Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Major Error

I have corrected major errors by patriotic immigration control groups before and I will do so again. The Center for Immigration Studies has come out for Temporary Protected Status for Haitians in the wake of the earthquake there. Well, that is a very bad idea. No alien ever given TPS has ever left the U.S. We still have Philippinos in the U.S. from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. We still have Hondurans in the U.S. from Hurricane Mitch in 1998. We still have Montserratians in the U.S. because of a volcanic erruption in 1995. No one leaves once they get TPS. There is nothing temporary about TPS. It is nothing more than another way to immigrate to the U.S. permanently. It is very disappointing to see that CIS supports TPS. They think it can be fixed, but it will not be. The solution is end it, don't mend it. Do you want to live with the Zoe Pound Gang in your neighborhood?

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