Saturday, January 2, 2010

Almost Killed

What about next time?
(h/t Gates of Vienna A safe room is nice, but do you also have a panic button for the police? 911 is nice as well, but how long do you have to survive in a safe room, if you have it? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? What is your local agencies response time? Better for Kurt Westergaard to have had a gun. Nothing fancy, a mid range priced Smith & Wesson, Ruger, or Taurus .38 Special revolver or a 12 or 20 gauge pump action shotgun with an 18 inch barrel. Either can be had used for under $200, new from between $200 to $400. Lucky for him that the Somali terrorist was alone and did not kill his granddaughter.

More importantly, but not surprisingly, the suspect was a legal resident of Denmark but was still an identified terrorist.

"The man, who had a legal residence permit for Denmark, was also 'suspected of being involved in terror-related activities in East Africa,' it said.

"The security service said the man, who would be charged with attempting to kill Westergaard and the police officer, had been involved in a 'terror-related network' that had long been under investigation in connection with threats to Westergaard.

"'PET looks very seriously upon this case which once again confirms the terror threat directed against Denmark and the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in particular,' PET chief Jakob Scharf said in the statement."

Well, it appears that PET is just like the US Army, more concerned about diversity than protecting their country.

And some more advise on personal security. It is better to fortify your house than a safe room. You can easily and relatively cheaply. Replace all windows with hurricane glass and provide the windows with interior locks. Replace your doors with solid oak or other heavy hard wood, metal or the new false wood or mixture products. Then replace the lock side and hinge side pinewood framing 2 x 4s that are easily broken by a sharp blow to the lock side or hinge side. Replace those parts of your door's framing with layers of 2 or more 1" thick plywood strips. Secure hinges with deep set screws, or better yet piano hinges with deep set screws. Westergaard almost died because he depended on regular glass to keep out intruders. It does not work.

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