Friday, January 15, 2010

Sara Schonhardt Is Concerned

Concered about the issue of Muslims killing other Muslims. Sara Schonhardt is not so concerned about Muslims killing non-Muslims.

"Nasir remains at heart a jihadi, but he now uses words rather than weapons to challenge Islamists about the killing of other Muslims."

Why? Because Sara Schonhardt hates white people, Western Civilization, and Christians. Dead whites, Christians and Westerners do not really concern her. She is why Michael Savage observes that liberalism is a mental disorder. Sara Schonhardt wants to die. She is too afraid to do it herself, so she wants a Muslim, preferably a man, as Sara Schonhardt also has a rape fantasy of being violated by a man of color, sort of a Spike Lee Jungle Fever, to kill her. She wants everything she was raised in to be destroyed. The very language she uses to be supplanted by a third world language, perhaps like the Obama mere, Indonesian, but perhaps Arabic. She is a self-hating liberal, possessed by a Satanic ideology of mass murder and hate. Leftists like her give us endless stories about how bad it is for Al Queda and jihadis to kill other Muslims. She is so concerned about Muslims, but not their victims. She validates the concept of violent jihad waged on non-Muslims.

I hope someday she reaps what she so desires.

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