Friday, January 8, 2010

Five Years Of Pergatory

The white hating morons of the Department of State Foreign Service and Jorge Bush allowed the racist hatemongers of Brazil to defy an international treaty that Brazil signed for five years.

Of course, Jorge Bush, who also hates white people and thinks family values exist only south of the Rio Grande, did nothing. He could have ended Brazil's illegal defiance of international law by refusing to issue immigrant and non-immigrant visas to Brazilians until Brazil complied with international law. But he did nothing. For five years the Foreign Service Officers who staff our alleged embassy in Brazil did nothing. They hate white Americans and wanted to punish David Goldman for the sins of evil white capitalistic imperialism. Of course, American Jewish groups provided no help to Goldman because they hate America as well.

America had extra-ordinary power over the third world hell-hole that Brazil is, but did nothing, because Jorge Bush supports illegal immigration, even from Brazil, over Americans.

Thanks for nothing Jorge. It is shameful that Comrade Rodham and Mullah Obama did more in this case than you did.

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