Monday, August 31, 2009

Where Is The FBI?

Another vicious hate crime in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the FBI is, again, doing nothing. Two vicious hate criminals are on the loose, but there is no effort by the FBI to make an arrest. The U.S. Marshals Service is also AWOL. When will victims of hate know that justice was done? Only when the Obama Regime is ended.

Famous But Incompetant

The FBI have been given a easy stat. For the uninitiated a stat is a statistic, or, more simply, an arrest. Law enforcement agencies live off those. They show that they are doing their job. Low stats mean they aren't doing their job.

The failure of the FBI to investigate this case and make an easy arrest and easier conviction should be amazing, but it is not. Why, because the perp is black. The FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Obama Regime Justice Department doesn't like to arrest black people. The CRD because they don't think black people commit crimes, and the FBI because they have their marching orders from Eric Holder, the Attorney General who refuses to prosecute black people.

The stat is this, much commented on and on all the patriotic blogs.

We have a black police officer threatening to arrest, under color of authority, a white man, for daring to express a constitutionally protected right, of which the black police officer disagrees.

That, in the lingo of federal law enforcement, is called a civil rights violation. It is prosecuted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and investigated by the FBI.

The case is open and shut, as the crime was recorded in video and audio. The officer, Wesley Cheeks, openly and with a smile threatens to arrest someone for having a poster at a public event being held on public property. Cheeks states that the victim will be arrested for the content of the sign the victim is displaying.

There, of course, is no justification for the tresspassing charge, as the public property in question is being used legally by an elected official for a public event. Members of the public have a legal right to be present and cannot be charged with trespassing. Nor can they be charged with trespassing based on the type of free speech they use to peaceably petition their government.

To threaten an arrest is a crime: Title 18 United States Code Section 241 Conspiracy to Violate Rights and Title 18 USC 242, Deprivations Under Color of Authority

The act by Cheeks is a conspiracy as he was aided and abetted by another officer. It is a deprivation based on the rights of assembly, speech, and petition of grievances.

It is also a hate crime because Cheeks acted because the victim was white, all in violation of 18 USC 245, Hate Crimes,

So, where are Eric Holder and Baraka Hussein Obama? They are responsible for the faithful execution of the laws of the United States. Why hasn't an arrest been made?

Well, because the victim was white.

Fair warning, the next Waco and Ruby Ridge are coming. The Obama Regime does not think that white people have any rights. Shooting them down like dogs is just the next step.

Another V-Dare Mention

Thanks again to Patrick Cleburne for the mention on a V-Dare article.

and a link on another article on the exploitation of Brazilian illegals.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Okili Nguebari: Worlds Most Arrogant Man

Okili Nguebari thinks he has a right to live in the U.S. without bothering to follow the law. He came here in 1981 and has been illegal since. A Frenchman, he claimed to have been an agricultural worker during the Reagan Amnesty and is claiming that and the fact that his visa expired in 1985 add up to a novel claim that he can't be arrested. Also he married an American. Interestingly enough, up until 2004, he could have adjusted his status to legal permanent resident even though he was illegal, but he was so arrogant that he could not be bothered to avail himself of that opportunity. His attorney claims that once an illegal gets here, he cannot be arrested or deported if he stays long enough. So the feckless morons at Immigration and Customs Enforcement led by Janet Reno Napalitano released him. He is now free. So, why is he free? He is free because Janet Reno Napalitano and her tame straight white boy John Morton, head of ICE, want as many illegal aliens present in the U.S. for the next amnesty. You see the first amnesty was not good enough, as that was only for agricultural workers and many illegals then were not agricultural workers and did not benefit, like the pauvre Nguebari. So, there must be another amnesty for him, he who could not be bothered to follow our laws. So, while Janet Reno Napalitano is looking for white guys to kill a la her mentor Janet Reno, the real criminals go free.

Thanks Janet Reno Napalitano

Thanks to Janet Reno Napalitano, one half of the the smiling terrorists is ensconsed back at South Florida University. I warned about this.

The background is that Megahed's narrow escape at the hands of a liberal immigration judge, was going to be reversed by the Board of Immigration Appeals. As few of you know, immigration judges, actually administrative hearing officers, are not judges, but bureaucrats responsible to higher level bureaucrats. Normally those would be called supervisors, but in the faux judicial organization of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, there is a mimicking of the judiciary, but in reality an immigration judge is just another bureaucrat responsible to someone higher up on the paper pushing food chain.

I said that if Janet Reno Napalitano did not appeal, he would be home free, as he is. And he will be applying for and receiving U.S. citizenship soon. All decisions of the immigration courts are reviewable by the BIA and eventually the Attorney General. Not appealing a hostile and clearly erroneous decision have the effect of vindication. The result will be another attempt by this Jihadi to kill Americans. But then Janet Reno Napalitano has no objection to that. She likes the smell of dead Americans in the morning, and any other time of year.

Thanks be to Janet Reno Napalitano.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What A Fraud

Did you know that Venesualans can apply for asylum in the U.S. based on female circumcision in Indonesia? According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Schlemeles (h/t Michael Savage) it is. (h/t Center for Immigration Studies

So, here is the background. An Indonesian man marries an Venesualan and has three children at least two of which are daughters. At least one daughter is Venesuelan as well. Perhaps one daughter who apparently was circumcised, just like all men in Indonesia are, and as are most men in the U.S.

Now, the family is claiming that the circumcision was ordered by the Indonesian grandma. While it may be true that women run the circumcision racket in Indonesia, and from what I know that is true, as Indonesia and Malaysia are matrilinial societies. However, the father could have stopped it, but did not.

Now, the event is over, and the daughter's return to Indonesia will have no consequence, as the act is over and done with. Nothing more is going to happen, much less happen at the insistance of the Indonesian government.

Now to complicate this, the family came here years before they filed their asylum claim, e.g. they did not claim asylum when they first got here, but not until they were caught. They clearly lied on their non-immigrant visa applications as the father, Bob Benito Benyamin, a curiously Christian name, came here for business. They did not file their asylum claim while in Indonesia.

Now that they are here in the U.S. how is that solving the alleged problems that the child is allegedly having? The court said that the child will undergo "physical and psychological harm and the risk of serious complications" from the proceedure years ago. Well, that must be going on here as well. Millions of Indonesian women go through circumcision and live out their lives. Why does this one get a welfare check from the American taxpayers, because this is what this is about.

Even worse, why aren't they being deported to Venesuela? Mother and at least one daughter are either dual Indonesian/Venesuelan citizens or are Venesuelan citizens. And by marriage, little Bobby has a right to immigrate to Venezuela under Venezuelan law.

Why are American taxpayers having to bear this burden for the fraud of asylum based on female circumcision? Even the liberals at the Department of State conclude that as practiced in Indonesia there is no threat of physical harm from the proceedure: "In denying asylum, immigration judges cited a State Department report that said female genital mutilation as practiced in Indonesia 'involves minimal short-term pain, suffering and complications.'"

Using Immigration To Pressure Nations

As I pointed out previously, the Obama Regime was using non-immigrant visas to pressure the Honduran leaders who foiled the attempted coup by a communist in Honduras. The non-immigrant visas of the leaders were cancelled.

The Obama Regime has now stepped up the pressure. It has halted issuing non-immgrant visas to all Hondurans. While that is a good idea in general to not issue non-immigrant visas to citizens of third world countries, as they usually do not return to their countries, using non-immigrant visa pressure should be in wider use. I note that the Obama Regime has not decided to stop issuing non-immigrant visas to Chinese, who's government refused to accept back deportees from the U.S. It has not used similar pressure to reign in Hugo Chavez. And the list goes on and on of countries who defy us or attack us, like Iran for instance, or who refuse to cooperate with deporations. Such a weapon should be used more frequently.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Corporate Response To Government Audits of Immigration Petitions: Just Stonewall

Corporations driving down wages with imported H-1B and L-1 non-immigrant worker visas are feeling the heat. USCIS is sending inspectors into the offices of corporations that hire aliens due to alleged worker shortages.
(h/t Stein Report

Instead of cooperation and honesty, the advice from lawyers is first to claim that USCIS has no investigative authority:

"But USCIS investigation tactics often exceed what is necessary and reasonable to obtain H-1B application verification information, according to Stern*. Unlike the Department of Labor, which has the statutory authority to investigate an employer's compliance with visa obligations but rarely conducts audits unless there are complaints, the USCIS has no statutory or regulatory authority to enter the workplace of H-1B and L-1 visa holders. And investigators do not arrive with search warrants or subpoenas, says Stern."

It never occured to Stern that USCIS is part of the Department of Homeland Security and DHS is the legal successor to the late unlamented Immigration and Naturalization Service. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 gave all authorities held by the legacy INS to DHS. Bacially, Stern is either a liar or a moron. In any event an audit or an inspection by a regulatory agency does not require a search warrant or a subpoena.

The lawyers go on to claim that records can be withheld if they are disruptive to obtain. Well, show me any company that does not have payroll records available on a computer for easy review? Unless they are paying cash, every corporation in America has a computerized payroll system that can be accessed with the click of a mouse.

This just shows that corporate America is afraid, very afraid, that they will be found out for their fraud. Undoubtedly underpaying aliens in order to displace American workers.

Honesty does not appear to be the prefered policy of visa scofflaws.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Suminori Maeda Racist?

MSN Insisting You Learn Spanish

MSN has decided that you are a racist, just as Baraka Hussein Obama thinks you, whitey, beez da wracist. MSN also thinks that you should learn Spanish, because you are a racists, just like Baraka Hussein Obama says you should learn Spanish. You should not use Engish, the language of the world, but should learn an obscure language that no one speaks unless they learned it as a child. Scholars learn Mandarin or Sanskrit, historians learn Latin and Greek, Chinese learn English, Japanese learn English, the French even learn English. But MSN has decided that English beezz wracist, so you got to learn Spanish to get basic news about the Miss Universe Pagent. This is the link from the MSN homepage that takes you to news about the new Miss Universe:

Telemundo, the racist television network that hates America. What is MSN up to? Usually it is filled with Obama's lies and advice on sexy shoes. But now we have to learn Spanish. This is worse than the CW Network that for some reason runs Spanish language commercials on shows like Supernatural. So, is it that entertainment companies don't want to make profits? Are they like big Pharma who want to ruin their business by selling out to Obama? Why do rich people like Warren Buffet and George Soros want to destroy your life and culture?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just How Stupid Are Liberals?

One of the San Francisco Chronicle's tendentious liberal columnists recently pointed out that habitual drunks in San Francisco cost the city millions and the drunks are that way because liberals created a program so they could live their lives as drunks.

The Supplement Security Income program, mostly for lazy and drunks with fake disabilities is basically a welfare program for, well, the lazy and drunk. They can only maintain their lifestyle of drinking and drug use based on the free money from the taxpayer.

So how do you feel that you are subsidizing Kenny Walters' lifestyle choice?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama's Favorite Immigrant

Janet Reno Napalitano has failed to deport a Muslim terrorist. Her incompetant attorneys at Immigration and Customs Enforcement lost a deporation hearing for the Carolina terrorist Youssef Megahed despite plenty of evidence that he was practicing for the jihad. (h/t Weasel Zippers

This is symptomatic of the Obama Regime's lack of concern with Muslim terrorism. Janet Reno Napolitano warned of racist white Christian vetern gunowners but the only terrorists around are Muslim (except for the enviro-terrorists, but they are allies). We will know Monday when Janet Reno Napolitano must decide if she is going to appeal the decision. The Board of Immigration Appeals is sure to order Megahed's deporation, so the decision to appeal will show where Janet Reno Napolitano's sympathies lie.

So Much For So Little

The owners of Yamato Engine Specialists have pled guilty to two minor felonies and will likely, as most first offenders do, get only probation. (h/t The Stein Report

Interestingly they were only charged with three felonies. Most plea bargains end up with the defendant pleading to one charge, but in this case the second charge, 18 USC 2, Aiding and Abetting, did not bring the sentencing guidelines for the first charge, 18 USC 1001, False Statements, higher.

Even more interesting was that there were no immigration charges brought under Title 8 of the US Code. Considering that ICE used hundreds of agents for a total of three criminal charges against three defendants, Shirin Dhanani Makalai, 52, and her brother Shafique Dhanani, 46, and their company, Yamato Engine Specialists, the results were not very impressive. And given that hundreds of illegal aliens were released and given employment authorization, the results of this investigation were a complete waste of resources. This, however, will be the new ICE standard. Arrest and release illegal aliens, charge employers with minor felonies, then a plea deal that results in probation only.

The owners of Yamato Engine Specialists are now free to continue to hire illegal aliens, many of them are the illegal aliens that got arrested and now have employment authorization. Of course, ICE will make no effort to remove these illegals. They will be placed on the absconder list with millions of others and therefore will remain here for the upcoming amnesty.

It would have been cheaper just to make adminstrative arrests and remove the illegals old style, then just give the company an administrative fine.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FBI Blogging

There is an old joke that asks how do you who are the FBI informants at a Klan meeting? Just look for the white guys. But in reality, any right wing group that is on the edge of the law is usually made up of mostly FBI and Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) agents. And now we know it is true. The most notorious FBI agent provocateur, Hal Turner, has been exposed going off the reservation.

Of course, real Americans have known about the snitch Turner for a while. and

Remember, Andy the German was the FBI provocateur who helped instigate the Oklahoma City bombing.

While Islamists are actively conspiring to murder you and in the mean time profiting from drugs, cigarette smuggling (calling ATFE), food stamp fraud, and credit card fraud, the FBI, ATFE and DHS are more concerned about Klansmen and militia men who are creations of the FBI in the first place.

And you don't think they are planning to arrest all the white people they find? Just ask the man who harmed no one, David Koresh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nothing To Fear

John Morton, the head of Immigration and Customs NonEnforcement (ICE), has announced that the ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) teams that are searching for illegal aliens who have absconded after being ordered deported because they were not held in custody before, during and after their hearings, will not have quotas.

The original quotas had resulted in large numbers of arrests collateral to the targes of the ICE DRO absconder teams. They caused real fear among illegal aliens and incured the wrath of the radical left led by the ACLU and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund. They claimed that arresting illegal aliens was immoral and illegal. Unfortuneately they have been successful with ICE implementing a new non-enforcement strategy. Just as Morton has no law enforcement experience, much less immigration law enforcement, he is imposing his lack of experience on the whole agency who's raison d'etre is immigration law enforcement.

This, of course, is just part of the Obama Regime stealth amnesty program designed to allow as many as possible illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. so as to be here when the real amnesty is proposed in 2010.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Profiling In Action

An obscure Indian movie star was briefly detained attempting to enter the U.S. recently. It has apparently caused much ado in India where as usual the commies burned some American flags. Shah Rukh Khan is an Islamist sympathizer who recently made a movie about the profiling of Muslim terrorists. Of course the problem is not the questioning of a few Muslims, but the thousands dying daily due to Muslim terrorism. Of course Indian politicians are now demanding Americans be profiled, which is fine with me, and it only shows how infantile third world politicians are. Aside from being a Islamist sympathizer, Khan hates America and was only in the U.S. to attend an India Day festival. Well, if India and Indian culture are so great, why leave?

But on a serious side, this is an important issue of sovereignty. One article claims that Khan was released only on the intervention of the Indian Embassy. Which is shocking in that it shows that our border control policies and actions are controlled by foreigners and their sympathizers in the U.S. government. It is similar to the power that Mexican diplomats hold in the U.S. I am certain most Americans don't know that Mexican diplomats have access to Custom and Border Protection Ports-of-Entry and Border Patrol detention facilities. They also interfere in criminal prosecutions in the U.S., with the best know being the Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean case, but other cases include that of Gilmer Hernandez and David Sipe. The Chinese government has also done the same in the case of Robert Rhodes who had to use force to arrest a Chinese smuggler at the Detroit Winsor Bridge. The Chinese and American governments' case against Rhodes was so inadequate that he was aquited and ordered reinstated.,4675,OfficerCharged,00.html

It is shocking to learn that the Indian Ambassor to the U.S. has supervisory authority over Customs and Border Protection. Who next will the Indian government protect? The next Muslim terrorist who enters the U.S.?

News Flash

News Flash, kidney dialysis is not an emergency proceedure. Despite the fact that the taxpayers are subsidizing free kidney dialysis for illegal aliens, it is not an emergency proceedure. (h/t American Patrol

Kidney dialysis is a chronic condition and it is treated in Mexico. The arrogant illegal aliens in this story even used their own full names, showing contempt for taxpayers and knowledge that ICE will not arrest them.

Why won't ICE arrest them? Maybe you should contact them:

SAC San Francisco Field Office, 1500 Broadway, 2nd FloorOakland, CA 94612, Telephone (510) 267-3800, Fax (510) 267-3870.

If they refuse to arrest the illegal aliens involved, which they are required by law to do, then complain to DHS Office of Inspector General:

DHS OIG Hotline: (800) 323-8603
DHS OIG Hotline facsimile: (202) 254-4292
Address: Department of Homeland SecurityWashington, DC 20528
Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline.

Marta Berrera deserves a knock on the door not free dialysis. Help make that happen.

Wow, What A Huge Number

Janet Reno Napalitano continues with her deliberately deceptive campaign to aid and abet illegal immigration. The most recent tactic is the claim that the Department of Homeland Security is concentrating on criminal aliens. Part of that is the problem with illegal aliens who return to the U.S. after deporation. That is a separate criminal offense, 8 U.S.C. § 1326, Re-entry After Deporation. There is little to stop illegal aliens from returning to the U.S. There is still no fence, as only about 100 miles of single or double fencing has been built. Most previous deportees just run over the border, or enter on the land borders with counterfeit or stolen/purchased real documents, such as border crossing cards. Mexicans routinely sell those documents to other Mexicans and there is no penalty for "loosing" your border crossing card and no penalty for not reporting that loss. Even worse, DHS active collaberates with those Mexicans using stolen/purchased/counterfeit documents on the land borders. Why, because Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency charged with actually inspecting and processing aliens applying for admission at the border, does not validate documents presented to it by Mexicans crossing the land borders. CBP has the technology to validate every green card and border crossing card used by Mexicans to cross the land borders but does not. It does not because it will find out that most green cards and border crossing cards held by Mexicans in the border areas are used fraudulently. With no penalty to fraudulent use of documents for either the buyer or seller, there is no incentive to not participate in the fraud. And CBP and DHS don't want to know the extent of the problem and the local politicians consider the border cities to be one "community", legal and illegal are the same. So nothing is done about it.

But one of the benificiaries of the see no problem crowd is the previously deported who use the real and counterfeit documents of the local populace. They come and go despite the claims by DHS that they are concentrating on the criminal alien problem.

To compound the dishonesty, DHS and the Department of Justice have claimed that they are cracking down on criminal aliens who return after deportation. (h/t American Patrol

However, their statistics are misleading. They claim a 150% increase in criminal prosectutions nationwide. The devil is in the detail, as a 150% increase depends on the base. If DHS and DOJ were only prosecuting, say, 1% of previous deportees, and lets keep it at those aliens previously ordered deported not those who benefited from Voluntary Removal, VR, that is Mexican citizens captured by the Border Patrol and returned to Mexico without proceedings, what is that impact on a 150% increase? Suppose that in the Central District of California, Los Angeles, the standard for prosecuting a deported alien, was at least 10 previous deportations and at least three violent felony convictions? That is basically the standard throughout the U.S. for prosecution of previously deported aliens by the Department of Justice. That is why there were so few prosections of deported aliens and it is why a 150% increase in prosecutions is of so little impact on illegal immigration.

A previously deported alien has little to worry about regarding prosecution for re-entry after deporation. And if he is caught, he gets little or no sentence, with the usual sentence being time served, as most cases are prosectuted under standard plea agreements and fast-track proceedures in federal court. And result in little prison time.

So, again we have sound and fury from Janet Reno Napalitano and her minion John Morton of ICE, meaning nothing.

No Facts Allowed

Hugh Hewitt doesn't want facts. Obama is President and we can't attack his legitimacy. Funny thing for an attorney to say. An attorney who doesn't want facts on the record. Interesting. Why doesn't Hugh Hewitt want to know the facts about Baraka Hussein Obama's birth. Hugh Hewitt doesn't even know which hospital Baraka Hussein Obama lives in, but Hugh Hewitt knows that Baraka Hussein Obama is the legitimate President of the United States. How can he know that without seeing Baraka Hussein Obama's birth certificate? Apparently he is in agreement with Michael Barone that facts are not necessary on the debate over Baraka Hussein Obama's Constitutional authority to serve as President.

What sort of attorney can hold a license to practice law who ignores facts and evidence. One could point out to Hugh Hewitt, Attorney-At-Law, that a birth certificate, not an abstract of live birth, is primary evidence? What is Hugh Hewitt's objection to using primary sources? Hugh Hewitt says that Baraka Hussein Obama is an American citizen because of a birth announcement in two Honolulu newspapers. Well, Hugh Hewitt, that is not accepted as proof of citizenship by any U.S. government agency. Try getting a passport with a birth announcement in a newspaper.

Why is Hugh Hewitt trying to impose the cramdown on Baraka Hussein Obama's birth? Why doesn't Hugh Hewitt want to see Baraka Hussein Obama's birth certificate?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are You Surprised?

Liberals are shocked that black recipients of welfare bonuses in New York City wasted it on junk food and electronic goods. (h/t Doubleplusundead

Most normal people instinctively see the connection between waste and welfare, but liberals don't. They think welfare recipients are deprived and oppressed. In reality they are lazy, ignorant, and selfishly demanding. I deal with these people routinely and they have no morals what so ever. They use welfare to maintain a lifestyle of drug use, television and junk food. Go into the house of a welfare recipient and it is a disgusting mess, dried food all over, clothes, toys and dirty dishes haphazardly thrown about. With no employment they still have no time or inclination to do any cleaning.

It is no suprise to me that welfare recipients in NYC spent their $200.00 welfare bonus on anything but school supplies. Such things as school supplies are of no interest to people on welfare. They don't like learning and would never waste money on a book, pencils, binder paper or a notebook. They would buy new clothes and electronics for sure, and, after Hurricane Katrina they did the same thing. No disaster monies were spent on housing or cleaning. That was the responsibility of the government. They spent their money on drugs, junk food, and bling. The idea of spending the money for disaster cleanup in their own homes was unthinkable to them. Hurricane Katrina was not a disaster to them, but an opportunity for free things from the government. Finally enough money to buy a new TV and designer jeans. That is what welfare is to those dependant on the system. Why is it that there are so many white volunteers in Louisiana repairing and cleaning homes? Because the welfare recipient culture of New Orleans does not allow for them to clean or rebuild their own homes. They take advantage of every program for their own benefit. With free housing, free food, free everything, welfare recipients concentrate their spending on bling, drugs, alcohol, junk food, and electonics.

Every welfare and relief program in the U.S. is exploited and abused for the benefit of the lazy class of welfare recipients.

Demoncrats Are Communists

The Demoncrat Party and the ACLU have threatened to jail Christians and prohibited a Christian from speaking at commencement ceremonies because she was a Christian. (h/t Ace of Spades HQ Liberals and Demoncrats routinely deny they are communists, but threatening to imprison Christians and prohibiting the free speech of Christians is the first policy of the Communist Party of the U.S.A. and international communism as well. We now know the goals and purposes of the Demoncrats and the liberals. They have just declared war on all Christians. All with the silent agreement of Baraka Hussein Obama.

You thought that the Demoncrats were just another political party in a democracy or a republic? This gives lie to that belief. What is next? Waco, Ruby Ridge, who will the dead because the Demoncrats hate Christians? Will it be you?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sick Liberals

The San Francisco Chronicle has an amusing homosexual cartoonist who likes to poke fun at both left and right, but mostly right. Today he had a cutesy post on the Obama death panels where he also made fun of the right and suggested that the Demoncrats also had a birth panel.

Well, Demoncrats do have a birth panel as well. It is run by the Catholic Nancy Pelosi. It is called abortion on demand. That is their birth panel. Kill babies in unlimited numbers per Ezekiel Emmanuel, the Israeli dual citizen who advises Obama on "health" issues. So, Reverend George H. Niederauer, Archbishop of San Francisco, what are you doing about Nancy Pelosi and her support for abortion? What you describe as the patron of our city and our Archdiocese, St. Francis of Assisi, how is that related to your support for the abortionist Catholics Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, and Arnold Schwartzenegger?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change I Can Believe In

Apparently something got to Janet Reno Napalitano. She is suddenly accepting illegal aliens who have been arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who have committed no state offense.

This is a sudden reversal, at least in Maricopa County, of the new policy DHS policy of not taking into custody illegal aliens reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by local law enforcement agencies who have not committed a state crime and been through the local prosecution procedures.

But why has Janet Reno Napalitano reversed herself. I don't know. Was it because the policy of not arresting illegal aliens is itself illegal? I like to think that my information that the policy was illegal and the agents involved subject to criminal and administrative sanctions helped. But I am not certain. The United States Attorney's Office for Arizona is notorious for not taking controversial or demanding cases and the DHS OIG office in Tucson is in disarray and has had little success at getting cases prosecuted at the USAO. ICE is also notorious for not disciplining agents subject to investigations that substantiated misconduct. And ICE's Office of Professional Responsibility Special Agents, (ICE's internal affairs office) is notorious for not vigorously investigating fellow ICE Special Agents. I hope it helped though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Immigrants Are Loyal Americans

One Free Korea ( ) has a stunning, but not to me, story about a communist North Korean agent running for office in New York City as a Demoncrat.

It appears that John Choe is the new Alger Hiss, but this time the Alger Hiss is not a corrupt blue-blooded Yankee WASP, but the descendant of immigrants who has maintained his culture and racial identity. This is not unusual, as California is filled with Mexicans with American passports and Chinese dedicated to the motherland. Choe may be an extreme, but not as extreme as MeChA, the Brown Berets, or Chinese for Affirmative Action. But it does show the propensity of immigrants to remain loyal to their countries, races, and cultures.

So much for the loyal immigrant.

The Cost Of Immigration

The drug cartels of Mexico once know for recruiting and using Mexican military hitmen known as Los Zetas are now recruiting Mexican legal residents and Mexican-Americans in the U.S. military as hitmen. (h/t Paterico's Pontfications

Gee, thanks for the quality immigrants. And liberals want to give Mexican illegal aliens residency if they go to college or join the military.

Probably not a good idea.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Imposing Crime

Westchester County has decided that it will increase crime in its jurisdiction. Counties usually seek to lower crime, but Westchester wanted free federal money, so it accepted community development grants for housing, but lied when it said it would increase diversity. What one of the richest counties in the U.S. wanted with I do not know, but federal money does not come without conditions. Since Westchester County is so expensive to live in, minorities on welfare from New York City usually don't try and move there. But Westchester does have a large Hispanic population, so the rational for the suit by community organizers and thugs from the Department of Housing and Urban Development is not based on reality. But the federal government wants more crime and high density housing, they usually go together, in Westchester County. The county has also agreed to impose this agreement on the independent city and town governments. How they will do this has yet to be seen, as county governments do not supervise city and town councils under New York law. The funny thing is that these so-called afforable housing units, ownership or rental, are open to those making $35-70,000.00 a year. Hardly the income of poor blacks. And certainly not an income that can afford the commute to NYC. More interesting will be how they can sell a home to a black person and require that home to be sold by that black person to another black person. Furthermore the agreement includes marketing of these new housing opportunities to blacks who already live in Westchester County. Why would move a black person from one part of the county to another actually help integration? Sounds like some advertising agency is in on this waste of $50 million. What a nice deal it will be to get that contract. Get a few million then send out some flyers to a couple of black people already in the county. Or advertise in a black newspaper in Harlem. Nice money if you can get a piece of it.

But the purpose of the is not just to increase crime in Westchester County. The goal of HUD and the Department of Justice, led by the racist Eric Holder, is to impose more crime on other localities in the name of desegregation.

The money quote:

"The agreement, if ratified by the county’s Board of Legislators, would settle a lawsuit filed by an antidiscrimination group and could become a template for increased scrutiny of local governments’ housing policies by the Obama administration.

'This is consistent with the president’s desire to see a fully integrated society,' said Ron Sims, the deputy secretary of housing and urban development, which helped broker the settlement along with the Justice Department. 'Until now, we tended to lay dormant. This is historic, because we are going to hold people’s feet to the fire.' ”

Of course, when the crime rates start going up when the blacks invited to live in Westchester start brining their friends and relatives to the new 'hood, the Obama Regime will be there to quickly accuse Westchester County Department of Public Safety and local police departments of racial profiling.

So, although Baraka Hussein Obama avoided sending his children to the black schools of Washington, DC, he wants to impose black people on white people. I wonder how far this will go. Are we going to integrate Martha's Vinyard, Pacific Heights, Palo Alto, Central Park West, and other toney neighborhoods throughout the country with few blacks. I just don't see rich liberals inviting blacks to live in their Manhattan co-0ps. However, I am waiting for the DOJ to file its first lawsuit to open up those nice co-ops in NYC to blacks.

Well, Westchester County votes Demoncrat, so you get what you asked for. I just hope that the families of the Westchester officials who signed off on this are the first victims of the new imported class of criminal.

Cause For Impeachment

One of the things every federal employee must do each year is complete training in the Privacy Act of 1974. This law prohibits the maintenance of records on Americans without both authorization by legislation and a system for retrieval. Recently Obama established an office in the White House whose purpose was to receive and track allegations of opposition to his policies. As Brain Terminal has pointed out, the Flag operation at, an official government email address and an official government operation under the authority of the President, is illegal. (h/t Brain Terminal

Yearly every federal employee is told that such an intelligence gathering activity was not only illegal, but that by policy the Department of Justice had a policy of mandatory prosecution of all federal employees who participate in such illegal acts. That is a 100% percent prosectution policy.

Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General and Clinton family hack and now Obama hack, however has refused to prosecute the White House officials who violate the law.

Here we now have it. A felony criminal violation by Baraka Hussein Obama. We might have to wait for 2010, but there is now a clear criminal violation for which to impeach Obama.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Obamas Illegal Alien Minions

Michelle Malkin has the story on how Obama's new lobbying group is hiring illegal aliens.

So the President's political organization is hiring illegal aliens. This is another impeachable offense.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hewitt 1984

In Nineteen Eighy-Four, George Orwell's distopian novel, Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of Truth, dealing with anything but. The Ministry of Truth determined what the proles and the Outer Party should be allowed to know and discuss. Hugh Hewitt apparently thinks he works for the Ministry of Truth. He got together with his bff and bro-romancer-of-the-day, Comrade Howard Kurtz, propogandist for the Obama Regime at the WaPo. Kurtz is routinely described as a media critic, but he is the chief flack for Obama in the press, sort of the chief whip, keeping the press on message and running interference against real, as opposed to fake criticism, of the press.

Kurtz and Hewitt got together recently to lay down the line as given to them by the Inner Party.

Instructions to the Inner Party and any proles out there is this: Thou shalt not question why Baraka Hussein Obama has not released his original birth certificate. To do so is an act of lese majeste. There is no debate, to even discuss the issue is a sin, an abomination, and is prohibited to all those who want to be within the political mainstream. But considering that Hewitt thinks communist lawyers like Erwin Chemerinsky are within the mainstream, that is not saying much.

The issue is what is Obama hiding and now why is Hugh Hewitt flaking for Obama. I think for him, like Glenn Beck, is what do we do if it turns out that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. I doubt if he was born in Kenya, as it would have been difficult for Obama to get back to the U.S. without a U.S. passport. And, I can assure you, back then, no U.S. consul would have issued him a passport.

If foreign birth is what is being hidden on the Obama birth certificate, then it is more likely he was born in Canada, as his mother fled to Seattle soon after his birth, with her application for admission to a university there was accepted before Obama was born. It is not incievable that she was in Vancouver for a day trip while pregnant and it just happened.

But back to the employees of the Ministry of Truth. What is it they are hiding and why is Hewitt so agressive on this issue. Perhaps he fears the impact of the public knowledge of his disqualification for office. Does he fear an incompetant President Joe Biden. But a corrupt politician like Biden isn't worse than a devious neo-communist like Obama. We have survived corrupt politicians and Marxists like Wilson and FDR, but neither of them hated America with such passion as Obama. So, a fear of Biden can't be it.

Perhaps Hewitt fears a civil war. That could be a real possibility. Imagine it coming out, Obama is not constitutionally qualified for office. Some patriots in the military anounce that they will not follow orders. Others aquiesce to the illegitimate President. Millions of Americans then publically repudiate Obama and some take up arms. Perhaps Biden makes a play and announces that he is the defacto Acting President. Some fellow Democrats announce their support for Biden based on Obama's plumeting poll numbers. Obama seeks to impose his will on some of those who oppose him, and the FBI, USSS, DHS, and ATFE start arresting people, but one of their actions goes wrong and Americans are killed, perhaps some survive and resist like Waco and Ruby Ridge. Obama calls in the military to crush the rebels and some in the military refuse those illegal orders.

Things could get messy real fast, not to mention that China, Russia, and Iran will act while we are distracted by domestic events.

Things could get messy real fast. But it is better to know, than to put ones fingers in ones ears and whistle past the graveyard. Address the issue forthrightly and it can be solved without bloodshed. It might mean a President Biden, but we can survive that. We cannot survive an Obama Dictatorship and the subsequent race war.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Return Of Catch-And-Release

Not trout, but illegal aliens. John Morton, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who never arrested a single criminal or illegal alien, has decided to make over ICE's detention policy and proceedure. He claims that this is not about changing the numbers in custody, but about the conditions. "The changes should not reduce the number of ICE detainees, he said. 'This is not about whether or not we detain people, this is about how we detain them,' he said. "

However, the story goes on to say this:

"ICE will stop sending families to the T. Don Hutto Residential Center near Austin, a 512-bed former state prison. The Bush administration highlighted the family detention facility as a symbol of its immigration crackdown efforts, but it became a lightning rod for litigation over the government's treatment of children.

ICE will instead begin relocating the 127 remaining detainees at Hutto, Morton said. Some will be transferred to an 84-bed former nursing home in Pennsylvania, the Berks Family Shelter Care facility, while others will be considered for programs that do not require detention, such as home monitoring, he said. He said no deadline to complete the moves has been set."

So, the real plan is to release as many illegal aliens as possible. The return to catch-and-release. Just part of the Obama plan to increase the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty.

Morton claims that a new system will be built based on not holding illegal aliens with other criminals.

"'With these reforms, ICE will move away from our present decentralized jail approach to a system that is wholly designed for and based on civil detention needs and the needs of the people we detain.'"

No plan to centralize the holding of illegal aliens from the current decentralized system that uses empty beds in state and local prisons and jails can save money either. To build and staff a series of new large custody facilities near large cities such as New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, etc. will cost billions. Obviously the government cannot afford that right now and it certainly cannot be build int 3-5 years. So the solution will inevitably be to release the aliens. The majority of whom will become fugitives as over 90% of aliens released before their hearing never show and 99% become fugitives after being ordered deported. Given that the Bush Amnesty included absconders, this appears to be the plan to reward illegal immigration and absconders.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Criminal Lovers

Leftists love criminals. Especially criminals who practice their crimes on white people. Leftists don't want white people allowed in "cool" neighborhoods like Columbia Heights or the Mission. (h/t Doubleplusundead Stabbings are a sign of the coolness factor according to the Pravada on the Potomic. Letting criminals free is the pleasure of the San Fransicko Chronicle. Leftists love racist blacks like Thelton Henderson, the judge who overturned California's Civil Rights Initiative because it protected white people (, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. It makes them feel better when low-class whites are the victims of black-on-white crime. That is why liberals want criminals released, so they can have "cool" neighborhoods again and stick it to whitey. The only problem is that most of the additional crime from released criminals has black and Hispanic victims as well. So because of their anti-white racism, liberal judges are imposing more crime on people of color.

Ain't that beautiful.

Dog Not Barking

There were race riots in Algeria recently, Arab on Chinese. The interesting thing was that neither the Chinese or Algerian governments made a big deal about it. (h/t No Pasaran

If this had occurred in America, the blame whitey crowd would have been out in force and the Chinese government would have brought its full diplomatic leverage to bear on the U.S. government to prosecute the white rioters. Just as it did when a Customs and Border Protection Officer pepper sprayed and arrested a Chinese national who was attempting to escape arrest for alien smuggling. (Sorry no link) In this case the Chinese government demand and obtained prosecution of the officer for civil rights violations for using justified force in the arrest. Fortunately the officer was found not guilty, but other governments have previously demanded prosecution of Americans law enforcement like Border Patrol Agents were prosecuted at the demand of the Mexican government.

However, China, so once concerned about one of their citizens in the U.S. who was arrested for alien smuggling, suddenly is not concerned about dozens of Chinese citizens injured in a race riot.

To wit:

"A diplomat at the Chinese embassy said he hoped Algerian authorities would look into the fighting but added that it would not affect relations between the two countries.
'Our friendship with Algeria is strong and this event is nothing in comparison with the links between our two countries,' Ling Jun said."

Seems like a double standard that the American government accedes to.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Target: Dobbs

I don't watch CNN, but when forced to at most airports, I don't mind watching Lou Dobbs. He cares about America and Americans. However, this is not about Dobbs or the story about why Baraka Hussein Obama won't release his birth certificate, which is Dobbs' crime, daring to question something the left says is closed to inquiry. It is about a free press. The radical left always complains about the corporate press getting their instructions on what stories to cover.

Now leftists are agog that Dobbs is not taking instructions from his corporate masters. Of course, leftists hate Dobbs because he covers the story of illegal immigration from a critical perspective. No other Main Stream Media outlets cover the issue critically and most openly support illegal immigration and support amnesty. And herein the contradiction. Liberals tell us that journalists and academics have the right to address any issue and speak truth to power. It is apparent that they don't extend their principles to Dobbs. He is supposed to take his instructions from his corporate management, no question asked.

The attack on Dobbs is coupled with the claim that CNN is non-partisan, but CNN and its Headline News are overwhelmingly leftist, with Dobbs the only balance. The funny thing is that Dobbs is still beating Chris "Thrill Up My Leg My Job Is To Help Obama Succeed" Matthews at the same time slot on MSNBC. So why is the story claiming that Dobbs is bad for CNN when it is beating MSNBC? The story says nothing about the rise of Fox except to attack it. To wit:

'Joked The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes: it "explains their upcoming documentary: `The World: Flat. We Report — You Decide.'"'

It is clear the agenda behind the attack on Dobbs is an attack on any one who disagrees with or challenges the Obama Regime. CNN has been AWOL on the issues and is nothing more than an Obama echochamber.

So just as the MSM attacks Fox, they attack the last journalist at CNN, Dobbs for daring to question in any manner Obama. Now no one at CNN management or the MSM has dared to ask the simple question of why Obama won't release his original birth certificate.

But the attack on Dobbs is part of the liberal policy of personal attacks that have increased from the left lately. The lies about Sarah Palin, the racist attacks on Sgt. James Crowley, when the left gets you in their sights, the attacks will be continuous until you surrender. But if you stand up, you can win, as Sgt. Crowley shows. If you surrender, you end up like Trent Lott.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

They Really Believe It

Black people in the U.S. really believe that white cops have nothing better to do that just randomly arrest innocent black people. Baraka Hussein Obama and his bff Henry "Skip" Louis Gates, Jr. really belive it, too, given their assinine statements and behavior. A police officer who responds to a 911 call cannot be racially profiling if he detains the only person at the scene of the possible crime, but Barak Hussein Obama does. While white police officers have the job of arresting criminals, most crime is commited by blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. so they obviously arrest more blacks and Hispanics than whites. And, like most liberals, instead of solving the problem of black crime, black leaders just want to arrest more white people. That is why the new hate crime bill has been passed. Eric Holder, the racist Attorney General, stated emphatically that white people will not be protected by the new hate crimes act, named after teh homosexual drug dealer Matthew Shephard. The goal is to put more whites in jail for crimes that would either not be proscuted or prosecuted at a State level. And as an instructive story, a black law enforcement colleauge recently stated that he wants to go out and randomly arrest white people as revenge for the arrest of Skip Gates. That is just how racist black people are. They just want to randomly arrest white people as revenge for the unproved allegation that white cops arrest blacks for no reason. And this is a black person with a law degree. That is how irrational and racist black people are.

It Begins Apace

The Obama Regime plan to eventually give asylum status to the Gitmo terrorists has begun apace. Obama has narrowed down to two places where the terrorists will be housed. An abandoned prison in Michigan and Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Most likely it will be Ft. Leavenworth, as the Michigan prison will cost $100 million to upgrade and retrofit. That could also take years. However, Ft. Leavenworth is good to go. Funnily enough, Obama has decided to hold some of the terrorists indefinately without trial.

But, more importantly, the whole program is designed to give asylum and eventual citizenship to the terrorists. Even if all of the terrorists were convicted of crimes, not all of them will get life in prison or the death penalty. Eventually they will have to be released and none of them will be accepted by any foreign government, so they will not be deported. They will remain, and under Supreme Court decisions like St Cyr they cannot be held more than six months, regardless of threat. They will be released. Once released or placed in removal proceedings, they can claim asylum. To date the Obama Regime has said that any threat to a person in their home country, like criminal prosecution, gang membership, or crime, makes them eligible for asylum or withholding of removal. Once they get status here, then they can legally apply for legal permanent residence and then citizenship.

We can look forward to Gitmo terrorists voting for Obama quite soon.

InJustice Department

Eric Holder and his communist thugs from the Department of InJustice Civil Rights Division are attempting to intimidate the State of Oklahoma legislature. In the midst of the debate on an official English language bill, the CRD sent a letter to the State of Oklahoma Attorney General stating that federal law requries that Oklahoma must provide benefits and services in languages other than English. That is just an outright lie. There is no federal law that requires the use of any language other than English. The only court ruling on languages other than English is that crminal defendants must get a translator. The CRD attempts to intimidate States and localities by claiming that national origin, identified in various civil rights acts, actually means inability to speak English. That was never debated and proposed in any legislation mentioning national origin and no court has ever ruled that the case. What CRD does is attempt to intimidate localites by threatening expensive legal action, then settling with an agreement that requires the locality to provide services in other languages.

This is just another attempt by Holder and his thugs to intimidate Americans. Another step on the way to Waco and Ruby Ridge.