Saturday, January 23, 2010

Traitors Among Us

Another Isreali spy has been uncovered. Like most Isreali spys he might beat the rap, as the Isreali principles of Lawrence Franklin case have as well. Which brings us to Major Nidal Hussein, Abdulhakim Muhammad, and the bevy of traitors at the Council on American Islamic Relations. They too are traitors amongst us. Muslim terrorists in the Army, the country crawling with Muslim traitors, all levels of government penetrated by Isreali spys, and the highest level of government run by one time attorneys for Islamic jihadis. What it tells us is that we live in a society that embraces and encourages treason. Of course, this was given to us by the radical left, starting with the communists of the 20s and 30s who gave birth to the Generation of Treason, the 60s and the Baby Boomers. Diversity is the begining of treason. Just ask Wen Ho Lee. Time to go back to the unity of an American culture and people.

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