Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coming To Justify Killing You

The terrorist front man Tariq Ramadan has been given a waiver of the exclusion charge that prohibits issuing visas or entry to the U.S. by terrorists and their supporter by terrorist supporter Hillary Clinton and the Department of State. (h/t Jamiewearingfool Ramadan, along with fellow terrorist supporter Adam Habib.

Ramadan was initially issued an H1-B visa sponsored by Notre Dame University for the U.S., then the Department of Homeland Security stated that Ramadan was in their lookout system for terrorist supporters and would be refused entry when he arrived, then the Department of State revoked the visa. Obviously the Bush Administration that had difficulty in determining if a certain practitioner of the Religion of Peace was a terrorist supporter or not. and

Interestingly enough, there is no waiver for the exclusion charges for terrorism or supporting terrorism. What Hillary has done is illegal, as well as an impeachable offense and the criminal offense of visa fraud, aiding and abetting, and alien smuggling.

And what will Janet Reno Napolitano do? Ramadan and Habib must apply for admission at a Port-of-Entry and submit to inspection by a Customs and Border Protection Officer. The law says they cannot be admitted to the United States. There is no waiver of the law prohibiting terrorists and supporters from entering. Will the CBP Officer, at Napolitano's order, unlawfully admit the terrorist supporter? Will anyone in Congress call Napolitano to account on this issue? Most likely not. And most likely at Obama's instructions as well. What we have is a terrorist supporting President. And impeachable for that offense.

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