Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Some on the right are bashing Obama for his tepid and non-challant response to the recent Al Queda attack.

What they aren't telling us is that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got his visa under the Jorge Bush Administration, the President who said that family values don't stop at the Rio Grande. The man who said Islam was a religion of peace. Well, thanks for giving a visa to a terrorist Jorge. That is Jorge's responsibility, not Obama's. Now Obama is not without responsibility, but Bush allowed the leftists to dominate the CIA and State Department and encouraged the issuance of visas to Muslims in an effort to win hearts and minds, but only allowed more radical Muslims in the U.S.

Just look at all the Somalis who came in under the Jorge Bush policy of open borders for Muslims.

Deliberately Not Getting It, Or Dereliction Of Duty

CIA or Department of State intelligence officials have apparently decided that Islam is not a threat to the U.S. They don't seem to realize that the more you practice Islam, the more likely you are to kill in the name of Islam.

The money quote:

“'You had a young man who was becoming increasingly pious and was turning his back on his family’s wealthy lifestyle,' the intelligence official said. 'That alone makes him neither St. Francis nor a deadeyed killer.'"

Well, no, becoming a radical Muslim who repudiates his family, is someone who is becoming a deadeyed killer. Can we survive with these idiots supposedly protecting us? Of course, the real question is are they doing this because they are stupid or because they support radical Islam? We know Obama is doing it because he is sympathetic to Islam, is this unknown intelligence official also sympathetic or does he like most liberals, just hate Americans, Christians, and white people?

TSA Office of Inspections Violating The Law

It appears that TSA is sending either Air Marshals or their agents who work for their Office of Inspections to investigate a leak of security proceedures.;_ylt=AoDrd7dfZ3YH72Z0qZSKK3us0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTQ0a2llYTV0BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMjMxL3VzX2FpcmxpbmVyX2F0dGFja190c2Ffc3VicG9lbmFzBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDNQRwb3MDMgRwdANob21lX2Nva2UEc2VjA3luX2hlYWRsaW5lX2xpc3QEc2xrA3RzYXN1YnBvZW5hcw--

Interestingly enough, does TSA has no subpoena authority? And any authority to investigate this leak, as they have no knowledge of whether this leak came from employees or from the airlines who are executing these new security measures.

The FBI should be investigating or, more appropriately, if it was leaked by a TSA employee, by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General.

More TSA misconduct following TSA incompetance.

Major Al Queda Victory

And for the Chinese intelligence services and illegal aliens. Hillary Clintong, famously paid off by the Chinese government and the former lover of the murdered Vince Foster who did not commit suicide at Fort Marcy Park, has acted to reduce any review of foreign students when they apply for student visas.,1231-schwartz.sht
Al Queda, who sent their first terrorists to the U.S. on student visas to attack the WTC, is the major beneficiary, with the Chinese security services a close second. China sends tens of thousands of students to the U.S. every year and many work at the direction of Chinese intelligence services to commit espionage. Clintong acted also to encourage the use of the student visa by illegal aliens by ordering the Department of State to ignore the tell tale signs of a fraudulent applicant for a student visa by ordering consular officers to ignore a lack of English language skills necessary for college level coursework. All part of the Obama Regime scheme to bring more illegal aliens to the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Nineth Circus

The crazy leftists on the Nineth Circus Court of Appeals has ruled that crazy people can get in the first strike in fights with police officers. Despite the fact that in this case the criminal was acting in the typical manner of dangerous crazy people and clad only in a t-shirt and underwear, the court thinks that criminals should not be taken down quickly before things get out of hand. Of course they say that a baton blow or pepper spray are no problem, but neither of those are fight enders, but fight starters. A Tazer mostly ends fights, though there are some, like Rodney King, that are unaffected by Tazers, but most aren't.

Just read this description of Carl Bryan:

"McPherson stopped Bryan's car on a summer morning in 2005 as the 21-year-old was driving home. Wearing only boxer shorts and tennis shoes, and upset at himself for forgetting to fasten his seat belt, Bryan swore at himself as he stepped out of the car, and was shouting gibberish and banging his thighs as he stood 15 to 25 feet away from the officer, the court said."

Someone hitting himself and shouting gibberish is not in his right mind, and people like that attack and kill police officers. The officer had no knowledge that he was just upset, allegedly, about not putting on his seat belt. And by the way, how do you forget your seat belt? Is it like forgetting your pants? Or forgetting how to speak non-gibberish English? Or forgetting not to hit yourself? Or forgetting to start the car in the first place?

Next thing we will hear is that you can't profile young Muslim males with one way airplane tickets paid for in cash.............Ooooopppsssss................

Monday, December 28, 2009

Muslim Drug Dealing Family Concerned About Death Penalty But Not Homeless Relatives

A "British" citizen was executed by China for drug dealing. Of course the British Government was very concerned and so was the drug dealer's family. However the drug dealer's family was not so concerned while the drug dealer was an alleged homeless person in the streets of some unnamed Polish city. OK, we have a Pakistani who holds a British passport arrested in China for drug dealing and the family claims he is a mentally ill homeless person. Why wasn't the dear Pakistani family taking care of their mentally ill relative and allowing him to live a life as a homeless person in Poland. Obviously they were not so concerned when he was homeless and could have died on some street in Poland in the horrible winters they have in Poland. They only became concerned when he was about to be executed. Probably just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, and, of course, for the Jihad, helping drug up the British people and make Britian an easier target for Jihad.

The Proverbial Shit Is About To Hit The Fan

25 British Muslim terrorists are about to finish training in Yemen. and

They will be able to enter the U.S. with no problems on the Visa Waiver Program, either using their own identities or fraudulent identities. There is nothing we can do, except that which we will not, profile the terrorists who are of Pakistani and Somali ethnicity.

Well, if you won't do what you need to survive, then you deserve to die. I would advise not traveling internationally anytime soon. Or on any domestic airline as well.

More Janet Reno Napolitano Fail

Thanks to Janet Reno Napolitano and the Department of State a terrorist almost killed three hundred people. It is even worse, the terrorist was coming here for some sort of religious event or ceremony. (h/t Vdare

Now we don't know right now if he had an R-1 Religious worker visa or a B-2 visa, but in any event, we do know what the event was, a Nigerian Muslim group in the U.S. was having a 2-minute hate of America and Christians.

Here we have it, a Department of State Consular Officer was either a moron or a traitor. He approved a visa for a meeting of Muslims for an unmarried single Muslim male who was a religious fanatic. Does the DOS not remember Visa Express and 9/11?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Obama Illegals

Besides some strange non-celebration of Christmas in the Obama household, it has become apparent that there are more illegal alien Obama relatives in the U.S. The Red rag New York Times reports that Baraka Hussein Obama's Muslim sister and her Chinese husband have appeared in the U.S. (h/t Weasel Zippers

"Aides said the first couple did not exchange gifts with each other but did with their daughters, Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8. Also on hand were Mr. Obama’s sister, Maya Soetero-Ng, her husband, Konrad Ng, and their children."

None of the Ng family qualify for visas, the senior Ng does not have the income to qualify for a visa and none of them are likely to leave the U.S. after their visit to the Obama household, just like Obama's aunt, who came for a visit then never left.

How many more illegal Obamas are out there. Undoubtedly quite a few.

Muslims Intimidated By Blacks And Whites

The radical left is upset that Muslims feel intimidated in the UK. (h/t English Defense League Nevermind that the groups protesting radical Islam are multi-racial. For the left, any opposition to Islam is racist and facist. Of course, that says more about the left and its hatred for whites and non-Muslims, but Islam is a religion, not a race, something the left does not comprehend, or, more accurately, deliberately obfuscates.

Nevermind that Muslims continue to kill and conspire to kill Christians of all races in the UK. Our own General Casey is part of the problem, more concerned about diversity than the lives of Christian Americans of all races as shown by the Ft. Hood Massacre.

This is just a reminder that Muslims are more important to the Obama Regime than dead Americans. Remember that you might be the next dead American that Baraka Hussein Obama does not care about. Just ask the people on the flight to Detroit. They were to be the Obama Regime's next victims.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Too Busy To Catch Terrorists

It appears that Janet Reno Napolitano and the morons at Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection are too busy harrassing airplane collectors than looking for terrorists. (h/t Sispey Street Irregulars

While CBP and ICE claim that their mission is finding terrorists, and we all know that isn't true, but they claim it, they can't even do what they claim their job is. Witness the near destruction of an American airplane by a know terrorist that TSA, CBP, and ICE allowed to board a plane coming to the U.S.

The DHS also apparently allowed the State Department to a terrorist. DHS does have the responsibility to review the DOS visa recipients for terrorism connections. But Janet Reno failed there again.

But waging war on Americans is Janet Reno Napolitano's true intent. Seizing a 50 year old airplane and eventually arresting and prosecuting the owner is the Obama Regime's replacement for the War On Terror, the War On America.


It appears that the non-enforcement against radical Islam extended in this case back to Jorge Bush.,2933,581180,00.html
(h/t Weasel Zippers Which, is, of course, no surprise. We had only one year of half hearted enforcement and 7 years of non-enforcement. Thanks for nothing Jorge.

Obama's Co-Religionists On The Attack

A fellow African Muslim has attacked America. Obama's election apparently did nothing to stem the hate that Muslims have for Christian America.

Janet Reno Napolitano is apparenlty not even concerned, just monitoring the situation, but problaby is concerned about Obama's re-election chances based on the wave of terrorism that is hitting the U.S. and perhaps about her chances of a Supreme Court nomination.

While the FBI has primary jurisdiction on terrorism, it was the TSA and CBP that failed to keep the Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab off an airplane coming to the U.S. Apparently Mutallab is a student. Surprise, surprise. Just like Obama's Glorious 13 on 9/11.

And add to this story another telling story about fraud in student visas in southern California that has been ignored by the MSN. The much vaunted SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitors Information System) that was supposed to end student visa fraud has failed under Janet Reno Napolitano. Apparently ICE and USCIS are no longer inspecting new schools that have applied for the authority to enroll foreign students.

Another Janet Reno Napolitano failure. Terrorists and illegal aliens are pouring in through the student visa system, the same system that gave us 9/11. And Janet Reno Napolitano is "closely monitoring the situation." Well, what does that mean. It doesn't mean that she is upset that a terrorist got through, it does not mean that she is suspening immigration from Nigeria, it doesn't mean that all flights from Nigeria are suspended until further notice, it means she is just monitoring the situation. For all we know she is happy about it. She is not even "concerned."

Just how did someone already on the radar screen get a visa, much less a student visa under Janet Reno Napolitano's watch. It appears that it is her policy to give out visas to all potential illegal aliens and terrorists.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Liberals whine on and on about Joe McCarthy and J Edgar Hoover and the supposed witchunts of communists. One by one these complaints are exposed as lies by the radical left. Years ago the Verona intercepts proved once and for all that Alger Hiss was a traitor. They also exposed the traitors and spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Now another one from the heyday of communist spies has been exposed. One of the heros of the radical left, the pinko John Stewart Service, alleged victim of McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover, has, again, been exposed as a liar and, at best, communist dupe. I say again, because the facts of the Amerasia case were always known and rock solid, it was just the purposeful bungling of the pro-Soviet Truman Regime that the Amerasia case was lost. Apparenlty Service admitted to a writer that he had in fact passed secret information to the NKVD agent Phillip Jaffe at Amerasia Magazine. Service claimed that it was a mistake, but shall we believe he was naive or just plain stupid? These were supposed to be our best and brightest from the East Coast elite, but they can't be very bright if they can be fooled by the troglodytes that inhabited the CPUSA and its front groups, all open Stalinist thugs. It is clear that Jaffe was to Service what the Reverend Wright was the Baraka Hussein Obama. Just because Service wasn't under Party disipline does not make him free of responsibility for his treason. He certainly was too intelligent to claim to have been fooled. Perhaps he was ashamed of his behavior, but perhaps he developed a concience since those days in the 40s, but since he was a fixture of the radical left at UC Berkeley, I doubt it. He certainly was still running with the Reds there for quite some time.

Clear And Sunny, But Shut Down

The snow stopped falling Saturday evening. All day Saturday the private sector was out clearing sidewalks so their customers could get to their retail stores, hotels, office buildings, and restaurants. By Sunday, also clear and sunny, Washington DC's private sector was back in full force. However, the Black Mayor of Washington DC and his city workers were not much in force. Few roads were being cleared. It was incongruous that streets were blocked by snow, but the adjacent sidewalks were clear and businesses open. Of course, the Federal institutions normally open on weekends were closed, like the Smithsonian. Never mind that the nearby private businesses were all open. Also never mind that the Federal government did nothing to clear the snow on its property. Now Baraka Hussein Obama has decided, over 24 hours after the last snow flake fell, to close the federal government in DC. Even though even by now the grossly incompetant Black Mayor of DC had finally gotten the snow plows moving.

Your tax dollars at work. A snow day on a day that is clear and sunny. Here I am sitting in my hotel after having walked to work only to find out that the office was closed. Funny, the maids at the hotel got in, the restaurant staff got in, the bellhops are here, the front desk staff is here....but Baraka Hussein Obama wanted a snow day for the bureaucrats.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

By Any Means Necessary

And No Justice No Peace. More of the violent rhetoric of the radical left. Well, not quite, but it does disturb leftists when they are on the receiving end of it.

The people of West Virginia have had enough of the radical left and its attempts to end coal mining there. And they are fighting back. Sometimes using similar tactics of violence, threats of violence, and physical and verbal intimidation.

Just as the left doesn't like it when Alinskyite tactics of mass demonstrations and use of talk radio and media on wedge issues, they don't like it when their opponents use other leftist tactics.

The radical left was in full force in Copenhagen using violence, intimidation and mass demonstrations, but that was good. You see it is not the tactic that is good or bad, but the goal of the tactic. Left good, right bad. Simple as that.

Apparently leftists don't like it when the threats and violence are directed against them. Apparently they like the police when the police are arresting those who threaten them. Apparently the left can dish it out, but cannot take it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Public Charge

Immigrants who come to the U.S. are supposed to be able to support themselves and to have a sponsor who is responsible for supporting them if they go on assistance.

From the looks of it, Obama isn't enforcing the law. Of course, this law has not been enforced since the first Bush Administration, or the Clintong Regime before that.

Just look at the hale and healthy who descended on a food giveaway in San Francisco. Now many of you will think that it is the hard times that is causing this, but the scene of mostly Chinese immigrants grabbing up free food is repeated every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving at Glide Memorial Church. And most of those getting the goodies are Chinese. All of who appear quite well and obviously overweight as well. None are starving, none are hungry, and, despite what Hugh Hewitt says, there is no hunger in America. Those who are hungry are the mostly overweight poor who could use a few days without food. Just look at the above photos. No typical black welfare queens pushing three bills, but all obviously not hungry. Go through the photos from the article, no thin or emaciated, everyone over the ideal body mass index, even some Tenderloin gangbanging drug dealers grabbing some swag. Some with animals that they are supporting, but still hungry. If you are hungry, eat your pets first.

Which brings us back to the immigration angle. If the are truely hungry, where are their sponsors? Where is ICE and USCIS not deporting or allowing in aliens who cannot support themselves?

Another reason to impeach Obama for not faithfully executing the laws of the United States.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back To The Future

The Obama Regime is revisiting the failed Clintong Regime policy of catch and release of fraudulent asylum seekers. (h/t

Back in the '90s, the U.S. was overrun by asylum seekers, most from India and China, who would appear at Ports of Entry, usually airports, with no passports. The Clintong Regime insisted that the asylum applicants be immediately or soon thereafter released. Most knowing that they had no claim, never appeared for their asylum hearing, or, if denied, failed to appear for their removal proceedings in immigration court.

The Obama Regime has decided to restart the Clintong policy and release asylum applicants, undoubtedly so they can be here to apply for amnesty and to encourage more to come. For Customs and Border Protection Officers, expect a reprise of the 90s, hundreds of aliens arriving without passports at an airport near you.

Homie Sights Meet Darwin Awards Fail

Rapper Ready, a friend of Al Sharpton and hater of white people and cops, is a nominee for the Darwin Award for his use of the patented Homie Sights while in a gunbattle with NYPD's finest. Ready, of course, was the looser. And happily for all New Yorkers, deader than the proverbial doornail. (h/t Council of Conservative Citizens and his connection to Smiling Al Sharpton, Demoncrat Presidential wannabe

India Gets It Right

Can we? India recently announced that it is closing loopholes in its visa and admissions policies of American citizens in the wake of information that the terrorist David Headley was using a tourist visa to live long term in India. (h/t Dinah Lord

Aside from the fact that we allow aliens from terrorist sponoring states and religions (e.g. Islam) to use non-immigrant visas to come and go as they please, basically living in the U.S. on tourist or business visas, we allow the same for non-terrorists, overwhelmingly those from third world countries, like Mexico, and, of course, India. The B-1/B-2 non-immigrant visa for tourists and business, is routinely and consistantly abused by holders of those visas. The worst culprits are Mexicans, who use the B-1/B-2 visa and its near cousin, the Border Crossing Card, as a permit to come and go as they please while living in the U.S. Others, of course, do the same, and it is a quite common problem. Basically, those holding these tourist visas come to the U.S., stay six months, take a short trip outside the U.S. and return, staying another six months, ad infinitum. Common sense would tell us that that be prohibited, but the legacy INS and the current Customs and Border Protection, were never on the ball, hit and miss on the issue. India has found the solution, but to be implemented, the U.S. needs to adopt what India has that we don't. Departure control where departing passengers for foriegn destinations are inspected at departure. Not just fingerprinting of arriving aliens, but inspection and fingerprinting of departing aliens. CBP wants to outsource this job to contractors or the airlines to collect departure information, but it is a job that should be done by CBP officers, who have the authority to cancel visas at departure for overstaying of alloted admission dates and patterns of living in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa.

It will require that airlines and airports create sterile federal inspection areas similar to what is now in place for arriving passengers from foreign countries, but that cost will be minimal for large airports like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. They will just have to designate an international departure terminal for all airlines, rather than allowing airlines to depart from their own terminals. It will be more expensive for smaller airports like Denver, but it can easily and quickly be done.

And obviously, we need to restrict the use of the B-1/B-2 and Border Crossing Card to legitimate visitors and visits. Any long stay should then result in a prohibition or restriction for follow on visits. Just remember, no one gets 6 month vacations unless you are retired. Any normal visitor should be restricted to one month maximum in the U.S. and no more than one visit a year, unless a business visitor, who logically only come for a few days at a time. Add this to departure control and you have another effective tool in the fight against illegal immigration.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Injustice In Black And White

The Department of Justice doesn't like white people. They think white people should be in prison. Black people on the other hand, are liked by the Department of Justice. They don't think that black people should be in prison. And nothing proves that more than two recent cases. (h/t Two white people arrested and charged with a crime but exhonerated by a jury have been re-arrested and charged again with the same crime, not based on the dual sovereignty doctrine, but based on their race. Two police officers who responded to the crime, but did not arrest the people found not guilty, were also charged. Please note that liberals always say that arresting someone is not the answer to every crime, except when it is white people accused of attacking a woman or a minority. Liberals always say that police, or immigration should exercise discretion, such as not deporting illegal aliens. But that all goes by the wayside when white people are involved.

But look how the Department of Justice treats black people. Not only did they not criminally prosecute the black thugs intimidating voters, but dropped a civil case against two of the three thugs, one of which, Malik Shabazz is a big Obama supporter and Demoncrat activist. In this country, blacks already found guilty have charges dropped, while whites found not guilty are charged again, for the sole reason of being white.

More Flagrant Baby Waving

This time from the right....OK, not quite baby waving, but in the same vein. So we have someone who comes here to run a marathon, then gets hired as gymnastics coach for a private school. OK, there are alot of H1B teachers in the U.S., too many as a matter of fact. Teaching is certainly a job Americans won't do as our teachers unions are quite full of the incompetant place holders. And I can tell you from my K-12 days, few had any skill or ability, much less motivation, but you can' t tell me that there is no gymnastics coach available in the U.S.? Well, probably not at the wage Jack Rabbits is paying, which, is, of course, the rub.

Is the H-1B program's purpose to subsidize the profits of the employer, to provide a benefit to aliens, or, to benefit the U.S. Now, just from reading the story, an apparently well adjusted white Christian couple appears to represent no threat to the U.S. They seem to be productive. But isn't there a better way. Their H-1B appears to be a pretext to live here. USCIS is seeking to remove them, but at the same time, literally tens of thousands of radical Muslims, welfare recipients, homosexuals, and gang-bangers are getting green cards legally.

The question appears not to be whether Jack Rabbits is driving down wages, which they probably are as Vartosu, if an American, would not accept his current wages for the job, but would probably be off to a high school, university, or Olympic program, but the way we chose our immigrants. Radical Muslims get in, but we deliberately keep out productive white Europeans, in favor of those with familial ties, regardless of their quality.

USCIS is correct on a technicality, but it is Congress that is wrong by allowing the present system to continue which does not take into account the quality of the immigrant, but only his connection to people already here or bogus claims of persecution overseas.

Yeah, we need reform, but baby waving, or gymnast waving, is not the anwser, as most of those who benefit from baby waving are very low quality immigrants.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Diversity Wanted

Liberals are all concerned about the race balance on campus and the lack of women on college faculties, but they are suddenly unconcerned about the sex balance among students at colleges. Diversity is strength, except when liberals don't want diversity. Colleges dominated by men is bad, colleges dominated by women are good. So I wonder why women stopped going to single sex colleges?

Of course, the more serious question is why does the Commission on Civil Rights consider sex discrimination bad, but has no objection to race discrimination in colleges? So goes the war on white men.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

No 1st Amendment Here

Islam's war on the 1st Amendment continues apace in Minneapolis. (h/t Dinah Lord Apparently the St. Cloud Police Department has never heard of the 1st Amendment. Give Chief of PoliceDennis Ballantine a phone call at (320) 650-3858 or an email Or call Sgt. Marty Sayre at (320) 650-3830. Ask them how speeking out on an issue can be a hate crime.

And you can contact the City Administrator Mike Williams at (320) 255-7201 or email at Or even better the City Legal Department at (320) 255-7204 and ask them if they would like a lawsuit under 42 USC 1983, the law that protects Americans from harrassment for exercising their civil rights.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I Don't Think So

Janet Reno Napolitano has assured us, assured us mind you, that in the 'unlikely event" that Khalid Sheik Your Booty Mohammed and the other 9/11 masterminds heading for criminal trial in New York City, are aquitted, they will not get any immigration status, but will be immediately deported. The Wannabee Waco Killer also assured us that they will be brought into the U.S. for trial and not be given any status, but will be paroled in. (h/t Center for Immigration Studies

Wrong on both counts Janet baby. First, all the killers will have status. Yes, that status will will be parole, but that is a status. As a matter of fact, a parolee can be adjusted to legal permanent residence. And that is the goal of this trajedy of errors on behalf of Waco Wannabee Janet and Eric "I hate white people" Holder. Once KSM and his cohorts are here, there is no legal impediment to granting him legal permanent residency at the discretion of the Secretary. And if the Secretary isn't so disposed, all they have to do is find a liberal federal judge, or perhaps the 9th Circus Court of Appeals to grant it.

Waco Wannabee Janet also stated that they cannot apply for asylum or refugee status. Another lie.

"'They are paroled [i.e., brought] into the country only for purposes of prosecution. There are no immigration benefits that accrue to that. Are they able, for example, to apply for asylum or refugee status? The answer is, "No," she said.'"

Anyone can apply for asylum, and remain here while that application is adjudicated and reviewed by the federal courts, up to the Supreme Court. While a terrorist can be denied asylum, we actually give asylum to many terrorists, such as IRA terrorists. Definately a 14th Amendment issue there.

More importantly, they can apply, even as terrorists, under the Convention Against Torture (CAT), to with holding of removal, which is a permission to remain in the U.S. because of a threat of torture to where they will be deported.

While there is a minor impediment to granting a terrorist legal permanent residency, if they are aquitted, possibly because he was tortured or not Mirandized, that aquital can be presented as evidence in court that he is not a terrorist. And since the only evidence that he is a terrorist is classified, there is a good chance that evidence cannot be presented before an immigration judge, a federal judge or an appeals court due to its sensitivity.

Secondly, in the event any of the 9/11 conspirators are not convicted, to where will they be deported?

No country will accept KSM and his cohorts. KSM is from Baluchistan, a part of Pakistan that is in revolt against the central government. Pakistan will not accept KSM. Who will? Who will accept the others? None.

Should Saudi Arabia accept them, the execution will immediately follow. And then they will qualify for asylum or withholding under CAT.

Waco Wannabee Janet says that they will be immediately deported.

"'In the off-chance [i.e., unlikely event] that there were to be an acquittal, those individuals would immediately be put into removal proceedings and deported from the country,'she said."

Immediately? Not likely there. Deportation is quite involved, especially if an alien wants to fight it. As a matter of fact, they can go all the way to the Supreme Court. And, as in the cases of aliens being deported to countries like Somalia, the lower courts routinely interfere with deportations, as well as for other reasons, like CAT.

And, if the alien was abused in any way, like at Gitmo, the alien can claim status as a crime victim and obtain an T or U visa. If Holder is going to prosecute the CIA torturers, then KSM can remain here as a potential witness.

So, Waco Wannabee Janet is not going to be deporting anyone anytime soon.

Remember you heard it here first, many moons ago.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lawless Department Of Homeland Security

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of the Department of Homeland Security, bound by the laws of the United States and the Constitution, has decided, under the direction of Janet Reno Napolitano, to violate the law and the Constitution of the United States, as well as her oath of office, the oath she and Baraka Hussein Obama took to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States.

The issue at hand is the granting of parole status and eligibility for welfare and employment to thousands of illegal aliens in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.,1210-cnmi.pdf

In 2008, Congress extended U.S. immigration law to the CNMI because of massive fraud and abuse of imported alien workers, mostly from China, but many others from all over the Pacific area. The act, which USCIS acknowledges provides no immigration benefit to aliens, decided to give the now illegal aliens status, including welfare eligibility and employment authorization.
"The CNRA does not provide any U.S. immigration status to certain groups of foreign nationals living in the CNMI, however in implementing the CNRA, care should be given to minimize potential adverse economic effects on the CNMI and support future economic and business growth in the CNMI. "

Basically, USCIS and Janet Reno Napolitano are saying that these now illegal aliens have received no benefit from Congress, but we disagree, and will act against the will of Congress and in violation of the Constitution, and give those illegal aliens status by paroling them.

This appears to be the dry run for the upcoming Obama amensty first discussed here. Instead of going to Congress, Obama will, just as the EPA is doing an end run around Congress by regulating carbon dioxide without authorization from legislation, do an end run of Congress by paroling all illegal aliens in the United States by executive fiat, giving them both access to welfare benefits and employment authorization.

You read it hear first.

As I Predicted

I warned about the costs of security alone for the terror trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York. And I have been vindicated. Over 1,000 NYPD officers and analysts alone will be assigned. This is not including the number of Deputy United States Marshals, Federal Protective Service Officers, Special Agents, and Inspectors, nor detailees from other federal agencies, as well as hundreds of FBI agents who will be detailed to supplement the security with investigative counter-terrorism activity. And, the estimate of $75 million as cost to NYC alone is exposed as "'...was a preliminary, back of the envelope estimate. It is expected to cost significantly more.'"

My prediction here with the unreported costs of diverting federal law enforcement from their origional responsibilities. And this does not include the opportunity cost of diverting 1,000 NYPD personnel from the regular crime and terrorism beat to counter this voluntary and unnecessary trial.

If I were Al-Queda, or an Al-Queda inspired wannabe, I would hit Akron, San Francisco, Santa Fe, or LA. They will be stripped of counterterrorism personnel and wide open.

Also, if I were a federal prisoner or parolee, I would take this opportunity to escape or skip out. The U.S. Marshals Service will be too busy to look for you.

Now For Some Narrow Casting

Images from the abandoned American post in Nuristan, Afghanistan, show something interesting. Apparently the Taliban obtained a number of American weapons after the Army left the post. Photos show a Taliban with an M-4 carbine with its attached scopes. This is important for two reasons. The first is that it showed that the retreat from this outpost was not in good order. Leaving weapons behind is a sign of disintigration of a unit and a lack good order. Similar events are the American retreat in the Battle of the Bulge and the bugouts in the Korean War. Those cases resulted in a great loss of military equipment, including, most importantly, individual weapons. The import of the loss of individual weapons is that it shows that the soldier involved has lost disipline and cares only for his own life, not that of fellow members of the unit. The unit has disolved and what a soldier fights most for, his fellow soldiers in the smallest unit of the military, the squad or fire team, has broken appart.

What it also may show, and this may be the issue, the more likely issue, is the low quality of the family of M-16 rifle and variants, of which the M-4 is the carbine version of the M-16 assault rifle. The current design of the M-16 family has a mean failure of approximatley 400 rounds. Which basically means after 400 rounds, about 30 minutes of heavy combat, the rifle is likely to fail, either intermitantly or catastrophically. This is caused by its lightweight, fragile construction, and the direct gas impingement system of operation.

It is quite the opposite of the Kalashnikov family of weapons that the Taliban uses, which is sturdy, rugged design, and the more dependable gas piston system of operation. Basically, the Taliban can shot all day, easily overwhelming American units whose basic individual weapons system is just one hour or less away from failure. All thanks to the commie numbers cruncher Robert McNamara.

Terrorism: Apparently Work Americans Have To Compete With Foreigners For

More not so domestic terrorists. One of the five is apparently an Arab immigrant and the other an Indian immigrant. Besides having to compete with immigrants and foreigners on the H1-B for high tech jobs, poor domestic Muslim terrorists have to compete with more terrorists in the U.S. on student visas. Gee, weren't the 9/11 terrorists here on student visas? And, yes, they were admitted here under Jorge Bush, not Baraka Hussein Obama. Bad enought that Nidal Hassan was the child of immigrants and the Little Rock terrorist was an American, now we have to import the terrorist problem. Sort of like the Lakawana Six and the Fort Dix terrorists.


Apparently five foreign nationals were arrested in Pakistan regarding the above. Even though the original story did not give race or nationality, it appears that all are Arab and Pakistani, with one of them being a Swedish citizen, but not Caucasian, but, either a naturalized immigrant or descendant of Muslim immigrants to Sweden.

No congratulations necessary, it is just reading between the lines. Sort of like a crime story in any major American daily, if they don't mention the race, then you know it is a Muslim or a minority.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Racism Then And Now

Previously Chris "Tingles" Matthews said it was racist to criticize the release of black killers.

Now Chris Matthews says criticizing the release of black killers is A-OK.
(h/t Hot Air

So, besides being a homosexual, we now know that Tingles is also a racist for supporting the killing of a blackman, at least when it involves a Republican candidate. Poor Michael Dukakis is turning over in his grave.......ooppppsss, not quite yet.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Crime Wave In Japan

Four black teenagers tried to kill a woman in Japan by stretching a rope accross a road. A motorcyclist ran into the rope and crashed, suffering a serious head injury.

While the news reports don't mention race, the fact that race was not mentioned is proof enough. The U.S. government tried to shield the thugs, but they eventually turned the teenagers over to Japanese police. Interstingly enough, the Japanese went to extraordinary lengths to prohibit photography of the thugs, even creating a tarpulin covered entrance to the police station. The ever politically correct U.S. military also did their best by bringing the thugs to the police in a blacked out van. You can see the video on NHK. Sorry no link.

Initially, the U.S. government tried to argue that the thugs were protected from arrest by a treaty that regulates criminal proceedings against military personnel in Japan. Though they are dependants, and one is an adult, the U.S. government thought that they enjoyed the same protections, but, of course, that is not true, as the treaty does not cover civilian employees of the U.S. government in Japan or any other person.

Black crime is a continual problem in foreign countries with a U.S. military presence, both military personnel and dependants. It seems that that is our only export.

See these other black crimes in Japan and Korea:

It is bad enough that we have to suffer from black crime here, but why are we loosing friends and gaining enemies by this export of black criminals.

Note that one of the first group of thugs was an adult. Why was he overseas as a dependant at all?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Janet Reno Napolitano Discovers Non-White Terrorism

And tries to take the credit. But, unfortuneately, the wannbe Waco Killer has no jurisdiction over the cases she cites. All the cases mentioned by Baby Janet were within the sole jurisdiction of the FBI. Even though one of the terrorists is still a legal permanent resident alien, Immigration and Customs Enforcement did nothing in the investigation and Zazi is not even in ICE custody, does not have an ICE detainer on him, and has not been placed in removal proceedings for being a terrorist. Note also that Zazi's father and the involved imam from NYC, as well as Zazi's unnamed co-conspirators have not been arrested or deported. Thanks for nothing Baby Janet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Subaru Hates White People

While Japan has a similar problem with a declining population, I don't think they advertise in Japan to encourage Japanese people not to have children. For Subaru has another Share The Love Event campaign (sorry no link I can't find the offending commercial online) where in one commercial they have a white BoBo couple telling us that their children are their dogs. And they are so happy that by buying a Subaru, Subaru will contribute to the ASPCA. And they brag that they have no children, but have the substitute, dogs. Well, dogs are all fine and dandy, they actually go together with children, unless it is a real working dog. But it shows how the enviroreds have spread their anti-human anti-procreation propoganda. Perhaps it is revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But I don't think so, I think it is just Bolshevik infiltration of Corporate Japan, and, of course, corporate marketing in the U.S., sort of like how Obama infiltrated a for profit corporation before he became a communist organizer. (P.S. If anyone can find the offending commercial, post a link in comments.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Further Proof Liberals Are Closet Homo.....I Mean Communists

Liberals decried it when in the '50s they were accused of being closet communists. However, then, as now, they really were Reds. Take today's WaPo. Another BoBo Bolshevik has decided that former Vice President Dick Cheney is beyond the pale and should not be given time or space on the issues of public concern, especially foreign and defense policy. Greg Sargent, one of WaPo's resident Commissars says that Cheney should get the Trotsky treatment, minus the axe in the head; not allowed to publish, be written about, speak in public, or be mentioned. He is only to be airbrushed out of history for his crime of opposing the god Obama, a regent and leige lord.

But seriously, apparently the only way Cheney can be allowed to speak is if he is appointed some sort or representative of the GOP, as if commenting on any issue requires one to be a member of a certain Party. Apparently the 1st Amendment to the Constitution reads Freedom of Speach is delegated only to repesentatives of certain parties. No public comments from other persons shall be allowed.

It is so white of Sargent to allow opposition speech, if only by certain designated representatives of certain Parties, but methinks that soon no opposition speech will be allowed by Sargent. Like the onetime mythological Bolshevik Party policy of allowing intra-Party debate on issues that was publicly crushed by Stalin and decried by Trotsky. However allowing intra-Party debate is not the same as allowing freedom of speech for opponents of the regime. And it appears that Sargent is just another typical Bolshevik, champing at the bit to execute those who disagree with him.

Don't say I never warned you. Violence is coming soon, brought to you by Eric Holder, the ATFE, and the Commissars at WaPo.

Black President Causes Depression

Blacks hardest hit. As usual, blacks excel at discovering discrimination. Pregnant pauses, no phone calls, suprised looks, life be tough fo' a pimp. Perhaps they should have gone to law school. Wal-mart demands affirmative action out of its contractors, at least those not employing illegal aliens cleaning their stores.

Or gone into government, where blacks are over represented. They are overrepresented in almost every government agency, except agencies, like Customs and Border Protection, that require an employee to either speak or learn a foreign language. Even then, they are nothing more than placeholders earning a do nothing check every two weeks.

But it does show two things, despite the mania for diversity, most employers want someone who will fit in and do the work. That is the last thing you get from a black employee, much less a black male employee. They are just too busy looking for pauses, suprised looks or no returned phone call. With such attention for detail, you would think they could be great scientists, engineers, or interrorgators.