Friday, January 15, 2010

Stopped Clock

The Nineth Circus Court of Appeals accidently got one correct. They have ruled that law enforcement cannot either arrest someone or not arrest someone based on their race. (h/t Volokh Conspiracy

So, just how do we deal with Eric Holder and the FBI's refusal to arrest the three Black Panther thugs who threatened white voters in the 2008 election?

So, what will be done about the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the FBI Philidelphia office who refused to order his agents to make a probable cause arrest the three thugs on criminal charges? Why didn't the SAC order an investigation after Election Day and provide a Report of Investigation to the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Philidelphia? Why didn't the Voting Right Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice convene a grand jury to indict the three thugs for their criminal violations? Why has Eric Holder been defying the U.S. Civil Rights Commision by not providing subpoenaed testimony and documents regarding the case?

Why, because Eric Holder and the FBI do not care about white people. The rights of white people may be violated with impunity. Eric Holder will not send a black man to jail for a crime against a white person. For Eric Holder, there are too many young black men in prison and not enough white people in prison. Just as former FBI agent Erroll Southers nominated to head the TSA and Janet Reno Napolitano think that white people are a threat, Eric Holder thinks that white people are a race of criminals. and

So, just when is Glenn A. Fine going to investigate and prosecute Eric Holder, the SAC of the Philidelphia FBI office, the Civil Rights Divsion managers, and the FBI agents who staff the Philidelphia office White Collar/Public Integrity Unit? They all refused to act when confronted with an open and flagrant crime of voter intimidation. Let Fine know that the courts demand that the law be enforced without regard to race.

Oh, and for those in the know, the court ruled that there is no qualified immunity for law enforcement officers as the principles of not using race to arrest or not arrest was well established.

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