Saturday, January 9, 2010

Muslim Terrorists Correct On This One

But only because a stopped clock is also correct, but only twice a day. Muslims don't like it when Christians translate God as Allah. Malays are particularly upset, even though Allah is not a translation from English to Malay, but from English to Arabic, or so they claim. Why the Malays don't use a Malay word for God is unknown, but probably because of Arab cultural imperialism and Malay cultural inferiority to even Arab culture.

However, it is incorrect to translate God into Arabic by using Allah. Allah is not the correct translation. Allah or al-ilah means the Moon god, that Arabs worshiped before Christ and continue to worship.

So, the crazed Muslim terrorists in Malaysia are correct, Christians should not translate into Malay God with Allah. God is not as al-ilah, or allah, the Moon god. I suggest that Christians there take the same course and do a little cultural imperialism bit and introduce a new word into the Malay language, God. The Malays would only benefit from the change, it will help jump start their joining the civilized world. Because in the civilized world you don't burn down churches. (Get that FBI?)

The terrorists are also correct on another issue, I am certain that Christian preachers use the inccorect translation to confuse and aid conversion, as the Malays are a simple people with an low average IQ, which the IQ average of Malaysia artificially boosted by the large Chinese population which has a higher than average IQ score. Just look at the IQ difference between Chinese dominated Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore 107 v. Maylasia 93 and that is with most IQ test takers in Malaysia being Chinese ethnicity. Malays are a real drag on IQ and consquently react in irrational and dangerous fashion to intellectual challenge.

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