Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing Except An Amnesty Assist

Baraka Hussein Obama has decided to "surge" the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) on foreign flights. (Notice that now surges are good for the FAMS and Afghanistan, but not for Iraq.) All Federal Air Marshals (FAM) will be deployed on foreign origin flights and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will be deployed as substitute FAMs on domestic flights. Of course, the beneficiary of this will be Muslim terrorist illegal aliens already in the U.S. who will not be subject to investigation and arrest because ICE agents will be too busy sitting in airports waiting for flights, which makes up a good part of the day of a FAM. Other illegal aliens will also benefit from the change in duties of ICE Special Agents. Another part of the Obama Administrative Amnesty. Illegal aliens will benefit from this, just as common criminals will benefit from the massive deployment of U.S. Marshals from their regular duties, to security in New York City for the Khalid Sheik Mohammed trial.

The other important question is whether deploying FAMs on international flights will do any good. FAM training as reported by ABC (see the video presentation on the above link) is directed against a public attack on the airliner, an attempt to either hijack it for ransom or to take control of the plane for use as a weapon. However, as the video shows, FAMs have no tactics to use against a covert bomber. The FAMs won't be searching each person, they won't be stationed at the lavortories to see if someone is in there too long. Even if they are, it will only take a few minutes, or even less, for a competantly trained terrorist to mix the chemicals necessary to initiate the PET explosives used by the Christmas Day bomber. We were fortuneate that he was either incompetant or the PET explosive bomb was not constructed properly.

No FAM would have been able to respond to that incident and prevent that incident, much less a similar attack by a better trained or equiped terrorist.

Not considered by Janet Reno Napolitano and Baraka Hussein Obama is what exactly are the FAMs supposed to do on these international flights. They cannot go through the plane questioning passengers, as that will expose them. They are not authorized to participate in screening at foreign airports and it is unlikely that that will be allowed by any nation, especially Western European nations or third world hell holes like Yemen. Are they going to spend their time walking up and down the ailes of these transoceanic flights? That would expose them as well. This is action without thinking. Obama might have tried some advice from a highschool teacher of mine, "Put your mind in gear before you put your mouth in motion." Obama has not done that. No one is thinking about this, unless it is Obama's plan to do nothing of consequence.

Of course this does not start until February 1, so terrorists have a window of opportunity they will exploit if they can.

The FAM surge is boob bait for bubbas, the attempt by our Muslim President to molify the nation while the real threat continues, the immigration to the U.S. of radical Muslims to the U.S. They are being radicalized here.,0,7299239.story And in other western countries as well. Besides the internet, we have a cadre of radical imams in the U.S. already on the R non-immigrant visa radicalizing Muslims in mosques.

Also of import for travelers, there has been controversy over the release of information by the Transporation Security Administation and SIG Sauer Model P250 in .357 SIG caliber pistol that has been adopted for the FAMS. While the controversy about the release of the information is a tempest in a teapot, the information provides no usefull information to a terrorist other than the manufactuer, make, and model of the manner of his impending death.

What travelers should know is that the .357 SIG round is highly inappropriate for use in such close quarters combat where innocents are in close proximity of the terrorist. The .357 SIG round was designed to duplicate the balistics of the .357 Magnum round that was itself designed to penetrate heavy car doors in the 1930s during the heyday of the car borne bank robbers like Machinegun Kelly, John Dillenger, and Bonnie and Clyde. The .357 SIG is a high velocity supersonic round that at close range such as that on an airplane it will overpenetrate, especially in a head shot that will be necessary on a terrorist with a bomb. In such cases you must shoot at the head because a center mass shot or shots to the chest, as most law enforcement officers are trained to do, does not instantly end the threat and could allow a terrorist to activate a bomb or itself will activate explosives hidden on the body. Like the .357 Magnum, the .357 SIG is designed for penetration. Both have been found to be excellent rounds for hunting and police work, as most police shootings with either round results in a dead bad buy, but most police shooting involve vehicles or are in the open, not in the crowded environment of an airliner.

A more appropriate pistol round would be the .45 ACP, which is a subsonic round, traveling at around 850 feet per second, while the .357 SIG travels at over 1,200 feet per second. Even with hollowpoints the chance of complete penetration of a human body is good, especially in head shots. If the FAMs start shooting in a crowded airliner, then friendly fire casualties are likely. Another option is a subsonic 9mm Parabellum round, usually in 147 grain hollowpoint bullets.

As usual, our government is making a series of bad decisions that will not help secure America. Some decisions are of more impact than others, but even the small bad decisions are reflective of the big bad decisions.

Here is a real solution:

Prohibit entry of any Muslim to the U.S. as either an non-immigrant or immigrant. Or use national origin as a marker for Islam, prohibiting entry of aliens from Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. End the ability of citizens of the UK to use the visa waiver program because of their high level of radical Islam. The same for France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Exemptions can be made for those who have committed themselves to fighting radical Islam, like many Iranians.

Profile Muslims at airports for complete search. This would include female muslims, as the next tactic will either be female suicide bombers or they will carry the bomb for the males.

Start the systematic removal of Muslim illegal aliens and Muslims in the U.S. on the R Religious Worker Visa.

Build the border fence with Mexico. No vehicle barriers, but unclimbable single, double or triple fencing as appropriate topped by barbed wire.

Prohibit aliens from applying for asylum in the U.S., but must apply overseas. No asylum for those who are in a third country.

Deport any alien, with special attention to Muslims, engaged in or advocating sedition, treason, civil rights violations, terrorism, or anti-Americanism. Revoke citizenship of naturalized Americans based on the falsity of their Oath of Citizenship when they advocate or act to subvert the Constitution, or commit or advocate sedition, treason, civil rights violations, terrorism and anti-Americanism.

Institute departure control for all persons leaving the U.S.

Institute a fee similar to that paid by airline and vessel passengers to those crossing the land border payable only by credit card or debit card to fund added screening at Ports-of-Entry.

Unify the enforcement agencies of DHS, ICE, Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol and USCIS to one agency with a unified chain of command.

Start agressive interior enforcement, starting in Muslim dominated cities like Dearborn and Detroit, as well as border counties and sanctuary cities where illegals live openly and flagrantly.

Start targeted killing of any alien outside the U.S. who advotes war on the U.S. Once the Hellfire missles start hitting radical Islamists who preach war, there will be a huge decrease in such Islamist propoganda.

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