Friday, January 8, 2010

U.N. Concerned About Due Process Of Law

The left loves international law and the U.N. They think that Americans will have more rights under U.N. auspices and treaties. However, they real purpose of the U.N. is the arrest and imprisonment of Americans.

According to the U.N., they are concerned, very concerned about due process and the rights of the accused. But they are not really concerned, they just want to punish Americans, just because they are Americans.

The money quote:

'"We respect the independence of the United States judiciary and the requirements for due process, but are very concerned that the recent decision to dismiss the case against Blackwater guards may lead to a situation where no one would be accountable for grave human rights violations," said Shaista Shameem, who chairs the U.N. group of independent experts.'

The U.N. experts have nothing but contempt for due process and want only American scalps on their belt. That is what life under the U.N. Treaty of the Sea, Kyoto, or any other international agreement under U.N. auspices means: Prison and death for Americans.


Holger Awakens said...

Half the countries in the U.N. can't even feed their people... and the U.N. spends 95% of its time monitoring the activities of America and Israel.

It's not the United's the HemanAmericanHatersClub.

Federale said...

Heman? But you are correct.