice system will not be as fruitless, but will be of little effect. Illegal aliens in the justice system will be easily removed, but the huge numbers of legal aliens will not go so easily, as they will have extensive rights in removal proceedings, and will be able to draw out their proceedings in immigration and appealate courts.

What is needed is the long term application of immigration law enforcement throughout the country. But, Los Angeles is a defacto sanctuary from immigration enforcement. ICE will not apply the resources or the techniques to find and arrest large numbers of illegals. In cases like Hawaiian Gardens, the most effective technique is a sweep of the town for illegals; deploying large numbers of agents on the streets to question and arrest illegal aliens, including targeting schools, welfare offices, places of employment and the commericial establishments that illegal patronize. A long term effort would also include using federal and state databases of welfare and health care recipients that would expose illegal aliens, but also discourage the illegals from coming for the benefits they cannot get in their country of origin.

But, just as Janet Reno Napalitano refused to participate in the investigation into the murders of blacks by illegal and legal aliens, she is refusing to take any action to cleanse Hawaiian Gardens of the sea in which the killers swim, the illegal and legal alien population. That is the story of immigration law enforcement under Obama. And dead Americans are the cost of that policy. But Obama is only concerned about the rights of terrorists, not the right of Americans to life, liberty, and property.

Hugh Hewitt: Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal

Hugh Hewitt has again become the darling of the "fiscal conservative, socially liberal" RINO crowd. In two hours of interviewing Meg Whitman, RINO running for Governor of California, Hugh spent about one minute on the social issues, consisting of three questions on gun control, abortion and gay marriage. Whitman was predictably liberal, taking the Obama position on gay marriage, against it only because of fake gay marriage called domestic partners; for California's useless and unconstitutional ban on certain firearms; and a big Obama supporter on abortion, she loves it in all cases, except she supports parental notification. Hugh went on to say he doesn't do gotchya questions on details in public policy and consequently did not ask Whitman on how she is going to reduce the deficit without raising taxes. Whitman bragged about how she could save a few billion from the budget through unidentified efficiencies with technology, but, of course, did not identify how she was going to do that. Just like Arnold Schwartzenegger, who said he would cut waste and use money more efficiently. However, she provided no details on any budget cuts or savings. Nothing on the hard issue of the massive public pension problem, billions used to support illegal aliens, and nothing about crime. Pete Wilson was just like her and appointed liberal judges that gave us homosexual marriage. So Hewitt is giving us another Governator. At least Pete Wilson was against illegal immgration, but Whitman won't go even there. The deficit will continue unless you address those two issues that are driving the budget, illegal immigration and pensions for bureaucrats. She is MIA on both of those. How is she going to solve the budget mess? Just trust her? I think not. We got John McCain, the Governator, and Pete Wilson with that line.

So, just why is Hewitt trying to sell us Meg Whitman? Perhaps because Hewitt is just another country club RINO who does not really care about the Constitution and its protection for firearms ownership, much less protecting the unborn or securing our borders and our budget.


Atheists and Jews have allied to attack Christians and show disrespect to the Bible. So, riddle me this, why do Jews like the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the Reverend Martin Luther King? Maybe because they aren't real Christians? Maybe because Jews secretly hate Christians? Why have Jews decided to bring division and hatred to America? Do they want a religious war in America?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Case Closed

Despite my modesty, I must call another one. Janet Reno Napalitano has confirmed what I posted before. The new crackdown on criminal aliens and employers is a cover for the origional Jorge Bush policy of not enforcing the law. See my analysis here: and here:

Here is the money quote: "'Before we go in and arrest a bunch of workers, we need to make sure we've done what we need to do to prepare a case against the employer if there's a basis to believe that an employer is knowingly hiring illegal immigrants," Napolitano said. "We recognize that the bulk of illegal immigration is because of labor demand. You've got to get at that 'pull' factor if you're going to have an impact.'"

Now, despite the Bush policy of prosecuting employers, not much was actually done in that area, but they did try. However, given the fact that an employer must accept any document presented to it on face value unless it is obviously counterfeit or face a lawsuit by the same Department of Justice for what is euphamistically called "immigration related discrimination," most employers have no need to participate in the fraud or actively recruit illegals. Counterfeit documents of minimum quality useful for allowing an employer to accept them is widespread. No employer really needs to participate in immigration related fraud.

So, then, we have it. Janet Reno Napalitano has instructed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin long and what will be eventually fruitless investigations into employers, so that the illegals can be ignored and allowed to continue working until the upcoming amnesty. Add to the fact that Obama appointed United States Attorneys will do nothing about accepting any of the employer related cases presented to it by ICE or actively discourage ICE from performing those investigations by demanding unreasonable levels of evidence or ridiculously high numbers of offenses on behalf of the employers.

The bureaucracy has millions of ways not to do their jobs. Believe me, I know...........

Where Was Janet Reno Napalitano?

The FBI and the NYPD arrested four homegrown Islamist terrorists today, all black. No surprises there. All is as it should be. The FBI has primary jurisdiction over terrorism offenses and the NYPD, although it has limited jurisdiction over terrorism, is the second most prominent law enforcement agency in the country. It probably has the best homicide detectives and intelligence operatives in the country. No surprises. And it is no surprise that Muslims are involved in terrorism. It is in the very nature of Islam to murder and terrorize those who dare resist Islam or refuse to convert. It is also no surprise that blacks are involved, as black males are the most criminal and violence prone group in America. Combining them with Islam is a recepite for disaster.

However, the dog that did not bark in this story is the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Reno Napalitano. Where was she? Her Department has recently published two "intelligence" reports on domestic terrorists. Never mind that DHS has no authority over domestic terrorism. The FBI has primary jurisdiction over terrorism; it is assisted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE, famous for killing more Americans than any other law enforcement agency and dedicated to destroying the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.) which has secondary jurisdiction over crimes, like the above, involving explosives.

Well, Janet Reno Napalitano was no where. No where because, first, despite the name, Homeland Security, the DHS is nothing more than a combination of immigration and customs law enforcement functions. It has little or no authority over domestic events, its authority is related to aliens and things that have crossed the U.S. border. Obviously in this case there was nothing imported and no aliens involved. Therefore Janet Reno Napalitano has nothing to do with this.

But, there is a second reason that Janet Reno Napalitano was not involved. Because she doesn't believe that radical Islam is a terrorist threat, much less the legions of Muslims, much less the Black Muslims, who are the most likely to be involved in crime and terrorism. Janet Reno Napalitano believes that people who own firearms, oppose abortion, oppose illegal immigration, believe in the 10th Amendment, and are veterns are the primary threat. And all of those have one thing in common, white Christian heterosexual males. White Christian males are more likely to oppose abortion than other races, religions, or sex. White Christian males are more likely to support both the 2nd Amendment and the 10th Amendment. White Christian males are more likely to own guns than Jews, or blacks, or Asians or women.

So we have Janet Reno Napanitano's real agenda; an attack on the people she hates the most, white Christian heterosexual males. And, she has no authority to either investigate anything they are involved with. White Christian heterosexual males are predominently native born American citizens who do not import anything illegal.

So, while Janet Reno Napalitano did not want to investigate her allies among Black Muslim terrorists, she had no authority to be involved in the investigation, but she wildly claimed that white Christian heterosexual men are the greatest threat to America. Recent events have again proved her wrong, but she will not be detered. She has an agenda, an illegal agenda, and an agenda that ignores real threats to America, but that will not stop her, because she has the bit between her teeth, and the scent of blood, and, like Waco and Ruby Ridge, a price will be paid, in blood, by someone for her hatred and ambition.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How To Not Succeed In Immigration Enforcement Without Really Trying

The Obama Regime has announced a new immigration policy: We will deport all those criminal aliens first, trust me.

This however is like a beard, designed to fool the public with the appearance of heterosexuality, with the actual practice remaining hidden. The Obama Regime plans to deport over a million illegal aliens a year by screening all arrestees at local jails, but, the program at the jails only identifies illegal aliens, it does nothing to ensure the illegals are taken into custody and deported.

In reality, once an illegal alien is identified, that alien needs to be interviewed by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Then the extensive paperwork needs to be completed, and, finally, the alien needs to be placed in removal proceedings.

Here things get complicated and, more importantly, become very slow. Most bureaucracies move slowly, but with deportation they get even slower, as they are delayed by the presence of an attorney representing the alien. In fact, many of the aliens identified will be legal, as most illegal aliens have not had contact with the immigration bureaucracy. Those with any contact with the immigration bureaucracy are as likely to be her legally as illegally. Most will be legal permanent residents, who just cannot be deported. They get a hearing and since they are legal until a hearing officer with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) revokes their legal residency, they are generally released from custody, as no proceedings take place until their criminal proceedings and/or sentence are completed.

While the law says that all aliens with criminal histories are to be held in custody and those in custody get near immediate hearing dates, in practice, most legal permanent residents with criminal histories are released and given hearing dates as far as a year from the date of release, sometimes more. And that is only the initial, or master hearing, where the alien either admits and acquiesces to deportation or states that he will challenge deportation. If a challenge is made, that delays deportation even further. Even in custody, most aliens do their utmost to drag out the procedure in hopes that the government will succumb to either political pressure to halt the proceedings or make an error in the case that will result in release, then the alien usually disappears depending on the likelihood of either avoiding or overturning a deportation order.

Many have played this game, especially Somalians, who have used the courts for decades to avoid deportation.

So, any claim by the Obama Regime to deport a million illegal alien criminals is nonsense. Even more than the legal system, ICE does not have enough agents to do the work of removing a million illegal aliens. Even if the aliens were those actually in the U.S. illegally, if even a small fraction of those illegals chose to challenge their removal, that would overwhelm the EOIR court system.

The missing item from this plan by Obama and Napalitano to remove a million illegal aliens, is expedited removal. Expedited removal, whereby certain classes of removeable aliens are denied any EOIR or federal court review, is being used on the border to remove aliens applying for admission at Ports-of-Entry or certain aliens who enter illegally close to the land borders within two weeks of being apprehended, but that law also authorizes expedited removal of criminal aliens as well, but no administration, Clinton, Bush, or Obama, has applied that part of the law to criminal illegal, much less legal residents who have criminal convictions.

What the plan appears to be is that the mantra will be we are removing criminal aliens and that is our priority, with other illegals being not a lesser priority, but no priority. We already see that in the orders to stop employment raids and we even see it in the above story where an ICE spokesman says that there will be a priority among priorites for the worst offenders, who, by the way, are deported in the usual manner already:

"Venturella said ICE will give priority to deporting the most dangerous offenders: national security risks or those convicted of violent crimes. Based on initial projections, the agency estimates that 100,000 of these are "Level 1 offenders" and that deporting them would cost $1.1 billion over four years. Removing all criminal illegal immigrants would cost $3 billion, ICE estimated last year. "

What you don't know is that Level 1 offenders are already a priority because even Jorge Bush knew that the deporation of murders, rapists and terrorists was a good idea. However, the Obama Regime is already admitting that it cannot, or will not, deport all criminal aliens.

So, with much fanfare the new policy is announce, but no real changes will occur, for the simplest of reasons, not enough employees to remove all the aliens, and, by the way, Napalitano objects to local agencies enforcing immigration law and she has promised to reign in those local agencies assisting ICE in presenting cases directly to the EOIR. So, the Obama Regime says it will increase removal of criminal aliens, but rejects the force multiplier for ICE by using local agencies to directly present deportees to the EOIR, the Obama Regime fails to hire sufficient numbers of agents to manage the removal of over a million illegals, ignores the reality that court proceedings will slow down any program, and refuses to use the legal tool of expedited removal that it has for criminal aliens.

So there will be much sound and fury about criminal aliens, but all will stay the same, with just even lesser effort against the run of the mill illegal without a criminal record or arrest, other than the fact that the alien is illegal for a reason.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Shape Of Things To Come

A Somali is happy to be in prison in the Netherlands despite being charged with piracy. (h/t Happy because win or lose, he will be living in the Netherlands for the rest of his life, though some of it in prison, but prison is better than Somalia.

A lesson to be learned, but too late for Jorge Bush. He decided to bring Al Queda to the United States via Guantanamo, courtesy of Eric Holder and Baraka Hussein Obama. Holder plans to release Al Queda terrorists in the U.S. and Obama plans to detain indefinately those not released. Of course, the real plan is to release all the Al Queda terrorists in the U.S., hopefully thanks to the Mexican soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who thinks that her race makes her a better judge. More emphathetic to terrorists than a white man could be. But it will be hard to be more sympathetic to terrorists than David Souter. But we can thank Jorge Bush for the bright idea of taking the terrorists out of the Middle East. He could have sent them to Bagram, Afghanistan, where no arguement could be made that we exercise soveriegn authority.

Undoubtedly the Al Queda trained Uighurs will be as happy as Somali pirates, especially given the target rich environment they will be living in. All thanks to Jorge Bush.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baraka Hussein Obama: Liar

Baraka Hussein Obama is a liar. He claimed that Churchhill did not contenance torture during World War II. However, that is a lie.

The British government routinely torutured German prisoners of war who were protected by the Geneva Conventions. This does not include spies or war criminals, but regular members of the German armed forces captured on the field of battle in uniform.

Typical Obama and typical press for not exposing him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Again Vdare Readers

A big thanks to Patrick Cleburne of Vdare for mentioning me in a posting.

See my full post on the subject of the coming non-enforcement of immigration laws:

This is my second mention from Patrick and I appreciate that my expertise is getting into the mainstream of immigration commentary.

Here is my first mention:

Thanks Patrick and thanks to Peter Brimlow at Vdare.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Talk About RINOs Or Hugh Hewitt's Legal Jihadi

Much has been made about Republicans In Name Only with the recent defection of Arlen Spector. However, there is a more important RINO, or a CUYAAL, a Conservative Unless You Are A Lawyer, Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt, who rationalizes any crime or deviance if you are an attorney, such as his BFF, Erwin Chemerinsky, the paid representative of Al Queda terrorists, who denies that white people have the same rights as non-whites, and says that Congress can allow territories and the District of Columbia to send voting representatives to Congress despite the fact that the Constitution specifically states that only States may send representatives to Congress.

Hewitt's latest venture into the radical left was a softball interview of the attorney John Tehranian, who is the Al Sharpton of Persian/Iranian Americans and, of course, a fellow professor of Hewitt's at Chapman University Law School. Tehranian wrote a book complaining that he was falsely accused of being white and consequently did not get a job at a law school because the law school did not want to hire a white. His complaint is not that white people are being discriminated against, and Hewitt did not complain about the discrimination against white people, but that he did not consider himself white. He considers himself to be part of a Middle Eastern race.

Now, all of you probably know that there is no Middle Eastern race. According to federal law there are Caucasians or whites, blacks, Negro or African Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Then there is a nebulous quasi ethnicity or Hispanic surnamed group. All of these have problems, since black is not the same as African American, since there are millions of Africans who are not black or Negro, such as North African Arabs, Berbers, Afrikkaners, and various Indian and Asian immigrants to Africa. But leave that for another day, as we just have to talk about white people.

Whites or Caucasians are defined by the federal government as people from Europe, including Asian Russia, the Caucauses, the Middle East, the Near East, and northern Africa. Now, of course this is absurd, as many north Africans, Egyptians, Saudis and Yemenis are closer to black than white. But, most are not. But this federal definition excludes the Aryans of northern India, many of whom are more Caucasoid appearing and quite different from almost black Dravidians of Southern India. The identical north Indian Aryan type over the border in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan are classed as Caucasian, though many are East Asian looking, like the Tajiks.

However, back to Tehranian and the Persian and Iranian peoples. Iran is only just over half people of Persian ethnicity. The rest are Armenian, Azerbijiani, Baluch, and Arab. The Armenians and Azerbijianis are clearly Caucasian like their Georgian cousins, and in appearance racially indistinguishable from their Persian countrymen. Perians are white, no doubt about it. They may be predominately dark haired, but so are the Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Italians, Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Serbs, and Portuguese. So to claim that Persians, much less Iranians, are racially distinct from whites or Caucasians is indefensible. As proof, here is a story about white Arabs discriminating against black Arabs. Makes any claim of a Middle Eastern Race or Ethnicity false.

And, unlike the ridiculous federal distinction of Hispanic ethnicity, which excludes Portuguese and Brazilians, which is based on a Spanish surname, there is no equivalent Middle Eastern ethnicity, as Middle Easterners may speak Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Greek, Azerbaijani, or Aramaic and practice numerous different religions. Most, however, are distinctly Caucasian by race. Clearly they aren't northern European looking, but then nor are the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatians, Greeks, Hungarians, Russians, Georgians, or Macedonians.

As a typical RINO or CUYAAL, Hewitt let Tehranian slip by with his "I am not white claim," but more importantly, let him slip by with "I have nothing against discrimination against whites." Here we have an attorney, who was the victim of racial discrimination, who refused to identify the law school that openly and admittedly used race to determine his non-selection for employment, refusing to take action. If this really happened, where was the lawsuit?

On this alone, I don't believe it happened. According to Tehranian's claim the Dean of the law school called him after his interview and said we would have hired you but a group of the faculty voted against hiring your based on race and therefore you cannot be hired. First of all, a vote like that would have been illegal under state and federal law, as well as a violation of the State Bar Association rules. And, one hopes, the rules of the law school as well. So, why did not Tehranian sue? Two possible reasons. First, the dean did not say what he said, or Tehranian is such a racist against white people that he would have preferred not to be known as white so much so that he did not want to proceed with a law suit.

The second explanation does not work for two reasons. First, the law protects those perceived as a race. So if someone perceives me as a particular race and I am not, but am discriminated because of that perception, I am protected anyway. The next reason that the explanation doesn't wash is that even if Tehranian is so obsessed with his non-existent Middle Eastern race, why is he writing a book about it if he was truly so concerned about being seen as white.

So, we are now back to the real reason he is so concerned about not being white. We know now that, in fact, he is white, regardless of his fantasies about being of a Middle Eastern race. Face it, he is as white as Benjamin Nethanayu, another member of the Middle Eastern Race. As the interview progressed, Hewitt was fauning all over him, and Tehranian's real motive came out. He is the Al Sharpton of Iranians. He is obsessed with alleged discrimination against Middle Easterners. He wants to stop profiling against possible terrorists from the Middle East. In other words he is upset that at one time he was delayed going through security at an airport. Like a Jeremiah Wright, he perceives whites as obsessed with him and his potential for terrorism. Tehranian goes on ad absurdum about illegal aliens arrested and illegal alien Arabs detained after 9/11. Hewitt makes only weak attempts to reason with him, but this racist Islamist apologist and protector will have nothing of it. Hewitt here is so weak and refused to confront Tehranian with facts: first that there is no such thing as the Middle Eastern Race, therefore there is no constitutional argument against profiling them and searching them more than other races. Second, there is nothing in the 14th Amendment that prohibits using race or ethnicity as an investigative tool. Just show me on Senator or Congressman from the Congress that passed the 14th Amendment who said that race cannot be used as a pretext to stop and question a person. There is no loss of equal protection because you were searched more than another person at an airport. If there was a 14th Amendment claim, then all persons would have to be searched to the same degree. And given the fact that Tehranian admits that Arabs and Muslims committed 9/11, there is a rational basis for searching all Arabs and Muslims. But, since there is no loss to anyone searched, there can be no claim.

And his reasoning goes like this. All Middle Easterners, but in fact he means only Arabs and Iranians, and not Isrealis, Jews, Armenians, or other Middle Easterners, are profiled by white people and hassled at the airport. He then says we Middle Easterners are no threat, it is those evil Saudi young men who did 9/11 who are the threat, of course, leaving out the Egyptians who particiapted and the Baluchis who planned it. Apparently he started to claim it was OK to profile young Arab men who were jihadis, but then said you have to prove they are jihadis first. Pretty much imposible to prove someone is a jihadi terrorist before he arrives at the airport. Never mind that Tehranian fit the profile as a young Middle Eastern man and proviling him is quite justified, as it is those of the Middle Eastern Race that are killing people, including their fellow members of the nebulous Middle Eastern Race.

Interestingly enough, Tehranian's opposition to being white is clearly based on his hatred of his parents. Why, because his parents considered themselves white as do most Middle Eastern immigrants to the United States, such as Danny Kaye, a descendant of Lebanese immigrants. It appears that little Johnnie Jihadi Tehranian wants to play at being a minority benefiting from affirmative action. He openly claimed that he should have been hired at the mysterious law school just because he was a minority. It seems his fantasy is to be an oppressed black man, always having to fight the system.

Of course, wimpy little Hugh Hewitt is unable to effectively challenge the nonsense of profiling terrorists. His minor objection that we should not be searching grandmothers at the airport were weak and he surrendered to Tehranian's claim that there is some great injustice in the United States because some people, like young Saudi men, are getting searched too much at airports. Worst of all, Tehranian provides only one incident that he cites as evidence of his oppression is being search at an Australian airport and the complaint form he was given was in English and Arabic. And he claims that was proof of profiling. Well, my little Al Sharpton wannabee, you just admitted that it was Saudi young men, who are Arabs, who are of the mythical Middle Eastern Race or Ethnicity, who are killing people. Then Hewitt obsequiously agrees with Tehranian and his claim that America is racist because there were no Persians on the origional TV show Beverly Hills 90210 and only one on the new Berverly Hills 90210. So, obviously that is part of the conspiracy to keep the Middle Easterner down, down like the black man is down, a single television show. Hewitt also and again obsequiously agrees that there are no positive Middle Easterners in the media. What a lie. Almost every portrayal of Middle Easterners is them as victims of racist white Americans. Every Hollywood movie since 9/11 has portrayed them as victims. And the current season of 24 has the Middle Eastern Race as victims again. Why does Hewitt agree to these lies? Because Tehranian is a fellow lawyer and lawyers are smart guys and one can never question their smartness or their loyalty.

Of course, like a typical lawyer, Tehranian claims that the treatment of one of his Arab clients was further proof of the man keeping the Arab down. And Tehranian's proof of that: 1) He was my client and I believed everything my client told me, 2) the Ninth Circuit reversed the ruling in my client's case. Wow, the most overturned Circuit is proof I am right? Hugh Hewitt should have seen through that. It is not called the Ninth Circus for nothing.

It is clear that Tehranian's goal is to create another new race to be oppressed and, more importantly, to benefit from affirmative action and get lots of money by suing the government and private industry. And, more importantly for him, make it easier for future terrorists to attack the United States. We can call him the Ayatollah's Attorney, of the firm Legal Jihad.

And here we have Hugh Hewitt aiding and abetting policies attacking airport security, increasing racial division and a racial spoils system. With conservatives like Hewitt on our side, why do liberals need to exist. Hewitt is the Arlen Spector, as one wag has said, the Arlene Sphincter, of talk radio.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pakistan's Phony War Or The War Designed To Be Lost

Those with some knowledge of history remember the interregnum in World War II that lasted from the conquest of Poland by Obama's fellow fascist Hitler and Obama's hero, Stalin in 1939 and the attack on France in the summer of 1940. That time was called the Phony War, as German troops faced off against British and French troops across the heavily fortified Maginot Line. It was a winter of little fighting and most thought that the war would peter out; the conventional wisdom said that Germany could not defeat France and Great Britain. And the performance during the Phony War supported that conclusion.

We have today another phony war. This is being waged, or not waged between the Pakistani military and the Taliban/Al Queda alliance.

It is phony for two reasons. First, the lower levels of the Paki military and the Interservices Intelligence Services (ISI) are decidedly jihadist. Basically all levels of the Paki military are jihadi and the civilian government is either too frightened or unwilling to control the military and purge the ISI.

The second reason for a phony war is that the actual performance of the Paki military is designed to alienate the population and is not committed to actually defeating the Taliban/Al Queda alliance. Specifically it refuses to commit the numbers of professionally trained military units, especially infantry units, to defeat the alliance. The strategy of the Paki military is to bomb civilians and alienate them, forcing them to chose between those who will kill them, Taliban militants or Paki military bombs. The Paki military has decided not to win over or protect the civilian population but to wage an air war against the Taliban. Of course, without our ability to discriminate between terrorists and the civilian population, the Pakis are running an air campaign like WWII, basically bombing everything in site. That works on an enemy population, but this is a counter-insurgency campaign, not a war between nations. So the Paki military is deliberately causing discord with its own population, with the intent of assiting a Taliban/Al Queda victory.

Here is the money quote from a Swat refugee: "Why are they only shelling, which hurts the public most of all and creates anti-government feeling?"

And more from an analyst who sees the Paki military obsessed with India: "'They are trying to shift the priorities, but still the mindset is always toward India,' said retired general and military analyst Talat Masood."

Face it, the Pakis are playing us for suckers and Baraka Hussein Obama is glad to oblige, for a Sharia state is his goal as well.

The Real Meaning Behind The New Immigration Enforcement Regulations

Much has been made about the new immigration workplace enforcement policies and even pro-enforcement watchdogs have been fooled. Even Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, usually a very solid figure on the illegal alien issue was taken in by the new written policies. However, for those without experience in federal law enforcement, being fooled by the new policies is not surpising, as they did not understand the qualifiying language that will stop immigration raids in their tracks. Krikorian notes in his comments that it is obvious that fewer employers are arrested because, first, there are so many more illegals to arrest than employers and, secondly, most illegals do not conspire with their employers, but simply provide counterfeit documents to their employers, and, thirdly, most employers do not use the simple and accurate E-Verify system of checking on documents and Social Security Numbers.

However, the secret to not enforcing the law was hidden in the new regulations. The new regulations require that before any immigration raid, ICE obtain obtain indictments, criminal arrest or search warrants, or a commitment from a U.S. Attorney’s Office to prosecute the employer before arresting employees for civil immigration violations.

And that will be a long time coming. U.S. Attorneys are first and foremost political hacks for the serving President and Baraka Hussein Obama, an illegal alien himself, will not be allowing US Attorney to be participating in enforcing laws against illegal aliens. They will have what is euphamistically called in the federal law enforcement community, "other priorities."

US Attorney's Offices and the Assistant United States Attorney's that populate them are filled with the laziest of lawyers. They are on salary and consquently do as little as possible for the salary they get. There is no bonus for working hard, only a bonus for doing the cases that the U.S. Attorney wants.

I can assure you that few AUSAs will be obtaining search warrants, arrest warrants or providing indictments for ICE, even given that there is precious evidence out there that employers are actively assisting their illegal alien employees. The market for counterfeit or stolen documents is huge and no employer needs to assist their illegal alien workforce. The only way of denting this gaming of the system is mandatory use of E-Verify, which Janet Reno Napalitano and Baraka Hussein Obama oppose.

QED, the enforcement of immigration laws against illegal aliens is deader than someone with Swine Flu.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Health Nazis Not An Exageration

One of Hitler's former secretraries' memoir of her days with Der Fuehrer is in the news again and the most important part of her experience is the increadible similarity between the ideology of Nazism and today's leftists.

It appears that beside being a Nazi, Hitler was a Health Nazi as well, sharing today's Smoking Nazis' opinions on health issues. Christa Schroeder noted:

'Today's theme was that old chestnut, smoking. He would start out with special reference to narrowing of the arteries caused by smoking. How awful a smoker's stomach must look. Smokers lacked consideration for others, forcing them to breathe in polluted air. He had really toyed with the idea of outlawing smoking anywhere in Germany. The campaign would begin by having a death's head printed on every cigarette pack. "If I should ever discover," he often said, emphasising the depth of his antagonism to smoking, "that Eva were secretly smoking, then that would be grounds for me to separate from her immediately and for ever."'

Imposing one's will on another is derigeur for today's liberal and apparently Nazi in origin. Notice how Hitler wanted to start it, just like it was started here, with warnings from the Surgeon General, then banning, and then arrest. I guess that is the next step here.

Be sure and bring this up the next time someone tells you to stop smoking or esle.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Minorities, Immigration And Dishonesty

Another Clinton hack has been appointed to a position in the Department of Homeland Security.,0,2053675.story (h/t Fire Coalition

Besides being a Clinton hack and an attorney, the appointee, Alejandro Mayorkas, served as a US Attorney for the Central District of California, where he was a drug dealers best friend. Janet Reno Napalitano praised Mayorkas for his law enforcement, civil rights, computer crime and international money laundering. I wonder how she found that experience, but as a United States Attorney he had nothing to do with any of that. US Attorneys, especially minority US Attorneys like Mayorkas, and Eric Holder who was the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, are political hacks who soley raise money for the president who appointed them. Studiously avoiding prosecuting the president's political allies and contributors, and extorting money from large corporations. In Mayorkas' case, stop enforcing the drug laws of the U.S. He was a big supporter of drug dealers and illegal aliens. Under Mayorkas, federal prosecution of crime virtually came to a standstill in the Central District. He instituted a practice of minimum losses before any crime will be prosecuted, with the minimum there being, for instance, in a case of fraud, the loss would have to be over $100,000.00 before the US Attorney's Office would consider prosecting. Basically it gave a green light to criminals to commit any crime. Similar minimums were instituted for drugs and previously deported illegal aliens: For drugs, there was a minimum of approximately 30 kilograms of cocaine and hundreds of pounds of marijuana. For illegal aliens, you had to be deported 20 times before you would be criminally prosecuted for rentering the U.S. afer deporation.

Now, with this history of avoiding the enforcement of the laws of the U.S., he is now going to head the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I can imagine his new policy of investigation of fraud committed by illegal aliens in obtaining benefits from the U.S. It will be something on the order of if we catch you, we will let it go. Will you have to get caught committing fraud 10 times before you are deported? That will most likely be the new policy.

Interstingly enough, this minority non-minority is a white Cuban of Greek descent. Again Obama uses race hustling as the basis for chosing nominees.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fewer Open Lies About Immigration, But No Honesty

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on immigation, basically saying that Americans are dirty lazy fools who are too stupid and lazy to engage in any useful ecomonic activity, and he's talking about white people. In some ways the idea of brining in skilled educated immigrants is a good idea. While the author, L Gordon Crovitz, claims that almost all entrepenurial activity in Silicon Valley is immigrant initiate, that, in fact, is not true. All the origional Pirates of Silicon Valley were all white bread Americans; Jobs, Wozniak, Hewlett, Packard, Gates, etc, all the high tech winners were white and so were their employees. And most of the immigrants Grovitz sites are actually acculturated immigrants, not the job-shop programmers who are imported to drive down wages. And, because their wages are so low, are not the best and brightest.

But Crovitz does get one right, our immigration program is not working well, as he sites the figures that show that American universities are educating skilled workers and few of them are allowed to immigrate to the U.S., which is true.

However, Crovitz' dishonesty is evident from what he doesn't say. His article implies that few immigrants are coming to the U.S. Which is an outrageous lie, although implied and not said openly. In fact, for the last 20 years or more, the U.S. has allowed an average of 1 million aliens to immigrate to the U.S.

It is true that few of those are skilled workers as family relationships dominate almost all immigration to the U.S. And most of those immigrants have little education and skill, as they get her based on family relationships: Spouses, children, parents, and siblings of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. There is no requirement for either language skill, education, or ability. And, no screening for loyatly or patriotism.

Which brings us to Crovitz' article again and what it doesn't say. He refuses to address the real problem with immigration, that most immigrants get here based on family relationships. Most provide no contribution to the country, and most eventually go on welfare of some sort, whether it be Supplemental Security Income, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Temporary (LOL) Assistance To Needy Families, etc.

Leftists like Crovitz are always demanding compromise from conservatives, but Crovitz exposes his lack of integrity by ignorning the reality of our immigration policy. If Crovitz was serious about changing the system, he would have addressed this shortcoming, but to him, all he can think about is amnesty for the millions already here, who are not going to be starting any companies or high-tech concerns, but will be signing up for ever expanding welfare programs and voting for socialists like Obama.

Now any rational person would exchange our current family based immigration for a more rational policy of immigration based on skill, education, English, and willingness to become American. But that is not what Crovitz wants. He just wants our current policy augmented by increased immigration of skilled workers and add in amnesty for 20 million low skilled workers whose destiny is to pile on the eventual bankruptcy of the U.S. because of welfare costs and Socials Security payments.

Crovitz would be more credible if he addressed the real problem of immigration (and its relatinship to welfare and socialism), however, his refusal to be forthright exposes his real agenda; amnesty, increasing further unskilled immigration, and adding more skilled immigration. Which, unfortuneately, is the typical behavior of immigration enthusists. Dishonesty is the rule rather than the exception.

Of course though, his orginal thesis, that we can immigrate our way out of the current recession is absurd, but at least he realizes that the current policy is broken, but he just wants to make it worse and is dishonest about it.

Genocide Is The New Black

Liberalism continues its war on humanity. Again white people and Western civilization stand-in for humanity, but liberals are not either bright enough or are dishonest enough to have it appear to part of their civil rights struggle.

First, there is a new film out that portrays white humans as warmongering bigots out to destroy another race of peaceful inhabitants of Terra, the only planet available for human colonization. This movie has all the psyco-sexual fantacies of the radical left: White Western humans destroy Earth, genocide of another species of color that loves music and art (interestingly enough it is not the Karen Finley or Robert Malanthorpe type of art), and lots of violence of the western type, techonological kind. For some reason, liberals just love to juxstapose western technology, like aircraft and weapons, with other western achievements like music and art, but attribute the art and music to non-western cultures, especially primative cultures that could not or do not support high art and music. Like the other recent movie about the black homeless musician, The Soloist,, liberals attribute art and music to cultures other than ours, but, in fact, all the art and culture they love, or pretend to love, comes from the West and the performers from the west as well. Hence, we have in the Battle for Terra, everything in the liberals fantacy: Earth destroyed by white people, white people using evil western technology to attack another species of color, who only love art and music.

Next we have the penultimate fantacy of the radical left, the destruction of humanity. Even more than the Battle For Terra, where liberals' psyco-sexual fanticies of domination and extermination are played out, Life After People is the penultimate goal of liberals like Baraka Hussein Obama. Liberals just hate people and always see people in opposition to the environment in which people live. This program delves into the ultimate desire of liberals to exterminate humans. The visceral hatred of Western man's accomplishments in architecture and technology is sickenly exposed as the program delves into the slow demise of mankinds cities, but only the cities build by white men. Nothing is shown of the shantytowns of Africa, the slums of Pakistan, or the oasis cities of Arabia. Nothing is mentioned about the slow deterioration and destruction of the cities of East Asia. It is abundently clear that the History Channel hates white people and western civilization and revels in its destruction by the forces of nature.

This is what we are up against. The ultimate goal of liberalism is the destruction of humanity. This shows that liberalism is truely a mental disorder, it is suicide. The funny thing is that these liberals claim to love people of color, but they are also targets, which does not show much for the people of color who are the shock troops and voters that give us genocidal liberalism.

So, the question is, why are blacks and Hispanics voting for genocide of themselves? I understand that white liberals are suicidal, but are blacks and Hispanics smart enough to realize that they are targets as well?