Sunday, January 31, 2010

More, Not Less, Catch And Release

John Morton, the head of Immigration and Customs non-Enforcement (ICE) has announced a new non-detention policy. This new detention policy is a complement to the new enforcement policy. Unfortuneately for Americans, the new enforcement policy is a non-enforcement policy. Some time ago Morton announced that ICE will no longer be doing its job and instead will be welcoming illegal aliens, drugs, and whatever else that Al-Queda, the Sinola Cartel, and Haiti have to offer.

'Morton said immigration officials are rewriting the standards for the treatment of detainees. 'This is a sustained, aggressive effort to reform detention procedures,' Morton said.'

If by "reform" you mean release, or a place easy to escape from. Or doesn't look mean.

But we get the whole story at the end, where Morton, who gets a great six figure salary, finally lets us know what his real intentions are:

"The assistant secretary said his agency is in talks with contractors about building a new detention center that won't look anything like a jail and won't have bars on the windows. It will have phones and open areas for the people staying there, he said. Morton did not say where the facility would be built.

"In addition, the agency is looking at alternatives to detention, including ankle bracelets that give illegal-immigration suspects much greater freedom but ensure that they don't run away before their deportation hearings." (Emphasis added)

"Alternatives" meaning releasing aliens so they will not appear for either their removal hearings or their deportation. Obviously so they will remain for the upcoming amnesty.

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